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Insider # 3.04: data on the development of Oppo and Motorola


This piece of newsletter is dedicated to the activities of only two companies - Oppo and Motorola. The first company was seen developing smartphones with an interesting display design. Motorola has learned that its new device will receive four sensors for the main camera.

Why an Oppo smartphone with a retractable display

An unnamed source has released information on a patent obtained by Oppo. It is the whole essence of the modern development of the smartphone industry. In fact, when you study such documents, you most often want to wait for the developers' plans to come true.

Rarely, but sometimes there is a feeling that further work on the existing project is inappropriate. It is believed that the published document is of this type.

Previously, data on the development of devices with two displays have already been published. There were questions regarding the practicality of such products. The main reason for their appearance was the desire to reduce the thickness of the product frames, in order to increase the usable area of the front panel, while maintaining access to the front camera.


The OPRO second slide-out form factor also seems odd and useless. His selfie device stays in place, and the bezels are there, despite their thinness.

The essence of the developer's new idea is to increase the screen size without introducing a folding mechanism. The only correct solution to this problem in ORRO sees the use of a second display.

The current trend in folding devices is that simply flipping the device over to gain access to the second screen. ORRO took a different path. They offer two different ways to implement a second secondary display.

The first of these assumes a slide-out screen from the top of the gadget.

The second one uses the capabilities of a previously well-proven slider-type device. In this case, the additional panel slides out from the side, not from the top.


Both options do not provide an opportunity to get a display that would be comparable to the size of the main one. It will always be smaller.

There is an assumption about the purpose of such an additional panel. You can place controls on it so that they do not interfere with the work with the main content, such as games, text or video. However, these elements are not used by all users. Therefore, it is not realistic to justify the high cost of the future device by this. Another question about this scheme is related to its durability.

However, many experts tend to think about the reality of the idea of implementing such a project by ORRO. In this, the implementation of a marketing move is possible. A company can draw attention to its activities with the release of such a gadget.

Reno's announcement won't be long

There is information that OPPO Reno will be announced on April 10. Two smartphones will be shown: the Reno Standard Edition and the top model Reno 10X Zoom.

The second device is equipped with an OLED display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, 8 GB of "RAM" and 256 GB of internal memory. He is supposed to increase the captured frame 10 times with the possibility of optical stabilization.


The OS is Android 9 Pie with ColorOS 6.0 shell. The housings will have colors of black, green, purple, powdery shades. The cost is announced in the range of $ 602-645.

Images of Motorola's gadget appeared

Authoritative insider Steve Hemmerstoffer posted images of Motorola's new product on his Twitter page. Its main feature is the presence of four sensors in the main camera.


It is assumed that the body of the product is metal. On the back panel, in addition to the four lenses of the main camera, you can see the presence of an LED flash, below which you can see the inscription "48 Mp".

What is at stake is not clear. This can be the total resolution of all sensors or one, the main one.

The source of information said that the product will receive a 6.2-inch display, small bezels and a modest cutout for the front camera. It will be equipped with a fingerprint scanner, USB Type-C port, 3.5 mm audio jack.

There is no more complete data yet, the date of the announcement is unknown.

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Author: Jake Pinkman