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Top 10 Best Bosses in the God of War Series


The official release of God of War will take place soon, and critics have already appreciated the game and call the new part of God of War one of the best games of recent years. And this is not surprising, the God of War series has received the highest ratings before, and all thanks to the stunning graphics, interesting gameplay and, of course, impressive boss battles. Boss fights can even be played in cinemas and are as epic as any new Marvel movie.

Yes, we agree, this is a serious statement. Therefore, we have compiled for you a selection of the best bosses in the God of War series, so that players unfamiliar with the franchise can see for themselves how bloodthirsty and effective Kratos is dealing with his opponents.

Kraken (God of War 2)

The mythical creature Kraken is known even to those players who have never heard of Greek myths in their lives. A sea monster, and also just a huge squid, is found in many films and games, including the second part of God of War.

The battle with him is notable not only for the spectacular finishing off, when Kratos nails the head of the monster using a massive bridge, but also the need to think a little in order to defeat a dangerous opponent.

Hercules (God of War 3)

Next in our top bosses, we placed Hercules. In Greek mythology, this is an entirely positive character who has performed 12 most difficult feats, after which he was ranked among the pantheon of Greek gods. In the game God of War, we see another Hercules, instead of striving for virtue, he has only envy of Kratos, whom he calls “Zeus's favorite”.

Hercules is not impressive in size relative to other iconic bosses in the series, but fighting him will make you sweat. In any case, even Hercules cannot resist the ferocity of Kratos, who will smash the demigod's head on the floor with his own weapon.

Hydra (God of War)

Hydra is another famous sea monster, which, by the way, according to ancient Greek myths, was destroyed by Hercules. The game has a slightly different scenario and Kratos will have to fight a giant snake, and at the same time, Hydra has only 3 heads, instead of the usual seven or nine. You know, we are very much in favor of this alignment, because the monster appears at the very beginning of the game and when you look at a giant snake in your brain there is only one thought "how the hell can I kill you".

And in order to kill Hydra, you first need to fight with the smaller heads, crush them with a whaling harpoon and, having climbed onto the mast of the ship, fight with the largest head of the mythical creature.

Colossus of Rhodes (God of War 2)

The Colossus of Rhodes was over 200 pounds high and became the main treasure of Ancient Greece. Today it is impossible to find even the fragments of a great statue, but in the game God of War 2 you can not only see the main attraction of ancient Greece, but even fight with it.

The battle with Colossus is first of all impressive for the love of the giant slasher developers. It seems that the Colossus in the game is even larger than its real prototype and the battle resembles the Greek version of Krylov's fable "The Elephant and the Pug."

Alecto (God of War Ascension)

Alecto in ancient Greek mythology bears the unenviable title of the goddess of vengeance and punishes people who have done wrong before the gods. Alecto, at the direction of Ares, tormented Kratos with visions, where he again and again kills his wife and daughter. The Spartan is ready to endure any physical torture, but such knowledge is too much, so he set out to kill the goddess of vengeance.

During the battle with the Queen of Furies, Alecto reveals his true appearance and turns from a pretty pretty lady into a giant sea monster. Yes, we already saw something like this in the second part, but this time the epic level has increased significantly.

Poseidon (God of War 3)

One of the supreme Great Danes of the Greek pantheon, Poseidon, was famous even among the ancient Greeks for cruelty, rage and indestructible strength. Global floods, thunderstorms due to one sneeze - these are all tricks of Poseidon and therefore it was especially unexpected to meet him already at the very beginning of the third part.

The battle takes place in two stages - first we fight with the faithful mustang of Poseidon: a hybrid of a horse and a crab, and then with the avatar of the god himself. Epic, scale and most importantly - the brutal finishing off Poseidon with gouging out his eyes, all in the best traditions of the series.

Ares (God of War)

Ares is the main antagonist of the first part and at the same time the cause of Kratos' madness. The god of war sent Kratos on a mission and, with a little cunning, made him kill his entire family. Of course, Kratos didn't like such a trick, which became one of the main reasons to kill the current god of war.

The main feature of the battle with Ares is the use of Pandora's box, which endowed Kratos with divine power. During the battle, Ares will once again try to break the Spartan with flashbacks about the family, but all is in vain. Nothing can stop Kratos.

Hades (God of War 3)

Hades was the ruler of the kingdom of the dead and, together with Zeus and Poseidon, was at the very top of the long hierarchy of deities in Greek mythology. In general, it is not surprising that such a negative character as Hades will become another target of Kratos.

The most memorable battle is the decoration of the Underworld and a touch of frightening madness. During the battle with Hades, Kratos will have to cut off pieces of flesh from the god's body, which then come to life and in haste escape from the Spartan.

Zeus (God of War 3)

The supreme god in charge of the whole world, the lord of thunder and lightning - Zeus has many names. As the father of Kratos, he tried to pacify his rage, make him serve the gods and in the end he even killed. As you can see, this was not enough to defeat the Spartan.

Zeus is not striking in scale, but the battle with the main boss of the trilogy is remembered by the unusual perspective of the camera. In the first stage of the battle, we try to defeat Kratos when the camera is on the side, like in Mortal Combat, and the last part of the battle takes place in first person.

Kronos (God of War 3)

The Titan Kronos was one of the most powerful characters in Greek mythology. The ancient Greeks respect Kronos so much that they even call the period of his reign on the planet a golden age. In the game, we also meet Kronos, but only a shadow remains of his former greatness. He was sent to Tartarus and on behalf of Zeus had to destroy Kratos.

It was in this Boss Fight that Santa Monica Studious peaked in its quest for scale. Kronos is ten times larger than the Colossus of Rhodes, and the battle itself looks like a brutal and simplified version of Shadow of Colossus. We climb onto a giant titan to rip open its belly and drive a sharp crystal into its head.

So we have finished our top best bosses in the God of War series. But it's worth noting that epic battles are only one of the cornerstones that have ensured the popularity of the series. Therefore, by no means miss the God of War relaunch, which is expected to release on April 20th.

And for those gamers who don't have the opportunity to play the new hit by Sony, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our selection of the main games of April.

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