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Unusual gadgets and amazing technologies


A person always shows interest in everything unusual and mysterious. This is especially true of the world of electronics, in which more and more extraordinary devices and amazing technologies have appeared recently. Our portal begins to talk about the most interesting and extraordinary gadgets and technologies. In this heading today we will discuss the product LARQ Bottle, one of the developments of Microsoft and the flash for photography using mobile devices.

A bottle that kills germs

The LARQ gadget destroys bacteria and viruses with the help of light energy emitted by a special LED located inside it. This energy is ultraviolet, which helps to eliminate 99.9999% of biological contaminants.


Therefore, a person who drinks, for example, water from this container should not worry about their health. The creators of LARQ Bottle call it the world's first self-cleaning bottle and water purification system. Any harmful impurities and odors in it are destroyed within just one minute.

To do this, just click on the button that activates the process. In the future, it is independently renewed at a frequency of two hours. At this time, power is supplied from the battery located in the cover of the device. It uses USB capabilities to charge it.


The port is protected from dust and moisture according to the IPX7 standard, so the cover can be washed without worrying about the electronics. The manufacturer claims that the battery capacity will last for several weeks of full operation. It all depends on the number of cycles.

The company assured that the filling of the unusual bottle does not kill the matter of bacteria, but destroys their DNA. Also, the developers believe that one of the parameters of water purity is its transparency to the eye and the absence of sediment in it.

There is no sediment inside the LARQ Bottle. It has certain advantages, but they come at a high cost. The product costs $ 118.

Microsoft foldable hinge

Bendable devices have already started selling. They will become the next technological trend in modern society. However, it takes time to debug their production and, most importantly, reduce its cost. Only then can we talk about the mass production of such products.

Not so long ago, Samsung and Huawei showed their developments, while other companies are only bringing their analogues to perfection. So recently a patent was found that Microsoft received for the development of a special hinge for the foldable Surface gadget.


Microsoft is known to be willing to grant permission for other companies to use this technology. This will be a plus for developers, since they do not have to independently conduct research in this direction.

Everyone remembers that one of the problems of the Galaxy Fold was precisely the unfinished hinge. Therefore, specialists from the United States paid special attention to the description of the hinge mechanism. It was said about the need to use a reinforcing material, which must be placed between the hinge itself and the screen of the product. This will provide support during various device evolutions.


It also says that the hinge itself is made in the form of a cavity filled with liquid. The company's engineers assure that any liquid or even gas can be used for this.

This will help adapt the flexible display to any orientation. Another important point is that it is easy to achieve a small bend radius only with liquid. As a result, the durability of the hinge is increased and the likelihood of breakage is reduced.

The scheme under which this patent was filed allows other companies to use the new technology. All you need to do is get a license. Microsoft will not be left without benefits here either: a certain cash flow will be formed and the number of Windows Lite users will increase. For those who don't know yet, Windows Lite is an operating system designed for foldable devices that have two displays.

It also became known that Surface can be seen next month in New York at one of the events announced by Microsoft.

Professional Mobile Flash

One of the world market leaders in lighting equipment is the Swedish manufacturer Profoto. Yesterday she showed two of her new products - the Profoto C1 and C1 Plus flashes.


With these gadgets, each user has the opportunity to try himself in the role of a professional photographer. He has the opportunity to experiment with lighting.

The flashes, which are equipped with most modern smartphones, often only spoil the footage. Capturing a high-quality portrait photo is not easy. Therefore, new products from Profoto can come to the rescue. With their help, it is possible to obtain lighting close to natural. To do this, the accessory must be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, and it is automatically synchronized with the Profoto Camera mobile app. Its settings allow you to adjust brightness, light temperature and some other parameters.


Pressing the shutter button on the smartphone fires the flash. It has a dome-shaped diffuser, which allows you to obtain a uniform luminous flux. At the same time, it can be installed on a special tripod or held in hand.

The above models come with several specially designed accessories that can be purchased separately. There are colored filters, honeycomb grills, etc.

Profoto C1 costs $ 299 US, the advanced version will cost $ 200 more.

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Author: Jake Pinkman