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Unknown brand unveils seven-screen laptop


On the modern technology market, you can already find a working laptop with two screens, each of which performs full operations. However, the unknown company Expanscape decided to break the multi-screen record by creating the world's first laptop Aurora 7 with seven working displays.

Mystery Producer

Technically, the laptop is still an engineering prototype and can be converted into a workstation if desired. The basis of the gadget is the current "hardware" and modern specifications, while some of its screens support high resolution 4K. In terms of its components, a laptop can be equally attributed to a gaming or professional type of device.

Interestingly, Aurora 7 is the only product of the mysterious brand. For the first time, Expanscape showed its development as part of the CES 2020 event. On the official page of the company, the year of its foundation is 2019, and all the blog information is devoted exclusively to the seven-screen gadget. The manufacturer prefers not to disclose information about when unusual laptops will appear on sale, as well as their approximate cost. However, the company indicated that several Aurora 7 units are already assembled and ready to enter the market.


Technical parameters

All Aurora 7 displays are divided into primary and secondary displays. The first - four, their diagonal is 17.3 inches, and they all support 4K resolution. The remaining three with Full HD support are subsidiary. Their diagonal is 7 inches. For the compactness of the entire structure, a pair of main screens are located in the horizontal plane one above the other. A couple of other large displays sit on either side of them. Two auxiliary screens slide out from the two side monitors, and the third is "hidden" under the keyboard.

All screens are limited to fairly wide frames, so the possibility of creating a single monitor out of them is excluded. The manufacturer did not specify for which operations all seven screens will be needed, but explained that separate images can be displayed for each of them. The manufacturer did not disclose all the details of the specifications. The multi-screen processor is the Core i9-9900K. It is complemented by an Nvidia GeForce RTX series graphics chip, however the specific model is unknown. The company also chose not to disclose the volumes of internal and RAM.


Multi-screen gadgets market

Expanscape is not a pioneer. The concept of creating unusual gadgets with multiple displays was implemented even earlier by the manufacturer Razer, having presented a prototype of the Project Valerie laptop with three screens several years ago. All of its displays had thin bezels, which made it possible, unlike the Aurora 7, to create a single large monitor. However, three years after the announcement, Project Valerie never made it to the market.

Now on sale you can find only a laptop with two screens, for example, the ZenBook Pro Duo by Asus. One of its screens, diagonally smaller, can be used as an additional one, displaying one image on both monitors, but it is also a separate full-fledged display where you can open separate programs.

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