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What to Play in June: Release Calendar


Summer is finally here! Personally, I hate it, but at least a new month means new games. June promises to be light, and all new releases that deserve more attention will be released only at the end of the month. Anyway, we've got a release calendar for June for you so you know what to play in early summer.

Trover Saves the Universe - June 4th [PC]

Waba laba dub dub! Our list opens with a game from Justin Roland, one of the creators of Rick and Morty. I admit, I got excited when I said that all the most interesting is waiting for us at the end of the month. This game is an exception. Trover Saves the Universe is like one big episode from space television in the Rick and Morty universe, stretching over several hours, with the madness and humor characteristic of this franchise. Our protagonist Trover has dogs stolen. And this was done by the supervillain Glorcon, who shoved them into his eye sockets in order to use the life power of the pesel to destroy the universe!


Our hero, who also has two incomprehensible creatures in his eyes, is actually not a big fan of saving the universe, but loves not to shut up. In general, we are waiting for a fun action adventure with platforming elements, as well as a rating of 17+. What could be better?

Warhammer: Chaosbane - June 4th [PS4, PC, Xone]


Cooperative role-playing action game in the Warhammer universe. We have to straighten our chests to stand in the face of Chaos, which has devastated the old world, and to fight back. In the game, we have four classes of characters available, as well as more than 70 opponents from this universe. You can hack both alone and with friends or random players. Dynamic combat system and flexible character leveling is included.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr - June 4th [PS4, PC, Xone]


Not going far from the online projects, it is worth mentioning the update for TES online, where we can now drive the Khajiit through their homelands of Elsweyr. In addition, dragons will be returned to the territory of online Tamriel and necromancers will be introduced. Well, new quests with loot to boot.

Octopath Traveler - June 7th [PC]


This JRPG migrated to us directly from the Nintendo Switch. In the company of eight heroes, we will go on a classic [by Japanese standards] adventure through the world of Orstrerra. The game is notable not only for its interesting combat system, but also for the design, which the developers themselves call "HD 2D", where sprites from the SNES era are combined with three-dimensional decorations.

The end result is a mini Final Fantasy, in which there are a lot of quests that can stretch the gameplay for tens of hours. However, there is a devil here - get ready to grind.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled - June 21st [PS4, Switch, Xone]


And here the juice itself came up. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is a re-release of the classic arcade racing game about Crash Bandicoot, which we were promised since last year. It was decided to re-release the game on modern platforms after the successful sales of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

What awaits us? Considering that this is not just a remaster, but a game created from scratch - updated graphics, music, sounds, new polished mechanics. They will also bring new content in the form of tracks, online, as well as the opportunity to play as the main antagonist of the game.

Heavy Rain - June 24 [PC]


One of the main PS3 exclusives reached after one generation of consoles on the PC, and all in order to once again become an exclusive, only this time for the Epic Game Store. Now the PC boyars, who could previously contemplate this interactive movie only in the passages on You Tube, will be able to participate in the search for the "Origami Killer" themselves. In principle, there is nothing more to tell here - this is simply one of the best games of its time.

Judgment - June 25th [PS4]


Finally, another Japanese game that was released in our homeland last year has crawled to us. Judgment is a spin-off of our favorite Yakuza series. This time, SEGA decided to pamper us and gave us the opportunity to play not for a criminal, but for a real peace officer, detective Takayuki Yagami, who is investigating an unusual case of murder. We will return to the already familiar Kamurocho area to solve this case. Compared to Yakuza, the gameplay is quite similar, but there are some detective elements in the game. The father of the entire universe, Tohishiro Nagoshi, says that the game is radically different from the usual Yakuza.

By the way, Judgment is a rather scandalous game, and all because of the voice actor Pierre Taki, who dabbled in white powder. Because of him, the sales of the game were even stopped, and as a result, the appearance and voice of his character in the game were completely replaced.

The Sinking City - June 27 [PS4, PC, Xone]


This is the second time we include in our release calendar a Lovecraft project from the Ukrainian studio Frogwares The Sinking City, and let's hope that this time the game will not be transferred. We play as a detective [in games based on the Howard Lovecraft universe, there simply is no other way, look at me] Charles Reed, the only survivor on the Cyclops ship that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. After a term in a psychiatric clinic, he travels to the flooded city of Oakmont, where strange things are happening. All people in it suffer from massive insanity, behind which are supernatural forces.

This is where Charles can find answers about the disappearance of the Cyclops and meet the demons of the dark world.

The Peterson Case - June 30 [PC]


And the detective horror The Peterson Case closes our list of new games in June. We, as a detective, go to the small town of Rosewell to investigate the disappearance of the Peterson family. They allegedly disappeared after a flying saucer fell near their house. As we investigate this case, we will face the horror that killed the family, as well as learn new details about how the Second World War affected the United States, and what does the aliens have to do with it.

These were all the major releases in June that we think are worthy of your attention.

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