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New series, expected to premiere from May 23rd to June 5th


In light of the fact that the seasons of popular serials ended in batches last week, the TV companies should be faced with the question of filling the vacated airtime with something else. And, of course, the planned premieres these days are expected to be visible and invisible. But we, realizing that everything will simply not fit into one material, have selected only the most worthy and most anticipated projects.

Let's start as usual, according to the calendar. KinoPoisk rating is indicated immediately after the title.

Riviera 6.6

May 23, Thursday

The adventures of the wife of the billionaire Konstantin, who was innocently killed in the first season, have been extended for a second season. And although it comes out with a delay of almost two years, the next story promises to be no less interesting and exciting.

Well, if you consider that Georgina revealed all the killers and culprits (and sent some to the next world) with her own hand in the last part, this time it will be a different story. Her life is really crazy, since emergency situations happen in it for emergency situations. And not simple emergency situations, but those for which it is not too lazy to shoot a series.

All your life you live the life of an average member of society, and you can't see a single corpse. And in the life of a successful rich woman there are more than enough of them. Maybe then it's better not to be a billionaire?

Slasher 6.0

May 23, Thursday

Sarah Bennett's parents were killed even before the girl was born. Actually, the killer created her "childbirth", cutting her out of her mother's womb. And now, after twenty years, she returns to her “father's” house, which, as it turned out, would have been better off.


With her return, she launched a whole chain of murders of people directly or indirectly involved in the death of her parents. But when she seemed to be able to reveal all the circumstances and causes of the death of her father and mother and to bring out the person hiding under the mask of the killer, we are told that the series has been renewed for a second season.

Apparently, it will be a different Slasher and a completely different story.

Elementary 7.5

May 23, Thursday

It turns out that not only in the series "Sherlock" the great detective Holmes and his apprentice biographer Watson were transferred from the late 19th to the early 21st centuries.

Here Holmes is a once-out drug addict who, after rehabilitation, helps the New York police, doing all the work for them. And he, in turn, is helped by Joan Watson - a woman whom Holmes' daddy hired to be his nurse.

And you can't do without his help, because here the New York police are just a bunch of stupid, slow-witted fools. What would they do without the former junkie? New York would be a cap.

She desperately needs it 6.1

May 24, Friday

What does a black girl from Brooklyn need, Nole Darling? Judging by the pilot episode of the project, she needs a good hookup. Moreover, not with one guy, but with three in turn.


At the same time, Nola's life is not going well at all the way she would like. Debts for the house, the constant lack of funds and all that. And instead of going and working like all normal people, she paints some third-rate pictures from the category “I see it this way” and fucks with her, to put it mildly, sexual partners.

And what does she want? As it turned out at the end of the first season, she desperately needs to be given a kicker to get her moving.

What / If

May 24, Friday

Netflix likes to invite great movie stars to lead roles in their projects, and make them star in mediocre films. Yes, unfortunately, not all undertakings and ideas of the world-famous video streaming service turn out to be efficient. Let's hope this show doesn't turn out to be a dummy.


This will be a thriller about the notorious manipulator Anna, whose next target is a young couple from San Francisco. Having made them a money offer, from which those who were constrained in funds could not refuse, she thereby launches a series of unpredictable events that will lead everyone around to a hellish pool.

We will soon find out how our heroes will extricate themselves from the terrible situations that are developing around them (not without their help). By the way, it is promised that all 10 seasons of the project will be released in one day.

Life IMDb 6.9

May 26, Sunday

Sisters, living apart from their father's house, learn about the untimely death of their mother. Arriving at the funeral, they learn that the mummy, it turns out, was married to a woman whom she passed off as her neighbor. To top it off, she signed off all of her property (inn and bar) for three, including her (or her?) Husband.


But the sisters, especially the older one, fundamentally disagree with this situation. But the further they go, the less they want such "dangerous" property.

In the first season, the problems of the division of property have not finally settled down. Therefore, we will expect a denouement in the second.

Hot zone

May 27, Monday

National Geographic didn't bother with zombies. She did not even come up with some new disease. In her new mini-series, she simply brought the Ebola virus from Africa (or rather, someone brought it to the mainland), and from here everything went and went.

The film shows in detail how and what will happen if one of the uncontrollable and deadly viruses, from which there are currently no means of salvation, takes freedom and begins to spread throughout Mother Earth.

That will probably be a spectacle. But we will no longer have time to contemplate it.

A mini-series, consisting of 6 episodes, will be shown over three days, two episodes on each subsequent day.

By Wolf's Law 7.65

Tuesday May 28

Misunderstandings and intrigues in the animal kingdom - the Cody family - continue.

And with each season it becomes more and more difficult to assimilate in this criminal family, driven by an unprincipled, thoughtful and nimble granny "Smurf". And although the series has been running for 4 seasons, 17-year-old Joshua, who joined the "animal collective" after the death of his mother in the pilot episode, still cannot humanly find his place in the family.

And the seed is something else. There are no shots in it ...

Wentworth 7.9

Tuesday May 28

Judging by the rating and the number of seasons, people like to watch TV series about prison (here - women's one) even more than about doctors.


The dramatic everyday life of inmates of a secret prison institution, located somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Australia, continues. Some prisoners leave, others enter. Some overseers quit. Others get jobs. And all with their new and improved problems.

No wonder that such a topic can be savored and milked not for years, but for decades.

File Explorer

Something similar on this topic has already been invented by Stephen King and is visually embodied first in the film, and then in the TV series of the same name "The Dead Zone".


Their only difference with the future masterpiece from NBC is that here the main character fishes out clues and evidence, without touching people and things (and, thus, seeing what is happening), but simply talking with the ghosts of the murdered, whom she, in unlike the rest, can see.

All investigations are based on this. The idea is not new. Let's see what it will be like to bring it to life.

Private Investigators 6.7

Former hockey player Matt Shade, in collaboration with quirky and nosy girlfriend Angie Everett, continues to investigate cases of particular complexity and complexity for the third year in a row.


Judging by the rating, they do not work out very well. At least, he did not stand next to the above "Elementary".

But for fans of detective long-playing franchises - that's it.

Good signs

Another fantasy series on an otherworldly theme. While he thinks like a "mini", well, then - how the views will go. All six hourly episodes are due to air on Amazon on the same day.

According to the creators of the project, angels and demons constantly live among us. And some of them are so accustomed to their "earthly" and carnal existence that there can be no question of any return to heaven or hell.

But, no matter how awful it was, the End of the World is coming. Will eternal enemies from opposite camps be able to unite for the salvation of humanity?

You ask, they say, why should immortal creatures save some kind of humanity? We will answer. Everything is very simple. They alone on the planet will be at least boring.

The series is, first of all, significant in that the best Doctor Who of all time, David Tennant, will star in the role of a demonic entity. The role of the angel went to Michael Sheen, the son of a professional double of Jack Nicholson, familiar to us from the films "Damn United", "Frost vs. Nixon" and "Midnight in Paris".

Swamp Thing

It is in our country that marsh kikimors are antagonistic entities. And in the DC universe, these creatures are the most ecologically friendly superheroes.

Just as in our country Ostap Bender wanted to hit off-road and slovenliness with a car rally, the scriptwriters from DC comics want to hit Kikimora swamp on global warming and environmental pollution.

Well, let's see what they do with interest.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

What should a boxer do when a girl leaves him for another boxer? That's right, beat another boxer in the ring. What should an entrepreneur take when a girl leaves him for another entrepreneur? That's right, stir up a business that will crush an unbearable rival with competition.


And why are drug dealers worse? What if a girl went from one drug dealer to another? That's right, the first one needs to straighten up and open such a drug market so that the second one will shoot himself.

That's the decision. Now let's get down to business.

NOS4A2 / Christmas Country

Vic McQueen (Ashley Cummings) kicked in. She suddenly discovered in herself the ability to temporarily move into a parallel dimension, a kind of "world of lost things".


Traveling between worlds is very interesting. And not boring, because she discovers that she is not alone. A considerable number of people are rummaging between the worlds. But over time, she realizes that not all of them are "good" travelers. Some, such as the hero Zachary Quinto, are still scoundrels. He, in particular, steals and devours the souls of children.

Well, how not to try to rid the world of such a devil? This is where the real horror begins.

American Princess

Very often, girls are thrown into the cinema right at the altar. And rarely does anyone recover from such a terrible trauma afterwards.


This story is not about such girls. In this story, abandoned Amanda quickly regains self-confidence and confidence in the future. And happiness is heap.

And it was necessary nothing at all - in the heat of the crisis, bumping into a bunch of some abnormal in medieval clothes ...

Fear the Walking Dead 6.8

No matter how the showrunners of the project advise us in the title, no one is afraid of the dead there for a long time. Achinea's Santa Barbara with elements of an action thriller, into which "The Walkers" turned into at the end, is already inserting few people. Some people watch them and this spin-off just to find out to what stupidity and idiocy the showrunners of the project will descend.

Earlier it was expected that the heroes from both projects will meet someday. Partially this happened. What to expect now? And when, excuse me, will the dead still rot?

Eternal Grace LLC

Any "inveterate swindler" is not safe from ever stumbling upon such a cunning victim that his scamming career will end there.


Such a turn awaits the unlucky swindler James, who, being confident that it would be easier to cheat the old man Pastor Byron Brown, fell into such a trap that neither in a fairy tale nor in a Western can describe.

In light of the fact that such world famous stars of world cinema as Jimmy Simpson, Ben Kingsley, Louis Guzman and Jackie Weaver took part in the project, the series promises to be serious, interesting, solid and successful.

The Handmaid's Tale 7.8

The Maid has continued to tell tales of a harsh future for three years now. And each time her narration becomes more unnatural and mesmerizing.

Beginning with how the child she had borne was taken away from her, the narrative went so far that the initial chapters of the story are already perceived as something not happening to her. But, nevertheless, we are looking forward.

The release of the third season of The Handmaid's Tale is one of the most anticipated film events of 2019. The series is really high quality. After all, golden globes are not given for that.


This is where we will finish. Meet me next week on a new movie premiere schedule featuring a new story about old young X-men (pardon the wooden pun). In the meantime, we wish you all the best, great summer mood and, as usual, more cool movies and TV shows!

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Author: Jake Pinkman