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What are we going to die from at the end of the world and how to deal with it: the versions of the filmmakers. Part 1


The film industry has never been stingy in their pursuit of the box office. And when detectives, action films, dramas, soap operas and horror films began to become boring and boring to the public, they seriously took up the genre of "apocalypse". This has led to the fact that since about the middle of the last century our world has been doomed to die on television and cinema screens countless times.

And despite the fact that by the 20th year of our century, all versions of the ends of the world with one or another success had already been filmed, screenwriters and inventors of all stripes do not cease to sculpt similar stories, hoping that they will do better. Let us consider in more detail what the cine scribes are predicting to die from, and also casually mention the degree of adequacy of the stories they give out from the point of view of science. And let us especially pay attention to what is our remedy for almost all universal troubles.

Alien Invasion


Even at the dawn of the film industry, the version of the conquest of the Earth by evil aliens, far superior to us both in science and technology, was in great demand. But since there were no computers at that time, all the decorations had to be sculpted by hand, which was very costly and threatened to not pay off. This, in the first place, forced filmmakers to abandon such projects.

But now, in the digital age, you can create any kind of decoration without leaving the table. This was the reason that alien entities climbed to our mother Earth from all film studios. The fastest were the creatures of the following feature films.

Independence Day 1, 2 (1996, 2016)

In the first film, a giant ship flies to the ground, from which several smaller ones are separated, which hover over the main cities of the planet, threatening to incinerate them at times. People fought them back, and the main heroes then became a military pilot (the hero of Will Smith) and a computer scientist (the hero of Jeff Goldblum), who towed a nuclear warhead inside the alien mother ship.

In the second film, the creatures from outer space wanted to take revenge, but people, having at their disposal a captured alien attack aircraft from the previous invasion, again gave the invaders in the back of the neck. Here again the geek Goldblum distinguished himself. The second one could not outshine the first one neither in terms of ratings, nor in terms of box office, nor attendance. Smith was clearly not enough.

Alien Invasion: Battle of Los Angeles (2011)

The invasion of Earth by alien creatures that are not inferior in appearance, impudence, or technical gadgets are shown at a local battle unfolding in the suburbs of Los Angeles. The creatures are unkillable, and therefore, without sparing, they are bombarded with nuclear warheads. Filmed in a big way, but there is a slight feeling that something is missing. Probably deaths from radiation ...

Skyline 1.2 (2010, 2017)

Alien creatures are cooler and more serious here. At least they were in the first film. Therefore, in the ratings it is higher than the second. In 2010 Skyline, the action is shown on a larger scale, and the alien ships were more durable. Even when a missile with a nuclear warhead flew over them, after a while they again took off. In the sequel, the aliens no longer looked so impenetrable. But since I have looked at the first part, you will not miss the second either. Although hand-to-hand with aliens looks more than naive.

Body Snatchers (1993)

Even filmed back in 93, this film looks just fine. Special effects are not inferior to modern ones. For them, he was nominated for both the Golden Saturn and the Cannes Palm. The film is very spooky and interesting. Alien entities are very non-standard here. Therefore, it is only possible to clear the territory of them with a nuclear warhead.

Mobile (2016)

Masterpieces are not always removed from the books of S. King. This film even Samuel L. Jackson with John Cusack did not save, although, for a change, you can look. Here, some alien creatures overnight transmitted a strange signal via cellular communication, which made people commit horrific suicides. In this universe it was better not to respond to incoming calls ...

The day the earth stood still (2008)

The film with the never smiling Keanu Reeves in the title role is the sequel to the film of the same name, shot back in 1951, which was never surpassed in terms of rating. From somewhere from other worlds, an impudent alien flies to us and hints that we are not suitable for this universe in terms of mentality and other data, and we urgently need to be destroyed. He gives us an ultimatum: "Either stop acting outrageously (fighting, polluting the air, etc.) or a skiff for all of you." When they tell him that we, they say, are not like that, we are actually kind and fluffy, he decides to check it out on his own skin, going out into the big human world ... And he realizes that, roughly speaking, they are hanging on his ears ...

Ancient Prophecy (2010)

As it turned out, Stonehenge is not just a place where children of giants played with blocks. This is a real machine, by moving stones on which one can launch such global processes on the ground that stone upon stone (in the literal sense of the word) upon their completion will remain only at Stonehenge itself. And, as usual, some cunning "prohvessor" started this machine, but he does not know how to turn it off ... Should you burn a warhead at it?

War of the Worlds (2005)

New and improved version of the novel by H.G. Wells. Tom Cruise moonlights on a construction site as a crane operator, and for once found time to be with the children. And what time! Just at the end of the world! Although, he did not have much choice. The wife was leaving with her new khahal to rest somewhere, so during the invasion of the Martians, the hero of Tom Cruise had to spoil himself as a real dad-hero. The film turned out solid, with great special effects, but. Critics say this is Steven Spielberg's worst blockbuster ever. Maybe critics are jealous?

The list could be continued for a long time, but here we touch, firstly, only sensational tapes, and secondly, only those in which the invasion really led to global consequences. All sorts of "Predators", "Aliens", and other creatures, the invasion of which ended at the local level, as in "Dreamcatcher" (2003), "Cowboys vs. Aliens" (2011) or "Pull" (2017), as well as on space ships or other planets don't count.

Nuclear Apocalypse


There are countless films about the post-apocalyptic world after a nuclear war. But this is not about how life “settled down” after the disaster. It is interesting to observe how people realize everything and experience where the thirst for power and superiority over each other has led them at the very time when all this is happening. Therefore, this does not include post-apocalyptic films such as The Book of Eli or Mad Max. Let's dwell on the following two.

On the last shore (2006)

The US Navy submarine survived the nuclear strikes because it was at that moment under water, as it should be. And now the crew wanders from coast to coast, hoping to find at least some survivors. But all around is silence and only ruins. Those who survived the impact were finished off by radiation. Then the sailors head south and sail to Australia, which has not yet been touched by the war. So far so good. But the front approaching from the north with radiation precipitation is getting closer and closer ...

The next day (1983)

This film, shot during the Cold War, tells without concealment how fragile the world is and how easy it is to push it into the abyss. Moreover, then you can't turn anything back. It describes in detail how it came to this, how the blows were exchanged, and what the earth turned into the next day.

We will not give more examples. They are all basically the same. In the sense of nuclear wars, we will limit ourselves only to these, the most plausible ones.

Death by comets, meteorites or asteroids


Here, too, everything develops in almost similar scenarios. A comet (meteorite, asteroid) is approaching and humanity has very little time to solve the problem. We skip "Armageddon" and other films where we manage to get off with fright, because - what kind of apocalypse is this? Let us dwell on those where at least one "lordly" fragment fell on the mortal heads of a common man in the street.

Abyssal Impact (1998)

In this film, it was possible to detonate a comet with a nuclear warhead. But the fragments are still rushing to the Earth. And how will people behave in the face of inevitable death? Almost all of the subsequent films were filmed for similar reasons, except that people, for some reason, behave differently in each one. But there are plenty of alarmists and fanatics everywhere.

Asteroid (1997)

Again the comet is to blame. Flying by the force of its gravity tore off a pair of asteroids, which are rushing towards the Earth. Both will crash into her inevitably. NASA, together with the military, took a number of steps to undermine and deflect celestial bodies from a dangerous trajectory, but this was not enough. How it all happened and how it all happened to humanity can be seen in the long version of the film. Look for the original, three-hour, that was shown on RTR in 1998.

Comet Impact (2009)

A collision was avoided here, but the disturbance of the earth's strata and the magnetic field created by a comet flying in dangerous proximity turned out to be catastrophic. Volcanoes, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, the whole bouquet of disasters is present here in one bottle. Still, a bigger budget and a stronger script ... Yes, the director would be changed ...

Infernal Hell (2006)

This film can be safely called: "Three in one". Why? Because it all started here with a comet, which, flying by, moved the Earth out of orbit. So the Earth is also to blame for not staying in its usual place. Everything was completed by the kind Sunny, which began to fiercely fry everyone and everything. What came out of this can be seen from the film itself.

But despite the fact that the well-known Casper Van Dien, who is familiar to us from the title role in the movie Starship Troopers, is filmed in it, the film turned out to be miserable. And a good horse will fall off his feet if he is not well fed. So it is with this project. To get a grossing film, you should spend much more on it than some miserable $ 2 million. And even then, they probably gave Kasper himself a third ...

Earth's Last Hour (2011)

Here, the scriptwriters went even further. They not only let a strange meteorite fall to the ground. In this film, the role of a meteorite was played by some superdense and superheavy body, which, without much straining, simply pierced our planet through and "swept away" itself further.

And it was here that the nerds of the whole world ran around. But the fastest, of course, are the nerds of North America. They restored the raging forces of the Earth ...

The Earth itself wants to kill us


This category of "Ends of the World" includes films in which Mother Earth is so exhausted with her lice - people that she is ready to get rid of them with the light at any cost. And here everything is good - from incurable diseases to super-cataclysms.

2012 (2009)

Everyone watched this film, and therefore should not dwell on it. Filmed on a large scale, high budget and interesting. Unscientific, though. But this is already a question of a different plan. It's worth a look anyway.

Media 2008

Where the disease came from is unknown. But people die like flies, and in hellish torment. The tale is about a few friends traveling on the freeway. After they find out that the infection is transmitted by airborne droplets, the only thing left for them is to go on, not contact anyone and silently observe everything that happens behind the car body. But will they be allowed to hide behind him all the time?

Child of Man (2009)

What's the best way to get rid of lice? Dikhlovos and other chemicals can harm you yourself. Well, how to make sure that their females can no longer lay eggs! So everyone will take a break overnight.

In this case, this is exactly what the planet did to people. The women stopped getting pregnant. From which it follows that humanity is in danger of extinction in the near future. But in one place, after many years, a pregnant woman is found. What will the doomed fanatics do with her? We urgently need to save and study her. It's just not that easy ...

Omen (2009)

Here with the fact that only the Earth is involved in everything, one can argue. It is clear that it is preparing to "renew itself", that is, to launch another round of evolution after a series of global catastrophes. But who and where selects people in pairs and where does he send them? Slightly indistinct plot, from which only one thing is clear: "We jumped!" …

Infection (2011)

Apparently, the creators were inspired by the growing outbreak of Ebola. Some evil "monkeys" bit American soldiers in the sultry southern countries, after which they began to hurt and die like flies.

Little by little, the fever reached Europe and America, where the nerds came to a general agreement that in order to defeat the disease and drive out the medicine (vaccine), they would have to catch this evil "monkey" in the rainforests, which was the ancestor of the first bite. Where will they hiccup him all over the jungle? And How? Need to see ...

Earth's core (2007)

The indignation of the earth's core with everything that happens from above has outgrown all the limits, and it decided: “Enough with me! Since everyone there is doing whatever they please, why am I worse? " And it stopped spinning. And now, if you don't make it move again, everyone who dwells on top will soon get a skiff.

As it turned out, just in some super car park there is an interesting heat-resistant vehicle, which, moving in the ground, makes almost a kilometer per minute. On it a team of valiant scientists gathered to disperse the core of the Earth. Everything worked out great, didn't it?

By the way, even in the "Matrix" the mechanics dug slower. One question, how do they want to make a superdense and superheavy mass of something that has no clear boundaries spinning in the magma?

Apparently, all our questions are solved by the explosion of a nuclear warhead. Reject the asteroid? - Warhead. Split the comet? Warhead! Change the trajectory of the planet itself - a warhead! And to spin the core - the warhead will also help! How without her! Of course, there is nothing else!

The Road (2009)

One of the most worthwhile films. The action takes place in it at the moment when the main wave of universal cataclysms subsided. It will be hard for Vigo Mortensen to save his children when there is confusion and lawlessness around. And you have to go. And, preferably, away from the place where nuclear power plants breathe radiation. In this world, whoever stops for a long time in one place is a corpse. Well, when you also have two little kids in your care, who are constantly striving to get to abnormal scum with a shifted orientation ... And then the radiation exposure makes itself felt ...

The day after tomorrow (2004)

Global warming has melted the ice on the pole caps, which caused the sea level to rise, warm currents changed their trajectories and people in New York (in particular) became at first too wet and then too cold. Everything goes to the point that a warhead will soon be needed here too ...

Phenomenon (2008)

In this film, cataclysms fell on the head of humanity literally from nowhere. Here, the warhead will not save either. It will not be easy for Mark Wahlberg and his friend, who, in addition, took the little girl into foster care during the film ...

Conclusion of Part 1


These are by no means all the versions of the "Ends of the World" that filmmakers promise us. In the second part, you will get acquainted with the list of films in which our own Sun wants to burn us, the Moon will fall on us from the sky, in which we will be devoured by zombies and where we will be overtaken by all sorts of biblical Armageddons. We will also find out how artificial intelligence will deal with us, about other mistakes of scientists that will cost us all our lives, and we will announce a list of series about the end of the world that are worth watching first.

In the meantime - all the best and good films to you!

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