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BQ and Vivo started selling their new gadgets in USA


BQ and Vivo are firmly entrenched in the USA market, selling electronic products in various segments. Among other gadgets made in China, they stand out for their moderate price and availability. That is why our users have a special interest in them. Several products made by these companies have recently started selling.

Let's tell you more about the new products.

Two affordable BQ smartphones

A few days ago, sales of the BQ-5514G Strike Power smartphone, as well as its version equipped with the 4G protocol, were launched in USA. Outwardly, they are practically indistinguishable and “under the hood” also have practically the same filling.


The machines have a widescreen display with an aspect ratio of 18: 9. The developers are proud to equip the devices with 5000 mAh batteries, which will allow them to work autonomously for at least three days.

The body of each device has rounded corners. They are equipped with 5.45-inch Incell IPS-screens with a resolution of 1440 x 720 pixels. The back cover is made of metal. This is done to improve reliability and strength. It also has a fingerprint scanner.

One of the significant differences between smartphones is the presence of the older version of the 4G format. They also have different chipsets. The BQ-5514G Strike Power is equipped with a 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6580P, while the BQ-5514L Strike Power 4G is equipped with a more modern MT6739. This allows the use of two SIM cards in 3G / 4G protocols. Processors are helped by 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory.


The operating system Android Oreo, on the basis of which both devices function, is designed to work with devices with a small amount of memory. It comes with several pre-installed services from Google.

Thanks to high-capacity batteries, according to the manufacturer, gadgets can be in standby mode for up to 20 days. They are equipped with an OTG function that allows you to connect and charge third-party devices.

The cost of the BQ-5514L Strike Power 4G device is 6990 rubles, its “brother” is 500 rubles cheaper. Both can be black, gold, gray, silver and red.

Vivo smartphones with new screens

Sales of the Y91i and Y93 models have started in our country. They are similar in appearance and have the same Halo FullView screens. In addition, the devices have thin bezels and small cutouts at the top of the screen for the camera.

The screen of each of the products has a diagonal of 6.22 inches, which is not bad, especially since it occupies almost 90% of the front panel area. This is facilitated by the presence of thin frames and a small cutout for the camera. You can control smartphones using gestures. This feature is especially interesting since these gadgets cannot be classified as expensive devices.


Another similarity between the models is the presence of a dual module of the main cameras, which are equipped with 13 and 2 megapixel sensors. The front camera, through advanced functionality, is able to determine the gender, age of a person, and his skin type. It automatically adjusts the illumination of the subject and improves the image quality.

All the hardware stuffing in Vivo Y93 is commanded by an eight-core processor with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of main memory. The product supports microSD memory cards up to 256 GB. Autonomy is provided by a 4030 mAh battery.


The Vivo Y91i model uses an eight-core chipset based on a 12nm process technology. There is a 32 GB drive, the capabilities of which can be expanded by using microSD memory cards up to 256 GB. Both devices have fingerprint scanners and the function of recognizing the user's face.

Standing apart, unlike other functionality, is the supplied program "Cloning applications". Thanks to her, it is really possible to use two accounts of different messengers and social networks on one device. You can split the screen to work with two programs at the same time.

The Y93 smartphone is currently available in two colors - "Star Black" and "Purple Shine" for 15,990 rubles, its "colleague" Y91i will be delivered from February 3 in the colors "Star Black" and "Red", priced at 11 990 rubles. You can buy them in a company store or in an affiliate network.

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