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9 scary gaming legends. [Cadelta Horror Month]


Horror horror games, but real life is much more terrifying. Some weird passer-by you meet on your way home in a dark, lonely alleyway can scare you more than all the necromorphs from Dead Space put together. As in any culture, the gaming environment is full of legends, weird and creepy cases. We have collected 9 scary gaming legends that are most often found on the Internet. And although the word "scary" may sound too loud, they smell like a cry. However, don't take them for real.

Abortion is a way to defeat the final boss in Earthbound's

Abortion is not a bossfight stat in Earthbound's. And literally what it means. The final enemy in the game is Gaigas - the embodiment of evil. He is generally one of the creepiest bosses in video games in general. In this battle, everything presses on you: colors, music and the battle itself. More than once people said that they could not sleep well after a night of passage. The thing is that one of the forms of Gaigas is rather disturbing.


According to the plot, the heroes go back in time to kill Gaigas while he is weak, and therefore they went to the period when he was an embryo ... and the whole final battle is an abortion. The creator of the game claimed that when he was a teenager, he got caught in the rain and ran into the cinema, where they played a disgusting movie, where two police officers brutally murdered a girl. In many ways, this movie influenced the fact that he created a similar scene in the game. We cannot say for sure, but after this story many people begin to hear how during the battle Gaigas makes sounds similar to a crying baby.

Squall is Dead

Final Fantasy VII and VIII are two games that set their time. Even more, they got ahead of him and gave us a bunch of unforgettable characters. And one of them is Squall. And he is not only the hero of the eighth, but also appears in the theory of "Squall is Dead".


At the end of the first disc, he is pierced by ice thorns during a battle with one of the main bosses of the game. And so, Squall wakes up at the beginning of the second disc without any wounds after the battle, and no one ever remembers that he was killed. It is after this that the whole game seems to change and its fantasy goes beyond reality. This means that the plot unexpectedly takes us into space. Many believe that everything shown to us on the second disc is an imaginary story born in hellish torment, invented by Squall, who is leaving life. This would explain the more surreal tone of the second game, as well as the set of slides at the end of the game - which can be explained as the last memories he sees before dying.

Lavender City Syndrome

In 1996, Pokemon Red & Green brought joy to all Gameboy owners who plunged into the world of Pokemon training. The game was released in Japan and coincided with a wave of childhood suicide and illness associated with the game. When children got to the level of Lavender Town, the soundtrack in this location is believed to have caused headaches, nausea, and eventually suicidal tendencies in children ages 7 to 12. As a result, the music was changed at the level to be sent for sale abroad.

Ben from Majora's Mask

This legend, known as Ben Drowned, came to us from 4chan. She talks about The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Allegedly, one of the users of the resource published a photo of the Nintendo 64 cartridge from The Legend of Zelda with the inscription Majora's Mask. When he started the game, he found that there was a recorded game with the inscription BEN.

It ignored the existing save files and started a new game. All characters in the game started calling him Ben. He deleted the file "Ben" and tried to start a new game. The game has become more chaotic. The music played backwards, and his character was followed by a statue of the main character of the game with a terrible smile on his face. Eventually, the Ben file returned to the game. Along with it, another new file appeared, simply named "Drowned Man". Every time he played after two files appeared, his character would just die and eerie messages would appear on the screen: "You've met a terrible fate, haven't you?" As part of our cycle, we will analyze this story in more detail.

Predictions of the future in Fallout 3

Do you think that only the Simpsons can predict the future [we don't think so, if anything]? So here's another fact. In the gaming environment, there is an opinion that Fallout 3 can also predict the future.

The game is said to have radio stations that broadcast Morse code as a simple set of numbers. Recall that the history of Fallout is largely correlated with ours, only it is an alternative version, where the Third World War took place in 2077. And the very action of the game series starts in 2241.

The DJ at this secret station tells this or that fact from the history of the past, encoded in Morse code. For example, we were assured that the Queen of Great Britain would die on March 19, 2014. At least now we know for sure that this did not happen. There is also a prediction that Britney Spears will win an Oscar in 2023.

It is believed that in order to gain access to the number station, you need to kill its DJ Tridog Knight, who after a while will appear again and will read these numbers in a monotonous voice.


Berzerk is one of the iconic games of the arcade era where you fought against robots.


There was also one of the most unusual bosses - the Evil Otto emoticon. Alas, the glory of this game is slightly tarnished by the fact that it is associated with two deaths. The first person was named Jeff Dale. In 1981, he died of a heart attack after scoring 16660 points in the game. Also the next year, another guy, Peter Burkovsky, passed away while typing his name after defeating the boss. As a result, the Evil Otto boss has a reputation as a real killer. However, in reality, these deaths are not connected in any way. If you dig around, you can stumble upon material that claims that in fact the only victim was Burkovsky, who had heart problems, and this was even confirmed by the arcade designer Alain McNeil, but at the same time he denied Dale's death [he commented on one old game magazine on this topic], calling it an urban legend.


Herobrine in Minecraft

As in any large-scale game in Minecraft, people constantly see something scary and mysterious. One of the most famous legends is the story of Herobrine - the double of the protagonist with white pupils, who plows the expanses of the cubic world.


Once one player reported that while digging in the dungeons he came across a mysterious clone of the protagonist with empty eyes, who looked at him, and then fled. Later, this player began to see this character from time to time, who was eventually named Herobrine. He built pyramids, chopped down tree leaves and dug long tunnels in rocks.

By some miracle, the game community has built a theory that this is how Marcus Preston, the creator of the game, added this character in honor of his dead brother, whose name was Herobrine and now he walks around the world of Minecraft. Preston himself says that this is not true and he never had a brother at all.

Morrowind Mod jvk1166z.esp

Morrowind has also become the target of one of the famous gaming creepypastas. Once upon a time, a creepy mod for the third TES called jvk1166z.esp appeared on the Internet. At first, people considered it to be viral, because when you start the game with it, it deleted all the saves. Later, the community realized that you just need to open it through DOSbox [this is a program that helps to run old games on new hardware].

The first thing you notice is that all the NPCs appearing in the quests are dead. In addition, you must constantly move, because if you do not do this, your health will gradually begin to decline. Since time, players have realized that the reason for this is a strange creature, which they nicknamed the Assassin. You could see him after death, or hiding behind corners, or crawling along the walls. The creature looked like something dark, more like a patch of broken pixels on the screen with curved limbs like a spider.


Another creepy element - all the remaining characters went out into the streets at night and just stood there. When you talk to them, all they say is, "Look at the sky."

A new dungeon, nicknamed "Dungeon with pictures", has also appeared in the game. There were a lot of frames into which random images from the "My Pictures" folder on your PC were loaded. There was a locked door at the end of the dungeon. No one has ever published proof that they figured out how to open the door, but there are some incredible stories of players obsessed with trying to open it. One of these claimed that after a series of actions, the assassin began to scream terribly, and then attacked the character in order to fully kill. The player claimed that he decided to stand in front of the door for three days, the same scream always woke him from sleep.



The oldest horror story related to games. She's so iconic that even her cameo was on The Simpsons. It is believed that in one of the arcade rooms in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, there was a machine called Polybius. It was completely black with a green stick and the same green name.


The game combined elements of both the shooter Tempest and the labyrinths ala Pac-Man. It is believed to have caused turbidity, nausea, seizures, headaches, nighttime fears while playing, and, in some cases, players have been reported to commit suicide shortly after playing. It was also reported that some strange people, dressed in black, were constantly seen near the machines, serving him. Some believe that this machine was a government experiment. However, there is no evidence that such a game existed at all.


These creepy gaming myths and creepypastas that are most often remembered in the gaming industry have become our urban legends, showing the versatility of gaming culture. Also read our detailed breakdown of yet another legend about the game Killswitch.

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Author: Jake Pinkman