Relocation of Cyberpunk 2077 and gaming exhibitions, new SEGA mascot - gaming news digest # 1.06. Part two (Topic)

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Relocation of Cyberpunk 2077 and gaming exhibitions, new SEGA mascot - gaming news digest # 1.06. Part two


Transfer of Cyberpunk 2077 and game exhibitions, new SEGA mascot - game news digest # 1.06. Part two

Cyberpunk 2077 show has been postponed until June 25

In the last digest, we wrote that due to protests in the United States, PlayStation postponed the showing of PS5 games for an indefinite period, since, in their opinion, the atmosphere is not festive at all. EA followed with their Madden NFl 21 demo. It was obvious that this was just the beginning and we were still waiting for the transfers. Thus, CD Projekt Red postponed the new gameplay demonstration of Cyberpunk 2077 "Night City Wire", which was supposed to take place on the night of June 11-12, to the 25th of this month.


In a statement, the Polish studio said that they truly dislike and oppose racism, intolerance and violence. Therefore, while there are rallies and discussions on this topic, they must be heard. Gaming exhibitions PC Gaming Show, Future Games Show, Summer of Gaming were postponed due to protests In addition, such gaming exhibitions as: PC Gaming Show, Future Games Show, Summer of Gaming were also postponed. The first two PC Gaming Show and Future Games Show were supposed to kick off this week on the 6th, but both have been postponed to next week on June 13th.


Recall that at the PC Gaming Show we should be shown and told more about the remake of the first Mafia, as well as about New World and HUMANKIND. As for the Future Games Show, nothing is known yet, but we will certainly have a lot of announcements and information about the nextgen.

ImageAn analogue of E3 from IGN - Summer of Gaming - was also transferred. It will also take place next week starting Monday 8 June. For a while, the resource stopped publishing materials as a sign of solidarity with the victims of racism and police aggression.


As part of the event, we were supposed to be shown a lot of information, as well as at least three major announcements, plus the site's partners will speak at it. Taking into account the postponement, presumably the event will end at the end of the month on June 27.

SEGA presented its new mascot - Sega Shiro

Segata Sansiro has been a living SEGA mascot since time immemorial. Commercials were constantly released with him, which are even connected with a common plot. It first appeared during the Sega Saturn. In the advertisement, several teenagers were going to play baseball and were looking forward to a new game, when on the way they were met by a fighter in a white kimono Segata Sansiro with the words: "No baseball, only Sega Saturn!" Since the 90s, he has managed to visit both Earth and space, defending the honor of SEGA. The commercials fell in love with the public because of the comedic absurdity that they accompanied.

But this week, SEGA announced that they will have a new mascot, Sega Shiro, to send old Segata into retirement. In Sega's ad, Shiro fights a masked opponent, who at first throws him in all directions, but the guy gathers his strength and defeats the enemy. The mask flies off him, and, what a turn, it turns out that this is his father, Segata Sansiro.

The father informs his son that he has already grown up, and he wanted to check that Shiro is worthy to defend the honor of SEGA. Segata also asks him to throw him out of his way. Then the son sends his father straight into space with a kick, where he crashes into Saturn. Shiro wakes up at school and finds his father's belt in his hand with the inscription that SEGA is in his hands. What can I say, Japanese artful madness in its purest form.

SEGA will release its retro Sega Gear Micro console

Let's continue with the news about SEGA. The Japanese campaign has succumbed to modern trends and decided to release its own retro console, the Sega Gear Micro. This is a mini console originally from the 90's that allows you to play SEGA Master System projects via an adapter. 30 years after its release in Japan, the world will see the console again.


The reason for the release of Sega Gear Micro was the company's 60th anniversary. Gear Micro volumes: 80 mm wide, 42 mm high, 20 mm deep. In total, the company will release 4 types of consoles, which differ in color and gamecontent:black, yellow, blue, red.

Each costs 4,980 yen, which roughly translates to 3k wooden. The entire set of 4 consoles costs 29,980 yen [about 19 thousand rubles]. It comes with a magnifying glass for the screen, just like the original 90s console.

At home, Sega Gear Micro will be released on October 6. Nothing is known about other countries yet.

Stills from the prototype of the excellent The Avengers by THQ

Back in the days when the original THQ was alive, it was about to release its own version of the Avengers game for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC.

Recently, its prototype for the Xbox 360 fell into the hands of game historian Andrew Borman. In many ways, it is similar to what we will soon see in the project from Square Enix: co-op for 4 characters, customization and pumping abilities. The game was in the first person. Among the characters there are 4 Avengers: Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Cap and they could perform joint moves.

The game was supposed to be released in 2012 exactly before the release of the first Marvel movie "The Avengers". But it was not a film license project, but an independent story based on the Secret Invasion comics arc.

The project was developed by the Australian division of the publisher THQ Studio Australia and the studio Blue Tongue. However, due to problems in the production of Homefront and expensive development due to the difference in currencies, the project was canceled and the division itself was closed.

Before this happened, the publisher tried to sell the game to Marvel, but they refused. As a result, the project fell into the hands of Ubisoft, who made on its basis the mediocre Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth.

Hangar 13 compared their Mafia: Definitive Edition to Resident Evil 2 Remake

In describing their work done on the remake of the first Mafia, Hangar 13 compared it to the Resident Evil 2 Remake. They told the Official PlayStation Magazine about this. According to the developers, they created not just a game and a new engine, but also significantly updated the story, included new videos and additional story episodes.


Recall that the game will be shown on the 15th at Summer of Gaming [subject to postponement]. The release itself is scheduled for August 28 on PC [Steam], PS4, X One.

That was all the big news at the end of the week. Keep calm and keep playing and we'll see you next week ... in the next digests ...

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