Streamer banned for cosplay, Daymare 1998, Judgment drug scandal finale - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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Streamer banned for cosplay, Daymare 1998, Judgment drug scandal finale - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two


Also in our news digest we will tell you about the reflection of Chris Avellone on the account of Obsidian, and about the domestic project "Partisans".

A streamer banned on Twitch for cosplaying a black character from Apex Legends

The Twitch streaming platform is positioned as progressive, and can be banned for both racist remarks and blackface - the makeup that white people put on to look like African Americans. This is exactly what happened to the Lithuanian streamer Karina Martsinkevich.

Known as Karupups, she recently hosted a Just Chatting stream showing how she prepared to cosplay Apex Legends' heroine Lifeline. At first everything was fine: she dyed her hair, put on a suit, a surgical mask around her neck. But it all ended when she took out black makeup and began to apply it to her face. Despite the fact that only 160 people watched the stream, the site administration noticed this, interrupted the broadcast, and the girl's account was blocked for 30 days.


In a comment for Kotaku, she said that she just wanted to show how long it takes to get ready for cosplay, put on makeup, and get into the look. Later, Karina recorded a video message, where she said that the reason for her ban was “participation in hateful actions against a person or group of people” and apologized because she did not want to offend anyone with her actions.

In the west, blackface is often condemned, writes Kotaku. Such criticism was faced by the girls who cosplayed the dark-skinned Sombru from Overwatch and Michonne from The Walking Dead. However, a similar wording applies to dark-skinned people who are also condemned for reincarnating as people with a different skin color.

Daymare 1998 - Former Resident Evil 2 Remake Coming To Us This Summer

Before Capcom released the Resident Evil 2 remake, a group of fans decided to do it themselves. However, in 2015, the Japanese covered up their whole venture. The guys from Invader Studios got out of this situation, deciding to make their own game based on what they had, and the project was renamed Daymare 1998.

After a failed Kickstarter campaign, they found publishers in Destructive Creations [Hatred, Ancestors Legacy] and All in! Games that helped with development. It became known that the game will be released this summer.

In the center of the plot is an elite group of operatives HADES [Hexacore Advanced Division for Extraction and Search]. They are busy raking up the most delicate and demonic cases. The story will tell us how the group went to the laboratory to clean up the consequences of gene experiments and chemical weapons. We will play, as in Reza, as several characters.

In the new trailer, we were shown the gameplay for the former USA operative Liev, who relies on his instincts and directness to fight.

Although the game looks like RE2 in everything, which is not surprising, we are promised familiar, but fresh gameplay. Overall, the adventure will appeal to fans of 90s horror games. The features of the game are hardcore, lack of ammunition, puzzles, atmospheric environment and "backtracking".

End of the scandal. Judgment showed us a new look for a character played by an actor accused of drug use

As we already wrote, one of the Judgment actors Pierre Taki got caught using cocaine. Since this is a serious offense in Japan, they decided to completely remove him from the game, changing the appearance of his character and re-sounding.


Ryu ga Gotoku Studio has posted a tweet with screenshots of Kyohei Hamura's new appearance. They show the new character on the left and the old on the right.


The game is on sale again. The Western version of Judgment hits digital store shelves on June 21, and physical copies go on sale June 25.

"I will no longer work with the former Obsidian leadership" - Chris Avellone

Somehow it happened that too much Chris Avellone was on our site this week. Either he talks about the plot of the new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and the canceled Kator 3, then he retells the lion's share of the Fallout story ... Let's not break this pattern and devote a little more time to it.

In 2015, Chris left Obsidian, after which he spoke badly about the studio management more than once. At the Reboot Develop conference, the VG24 / 7 journalist talked to him about his complaints about his former bosses.


According to the scriptwriter, the studio has a big problem with communications at all levels. Even in the leadership, at most two or three people know what is happening with the projects that are being developed.

Also in the studio there are problems with salaries - they have no standard. People get different salaries for the same job, which undermines the collective spirit. The salary level depends on who took the person to work. Obsidian also has problems with nepotism. During the mass layoffs, people close to the leadership remained in their places. The screenwriter believes that they may be professionals, but the situation itself is unpleasant and requires a solution.

Avellone said that he is ready to cooperate with ordinary employees of the studio, but not with the management.

Mass Effect / Horror Mix - Details of the canceled RPG Aliens: Crucible

In the same interview, the hero of our last news talked about the excellent Aliens: Crucible, which Obsidian developed in the 2000s under the supervision of SEGA.

Avellone revealed that the game was similar to Mass Effect with horror elements. The studio tried to maintain constant suspense. So, the world did not stop moving during dialogues and the Alien could attack you during a conversation with an NPC.

We had to fight against the Aliens with our team, which could be given simple orders like run, shoot, hide. According to the plot, the main characters arrive on the planet, where the buildings of the mysterious race of Engineers are located. Due to the planet's instability, the team is scattered across its different parts and they need to figure out how to load all the resources onto the ship.

The writer notes that the storyline of the canceled game is very similar to the movie "Prometheus", which came out only five years after the game was closed. However, the game had more enemies than the movie.

Chris believes that the publisher is not to blame for the closure of the project, he is just tired of the insane management of Obsidian. However, he does not specify the exact reason why the companies have soured relations, but says that the studio worked on the game with enthusiasm.

8 minutes of gameplay "Partizan" - a USA project about 1941

"Partisans" is a tactic in the setting of the Great Patriotic War from the Moscow studio Alter Games. The developers recently released a gameplay video showing the highlights of the game.

As difficult as it is to guess we are playing as a partisan, so the game will concentrate on stealth. Each character has his own set of skills and you need to select a team so that they complement each other. The terms of the transaction will always change depending on the weather and time of day. You can upgrade, craft weapons and communicate with friends in the camp.

The game does not reproduce events historically, but shows probable scenarios. While she has problems with artificial intelligence, however, it is being repaired.

No release date yet.

This was all the news of the outgoing week, read our last digest and stay with us.

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