Insider №2.08: new processors from Intel; NVIDIA Shield TV; Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 5G; LG smartphone (Topic)

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Insider №2.08: new processors from Intel; NVIDIA Shield TV; Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 5G; LG smartphone


This Insider Newsletter provides information on the Intel processor line update, information on two new NVIDIA players. We will also tell you about the nuances of equipping the new smartphones Xiaomi and LG.

Six New Gemini Lake Processors Coming

According to FanlessTech, Intel will update its Gemini Lake line of chipsets by the end of this year with at least six new models.

Desktop Pentium J5040, Celeron J4125 and J4025, mobile Pentium N5030 will be delivered in series. Celeron N4120 and N4020 will also go on sale. Their architecture is based on the 14nm Goldmont Plus process. It will use a higher clock speed than previous series products.

In addition, the chipsets will be equipped with integrated UHD graphics. It is known that in the course of recent experiments, the Pentium J5040 processor became the most productive. It was overclocked in boost mode to 3.2 GHz.

Experts expect that the first motherboards and mobile computers, assembled on the basis of Gemini Lake processes, will begin shipping next year.

NVIDIA develops two new media player models

According to XDA-Developers, NVIDIA is updating the SHIELD TV line of media players. To this end, the company's specialists are working on two products at once.


The first model is codenamed mdarcy. Data about it were published on the Google Play Developer Console, which is popular among software developers. This device is supposed to be an update to the previously released darcy player since 2017. It will receive a new processor to improve performance parameters.

Another model will be sif. The reference to it is hidden by the encoding of the Shield Experience 8.0 update. Most likely, this device will not receive USB ports, TV tuner and SD card slot. It is intended to serve as a simplified version of the first model.

Nothing is yet known about the release dates for new NVIDIA products. The last time this company announced its promising developments at the CES 2017 forum. Therefore, there is an assumption that the above player models will be shown next year at CES 2020, in January of next year.

Chinese regulator has declassified one of the features of Mi Mix 4

In the database of the Chinese regulator TENAA, data on a new smartphone appeared last week, which received the code number M1908F1XE. It was registered by Xiaomi. It is known that the device is capable of operating in fifth generation networks.

Later, the iGeekPhone portal said that the same model was certified by the 3C department.

According to China Compulsory Certificate, this gadget supports 45W charging. Prior to that, one of the leaders of Xiaomi, Wang Ten, brought information regarding the availability of such capabilities in the new smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.


In his words, the novelty will surpass even the advanced Mi9 in this parameter. The latter supports memory, the power of which does not exceed 27 W.

Nothing has been announced about other specifications of the smartphone and the timing of its announcement.

LG plans to start developing a smartphone with a sub-screen camera

LG recently filed a patent application describing several design options for a mobile device equipped with selfie modules. All of them assume the placement of the latter under the screens.

This information became available thanks to the publication on the GizChina website.

Several sketches were also presented. They show a smartphone that does not have cutouts and holes in the front panel. Moreover, they all assume a different location of the main camera. The source indicates that all images include a front-facing camera and fingerprint scanner under the screen.

The exact specifications and the estimated date of the announcement of the final product have not been reported. Prior to that, a similar prototype of a working smartphone with a sub-screen "front-facing" was already shown by the company ORRO. Experts suggest that devices with this form factor of the location of some sensors will not be released until next year.

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