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Analysis of the plot. Bioshock. Part Three: Would You Be So Nice?


We have come to the final part of the analysis of the plot of the Bioshock series. In the previous part of the material, we analyzed the plot of Bioshock Infinite. Learn how Booker and Elizabeth defeated Comstock and how Elizabeth's actions led to Rapture's downfall and the events of the original game. If you have not read the first and second parts of the story, we recommend that you do this in order to finally figure out what Bioshock's plot was about.

Jack Ryan

As we know, Atlas, with the help of Elizabeth and her powers, obtained the activation code for the secret weapon "Ace in the Sleeve". So what is it? In 1985, shortly before Elizabeth's arrival in Rapture, Frank Fontaine, aka Atlas, was preparing an uprising against Andrew Ryan. However, this turned out to be problematic - Ryan completely controls the city, the entire defense and security system is configured to recognize his DNA. Rapture exists the way Ryan wants it and protects its creator. For all the evil genius of Fontaine and his army of mutants, he cannot cope with him.

Everything changes when it turns out that Jasmine Jolyne, a local dancer, is the mistress of the master of Rapture. Moreover, she became pregnant from him. Professor Tenenbaum, on behalf of Fontaine, persuaded Jasmine to have an abortion and bought an embryo from her. When Ryan found out about this, he killed his mistress, but it was too late. Fontaine held the key to the city. After all, as Ryan's son, a child could travel to any part of the city, control bathyspheres, recover in Vita-chambers, deceive the security system that matched his DNA and it would match Ryan's genes.


He gives the embryo to Dr. Ian Souchong, who, with the help of his technology and ADAM, accelerates its growth. In just two years, he raises a child up to 19 years old. Suchong programs his mind into two phrases. The first one is "Would you be so kind?" makes Jack [that was the name of the boy] to do whatever he is ordered after these words. The second - "Code: yellow" stops the heartbeat for a while if he suddenly tries to act consciously. Suchong also implants fake memories of his parents and past in him. But secretly from everyone he creates a serum "sample 192", which cancels the programming of consciousness.

Jack is sent from Rapture to the surface to be used as an ace up his sleeve in the future to deliver the final blow to Ryan.


And in 1960, Jack receives a letter from his relatives, which contains the phrase "Be so kind, come to us." This activates his program and he gets on the plane. Without knowing it, he takes out a pistol and grabs the liner. The flight crashes near the lighthouse - the entrance to Rapture. Jack finds Bathysphere there and finds himself in a destroyed underwater utopia, which in two years of civil war turned into a lair of mutants.

"Somewhere Beyond the Sea"

Getting into Rapture, Fontaine in the guise of Atlas contacts Jack by radio and says that he will help him survive. According to him, Andrew Ryan - went crazy and destroyed his own city, and he, Atlas - the leader of the resistance, who wants to escape with the survivors from the city. Atlas says that he will help him get out if he will save his family from the trap, which is located in the Gifts of Neptune [one of the parts of the city]. Would he be so kind to help?

Jack settles in the city, and also begins to take plasmids. However, due to the fact that with their help he was grown - they do not cause side effects in him [Jack himself, of course, does not know about this yet]. He meets Big Daddies and Little Sisters. Atlas assures him that the sisters must be killed in order to survive. However, Tenenbaum contacts Jack, and forgives, on the contrary, using a special plasmid to cleanse their body with consciousness and save. According to the canon, he does so in the future.


In the Gifts of Neptune, Jack finds the smugglers' lair, where the Atlas family is trapped. He opens the gate to the bathysphere, where the wife and daughter are supposedly located. When Atlas walks in her direction, the gate closes and the bathysphere explodes. Atlas begins to scream in a fit of anger and when he calms down, he says: "Be so kind, go and kill that bastard Ryan!" However, we know that there was no family there.


Jack has to get to Ryan's office for a long time, while collaborating with some of the insane inhabitants of Rapture. Ryan, upon meeting him, realizes that Jack is his son and says that he is just a pawn in the hands of Atlas, but the hero does not believe. As proof, Ryan utters a code and forces Jack to beat him to death ... One way or another, the protagonist receives a key with which to activate the elimination of the city.


At this moment, Fontaine reveals all cards and sends robots to kill Jack, and says the second phrase of control. Jack falls down but is saved by the Little Sisters. He wakes up at Tenenbaum's house and she tells him the truth about the past. While he was unconscious, the scientist removed the "Be so kind" effect from him. But Jack is still under the control of the cardiac arrest command. The way out is to find the serum "object 192".

Jack manages to do this, and he prepares to fight the one who deceived him. To get to Fontaine, he has to pretend to be Big Daddy so that the Little Sisters follow him and help him enter the villain's lair. Fontey, realizing that he has lost control over our protagonist, injects himself with an ultra dose of ADAM and becomes almost invincible.


As much as Jack tried, he could not defeat Fontaine, but only weakened. It was then that the sisters attack him, and with the help of their syringes they suck all the ADAM out of him. One of the sisters is Sally, whom Elizabeth tried to save.

Jack rescues five Little Sisters and floats with them on a bathysphere. He brings them up as his daughters. Many years pass, and he dies of old age, surrounded by their care.



This is how the basis of the Bioshock plot ends. The events of Bioshock 2 are practically unrelated to the first part and Infinite, so we will discuss its problems another time. Now let's look at a couple of things that didn't fit into the review, but are worthy of attention.

How did Rapture Comstock come from?

Indeed, after drowning Booker, Elizabeth had to kill them all? But since the universes are infinite, there could be other variations of events. For example, the priest who baptized Booker and called him Comstock might, say, suffer from indigestion, and rescheduled the baptism the next day. So another Comstock appeared in this universe, who did not die during the murder of Booker.


How are sisters, daddies and ADAM related?

Dr. Tenenbaum, researching slugs on the ocean floor, discovered that they can produce ADAM, a substance that gives special powers. But it could not be obtained in large quantities. She and Dr. Suchong found that the best habitat for them is little girls, in which they will produce increased amounts of ADAM. This is how the Little Sisters and their protectors, Big Daddies, were created, as the sisters were often attacked by plasmid addicts.


EVA is an advanced ADAM that helps the body absorb and use plasmids.

How do energetics differ from plasmids?

Frank Fontaine, through the gaps in space, spied on the technology for creating plasmids and modified it so that they could be turned into a drink that would not be addictive. Since he did not use sisters, he had to extract twice as many slugs from the bottom of the ocean.


What are gaps?

Due to the car of the Lutes and Souchong, gaps in space appeared, through which one could look from Columbia to Rapture and vice versa, since they are interconnected. Elizabeth could control them and use her power to connect realities.


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