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Women and Games. Top 7 Most Realistic Female Characters in Games


Every character in a video game carries a certain motive and does different things. Often games try to show us multifaceted characters, try to reveal them, but this does not always work out.

We remember charismatic characters who make decisions, change, and can be remembered by us for something more than attractive appearance and pathos. And today, the strings of our soul, contrary to stereotypes, catch not only male, but also female characters. In our recent post on the evolution of women in games, we summed up that the best female character is the one that looks realistic. We have compiled the top of the most realistic girls in games.

Elizabeth / Bioshock Infinite

When we met Elizabeth, she is a naive girl who admires this world, and has not yet faced human greed and anger directly. Despite her intelligence and ingenuity, she still has to turn into a person who will bend the world under herself. She simply has no other choice.

Her father sold her to a fanatic as a child to pay off debts. All her life she was isolated from the world and studied it only from books, while she was observed as an object of research. Elizabeth did not become withdrawn, even when she was abused as a child to control her powers. Even after that, she did not lose her sincere curiosity about life, people and their culture.


But still she has to change by committing murder, having learned what racial oppression is and realizing what power she has. Already in the Burial at Sea add-on, she appears before us as a person who fully realized her mission, and uses a little girl to achieve her, although she is tormented by her conscience.

In fact, Elizabeth realizes that her life has been taken away, and she rakes up her father's problems, destroying entire universes and herself in order to avoid the horror that the deeds of Comstock brought into the world.

Jaina Proudmoore / World of Warcraft

It is difficult to choose the best female character from this universe, as there are at least 10 great characters claiming this place. Still, the path that Jaina Proudmoore goes through reveals her as one of the best. We meet her as a naive girl who believes in justice and is in love with Prince Artos. Over time, a series of events happens that break her rose-colored glasses: war with demons, betrayal of a loved one, death and hatred, the need to be decisive.

All this hardens her and she begins to know exactly what she wants in this world, and how she will achieve it, even if the path to her goal is not correct. She remains true to herself, although she changes. She may be wrong, but it is difficult to understand her.


Alice Lidel / American McGee's Alice, Alice Madness Returns

We see Alice from American McGee not as a girl traveling in Wonderland, but as a girl broken in spirit and mind who has to fight her own mind. Parents were burned alive, and her beloved Wonderland turned into a nightmare that prevents her from living. Fighting your own madness is always difficult, because your opponent is yourself. And in this battle, there are only two outcomes - madness or self-control.


Sarah Carigan / StarCraft

This is a female character in video games, of which there are few. She is a hero in the guise of a villain, who made a disgusting decision, which helped to save the world from extinction. She became the self-proclaimed Queen of Blades, led a swarm of zerg, and underwent reincarnation from a soldier to a vicious, cruel, cunning, treacherous, derisive and self-confident queen. After that, she again became a human and lost her memory, and as a result, she deliberately reincarnates as the queen of the zerg in order to save the world from the swarm. Despite the contradictory nature of her actions, she does everything right.


Elena Fisher / Uncharted 4

Fisher is a wonderful character, not like typical archetypes, who is not trying to impose the role of the savior of the world or a thoughtless sweet companion. She is the image of the ideal soul mate who supports the one she loves. And he does everything as he sees fit. She does not blindly follow Nathan, but walks with him. She uses intransigence if the situation is lousy, but when necessary, she can give in. Elena perfectly complements and reveals Nathan, but at the same time she reveals herself.


Ellie / The Last Of Us

Ellie is a man with a broken childhood. She has to survive in a terrible world, and she will not be afraid to break the enemy's neck if need be. Despite her isolation and awareness of the death of loved ones, in her soul she is still a child who finds it difficult to cope with what has fallen on her. She just wants to be a happy and naive girl who wants to pet a giraffe when she first sees it. Joyle's love is what helps her not to part with this childish warmth in her soul, and in the future makes her a kind person.


Ciri / The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

To say that CD Project Red managed to create the most memorable characters is to say nothing. They are so well developed that it feels like you have known them for ten years. And this is the case with all the heroes of this saga. However, it is Ciri who stands out the most of the female characters in the game.

She is a girl with a terrible and difficult childhood, a girl whose fate never depends on her, and a woman who eventually accepts and controls her. At every stage of her life, she faces difficulties, but does not avoid them. Since childhood, she knew that she had a destiny, which is very difficult to follow.


This does not mean that she does not suffer or does not feel oppressive feelings. And yet, Ciri puts up with her strength and what is destined for her by fate. Knowing her danger to the whole world, she protects those close to her, but does what she must. This is what we see in the culmination with the White Cold. We can say that she becomes even wiser than Geralt himself, who rushes between what he has to do and what he wants.

This was our top pick of the best realistic female characters. Yes, we know that you can add more characters here: Lara Croft, Faith, Clementine, Jill Valentine and many others, but it was interesting for us to understand the remarkable fate of these particular heroines.

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