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Top 15 best TV series about space according to KinoPoisk


Speaking of TV series "about space" we do not mean TV series like "Visitors" or "Descended from Heaven", in which aliens from their space come to Earth to somehow conquer or enslave it , and further events develop only on the surface of the planet.

We will not touch on documentaries either. We will restrict ourselves only to those where events at least partially take place in outer space, and where real space battles take place. So let's go.

01. Firefly

KP rating: 8.7

Filmed: from 2002 to 2003, filmed only season

Sponsored by FOX TV series Firefly has gained immense popularity among fans of space fiction, but ... As usually happens - only after its closure. The project was closed for trivial reasons - it did not pay off.

And its "non-repayment" was associated with nothing more than its incorrect location in the program grid. If it was shown in the evening, then its rating would be higher, and advertising would cost much more. And so, launched in the daytime, the project was in flight even before the audience could “taste” it humanly. But to this day, this project occupies the highest place in the rating of fantastic paintings.

And the tale in it was about a motley crew of the Serenity space cargo ship, whose captain was a galactic war veteran Malcolm Reynolds (played by Nathan Fillion, better known to the general public for his leading role in the TV series Bones). Thrown into the margins of life in the distant XXVI century, he put together a motley team that always squabbled among themselves on any occasion, but, meanwhile, was always ready to break each other's throats.

Serenity's team had a variety of adventures. The series was filmed by true masters of their craft and fans went through a huge shock when it was closed. In support of the continuation of the project, signatures and even rallies were collected! But the managers of the TV channel were unshakable. The series was never resumed, although a full-length feature film "Mission of Serenity" was released in 2005 for its logical conclusion.

02. Star Trek: The Original Series

KP rating: 8.3

Filmed: from 1966 to 1969, 3 seasons filmed

The brainchild of NBC and the consummate inventor - writer and producer Jim Roddenberry. It is not clear to everyone why the series with funny and prehistoric cardboard special effects takes the 2nd position in the ranking of the best space franchises. But this is until people delved into viewing in a serious way. At some point, you just stop paying attention to "non-computer bells and whistles" and just enjoy the action.

And first of all, the series takes it precisely for its simplicity, openness and primordiality of ideas. Only after watching it do you understand where the scriptwriters of our time come up with the ideas of modern science fiction films. Everything that came out of fiction after, in one form or another, has already taken place in the series of the original Star Trek. It is for its uniqueness that it is appreciated.

And, of course, a well-chosen team played an important role. William Shatner as Captain Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock are still considered the most successful cast of the longest running franchise.

03. Stargate SG-1

KP rating: 8.1

Filmed: from 1997 to 2007, 10 seasons filmed

The idea to resume the "Stargate" project after the release of the feature film of the same name with Kurt Russell in the title role first came to Jonathan Glassner's mind. It was he who thought, why not gather the SG-1 team and launch it on an endless journey through the countless planets of the Milky Way galaxy. And by the order of the SuFu TV channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio in 1997 filmed and released the first two pilot episodes of the Children of the Gods project, after which the second largest space franchise (after Star Trek) was launched. .

At first, the project was not thought of as exactly "space". Something like a "Star Trek" was planned, only here the researchers will not fly from planet to planet in a spaceship, but simply study them using an artifact of the ancients called "Stargate".

But later, Brad Wright, Robert S. Cooper and the rest of the writers joined the project, who strongly disagreed with this arrangement. And now, by the end of the first season, the brave crew of SG-1 is in space on a gooud ship in the face of a full-scale alien invasion of the earth.

And as a result, people had to acquire their own spaceships and take part in the extermination of the hated goaud, oray and other "space pests". The project was closed after the 10th season due to the drop in ratings and the extreme high cost. And no wonder. The special effects in the film were the most advanced and outclassed any full-length film with a bloated budget.

For the logical conclusion of the franchise in 2008, two full-length feature films "The Ark of Truth" and "Continuum" were released. It was planned to shoot the third picture, but the project was frozen.

04. Stargate Atlantis

KP rating: 8.1

Filmed: from 2004 to 2009, 5 seasons filmed

A spin-off of the Stargate Atlantis series was launched in 2004, and for three whole years, both series aired on SuFu in parallel. It was a time of real celebration for fans of science fiction and fans of the Stargate universe - in particular.

Spin-off, as is often the case, turned out to be even more in demand than the main series. The "variety" of team members, abandoned in the Pegasus galaxy, having found ancient Atlantis and traveling the worlds, exterminating the evil Wraiths on their way, won the real love among fans of the Stargate universe.

But, as they say, nothing lasts forever under the Moon. And "Stargate" began to become boring, as more than 300 filmed episodes no longer left the writers a choice. They just physically "wrote" and could not think of anything new.

And as a result, the brave team was forced to fly to Atlantis, which also turned out to be a spaceship, to our galaxy, and at the same time repel another attack on Earth. On this, the series was safely completed, having an excellent logical ending and without any full-lengths.

05. Star Trek: The Next Generation

KP rating: 8.1

Filmed: from 1987 to 1994, 7 seasons filmed

7 seasons of "The Next Generation" aired by the American channel Syndication were also a success. Here, the business of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock 80 years later (according to the calendar of the Star Trek universe) was continued by a motley team led by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, which, in addition to humans, included the Klingon Worf and the robot Date. They were the first to confront a race of cybernetic mechanisms calling itself the Borg and which is the main antagonist of both this and subsequent series of the Star Trek universe.

To bring color to the "dying" universe, a new project "Deep Space-9" was launched, and for a whole year the two series were running in parallel.

In 2004, The New Generation series was canceled due to a further drop in ratings. But after the final 26th episode of the 7th season saw the light on May 23, 1994, several feature films were shot with the participation of the main cast of the series. Also, the heroes of the "New Generation" can be found in the "Deep Space-9" project.

06. Star Trek: Voyager

KP rating: 8.0

Filmed: from 1995 to 2001, 7 seasons filmed

Despite the viewer rating, fans consider Voyager to be the most successful after the original series, not New Generation. A brave team led by Captain Janeway, abandoned by chance in the distant 4th square, has been looking for a way to Earth for 7 whole seasons.

Throughout the series, there have been some changes in the crew of the newest starship Voyager at that time, but all of the characters have earned the most flattering reviews. In particular, admirers liked the full-breasted cyborg Seven of Nine, with the help of which the ship lost in deep space finally managed to find its way home.

The series, despite its age, is distinguished by excellent special effects. It is a great pleasure for fans of space fiction to watch such pictures.

07. Babylon 5

KP rating: 8.0

Filmed: from 1994 to 1998, 5 seasons filmed

Babylon 5 was filmed by TNT. By chance, it turned out that the appearance on television of the first season of the enchanting franchise coincided with the release of the original feature film "Stargate", the series on which will be the main reason for the fall in the rating of Babylon 5. But the first three seasons were shot with a bang.

The plot of the series revolves around the station called "Babylon 5", which brought together people from all kinds of worlds, not so long ago who took part in a bloody war on a galactic scale. The franchise, unlike the straightforward "Star Trek" and "Stargate", is steeped in intrigue, thereby turning it into a kind of cross between a fantastic action movie, thriller, detective and drama at the same time.

In order for the series to drag on, you have to endure and grasp the essence for at least the first 10 episodes. After the mentioned series, he looks somewhat unusual, but this feeling quickly passes. And the series was closed when the second season of "Stargate" was released, which drew all fans of science fiction.

At its end, several final full lengths were filmed, which, however, did not win much success with the audience, but for fans of the universe of Babylon 5 will be very interesting.

08. Stargate Universe

KP rating: 7.9

Filmed: from 2009 to 2011, 2 seasons filmed

The last opportunity for fans of science fiction to return to the universe of "Stargate". If in order to get to Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy, Daniel Jackson and company needed to unravel the meaning of the 8th chevron, then the 9th chevron led the offspring of humanity anywhere, but to the far corners of the universe, for a whole host of galaxies, aboard an empty space ship "Destiny", built by the ancients and plowing the vastness of space in automatic mode.

The ship is going through hard times. He has been attacked countless times by aggressive humanoids of different types and appearance, and therefore people who got on board will have to work very hard to put him in order. In order to return to Earth, the ship does not have enough capacity, and earthlings are simply forced to settle down on it, during stops visiting the nearest planets through the gates installed on the ship.

The writers are too clever with interpersonal intrigue among the crew members. Instead of filming more about life in other galaxies and giving more action, they began to loop and get bogged down in drama, which led to a drop in the ratings of the series.

In the end, it was closed after the second season, never having a logical conclusion. In his case, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer refused to allocate funds even for the final full-length film, because at that moment it was not its best times, which, by the way, continue to this day.

09. Battlestar Galaktika

KP rating: 7.9

Filmed: from 2004 to 2009, 4 seasons filmed

After the riot and the attack of the evil humanoid robots of the Cylon on the Kobol colonies, a full-scale war is unfolding in the galaxy, threatening the extermination of all mankind. The remnants of the human space fleet under the protection of the star cruiser Galaktika will have to wage a fierce war for survival with the forces of cybernetic mechanisms for a long time.

Having gathered around her the remnants of warships, the cruiser is forced to jump through subspace, but the Cylons somehow constantly find a human flotilla. But people by all means are going to find their ancient ancestor Earth, which is now mentioned only in legends, hoping to find their second homeland, refuge and protection on it.

The fight with the Cylonians lasted for 4 seasons, a web series and one feature film, until finally people ... Let's not spoil. Let's just say that the series came out of high quality, stuffed with amazing performances of space battles, and in general - interesting, from which side you can not look.

There is betrayal, friendship, and love. All in all, everything you need for a good franchise. And to top it all off, the series has a logical conclusion, which cannot be said about all the “long-running” projects of the SyFy TV channel.

10. At the edge of the universe

KP rating: 7.9

Filmed: 4 seasons filmed from 1999 to 2003

For some, it will be interesting to know that Ben Browder and Claudia Black, in combination with Stargate SG-1, starred in another fantastic project of the SyFy TV channel about space. This project is not so expensive, but fans of space operas will love it.

During the testing of a fundamentally new module for space flights, scientist and astronaut John Crichton (B. Browder) is thrown into the farthest corner of the universe.

Among other things, he was embroiled in a showdown with the Sebians, a race of humanoids hostile to people. As a prisoner, he ends up on a ship of scientists who escaped from the Sebians, where he has to prove that he is no "bad guy". Along the way, as the plot develops, he falls in love with an alien (K. Black), which further confuses the plot. Will Crichton be able to return to his native Earth? Need to see it urgently.

11. Star Trek Enterprise

KP rating: 7.8

Filmed: from 2001 to 2005, 4 seasons filmed

One of the penultimate long-running projects about the Star Trek universe (the last is Discovery, which for 2018 is in the status of "Season 2 is being filmed"). Here the action takes place in the XXII century, when humanity has just begun to take timid steps into the depths of space.

The series came out interesting, but after watching it, no, no, and the thought arises that “somewhere I've already seen it”. And the very first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the original series. Meanwhile, the show is jam-packed with stunning special effects. It is well thought out and made, but the fans will not please. Give them that zest, simplicity and grace with which the original series of the first three seasons of 1966-69 were made. But, alas, this era has passed, life around is becoming more complicated. And along with it, the plots of science fiction series become more complicated, which not everyone likes.

But, be that as it may, the series successfully stretched out 4 seasons, and had a logical conclusion for which the cable TV company UPN, which sponsored the project and showed the series on television, can certainly be proud of itself.

12. Space

KP rating: 7.8

Filmed: since 2015, for 2018 the status is “removed”

It is very strange when a fresh and still filming series shows such good results in terms of views. Although, in general, Space is an excellent, non-standard and very high-budget concept.

In this universe, where the action takes place in the near future, humanity has settled throughout the solar system. But the main forces, always at war with each other, concentrated on Earth, Mars and the settlements of the Asteroid Belt.

In the struggle for dominance over others and in the battle for resources, all means are good, and the mysterious protomolecule, which all competitors want to possess, comes to the fore, as a means to achieve their goals. For what? Well, of course, in order to make a weapon out of it. But what can play with the mysterious and inexplicable lead to? Need to see it urgently.


Next on the list are; LEXX (CP rating 7.8, 4 seasons from 1997 to 2002), Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (CP rating 7.7, 7 seasons from 1993 to 2000) and Dark Matter (CP rating 7.3, 3 seasons from 2015 to 2017). They are all good in their own way.

In particular, Deep Space 9 is good because it was from this station that Voyager started its 7-year flight, "Dark Matter" turned out to be a good interpretation of "Firefly", and Lexx is just worth a look, since not so many are filmed today. fiction with a spark of humor.

All the best and pleasant views to you!

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