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Venom, Out of This World Suit: A Brief Adventure Story


In one of our articles we have already touched upon the Venom theme. But then the question was about Venom's alien symbiotic suit, featured exclusively in the fresh 2018 film starring Tom Hardy. In this article, we will try to trace Venom's path from Marvel all the way from the moment this character was created.

First Coming


There was such a true fan of Spider-Man comics, Randy Schuller. And he belonged to those ardent fans who were not particularly satisfied with the superpowers of his idol. In his opinion, Peter Parker should have more of these super powers. That is why he invented the super suit, which was developed by Mister Fantastic in collaboration with the Wasp.

It was created from some "unstable molecules" that acquired stability only when in contact with the human body. After that, the original Venom suit became a super suit that enhances Spiderman's abilities. Yes, it was him, dear.

The powerful in the Marvel universe liked the idea, and Schuller's invention was bought by them for only 220 bucks. And since then it started. For 4 years (from 1984 to 1988) in the comics Spider-Man almost worn out his Venom suit to the holes. And, moreover, not only him.

So the poor entity of "unstable molecules" barely survived until its second rebirth, which happened in 1988, when he already in the law in the series The Amazing Spider-Man crawled on the newly-minted journalist-antagonist (pardon the pun). Since then, he found his "I", which later changed a lot of symbionts, including the most outstanding "personalities" of the Marvel universe.

Second Coming


As it turned out overnight, Venom is not at all the creation of human hands, but a kind of alien from outer space, an entity that can actively open up and exist only in collaboration with a human being. In fact, this version was not much different from a fantasy costume, if not for one "but". The entity could really think, make insidious plans and, psychologically subjugating the bodies of its host hosts, achieve their execution.

Spider-Man became the first victim of Venom. Further, the entity jumped from body to body as it pleased, or, to be more precise, as the creators of the comics pleased. The comic book series for such a famous person as Spiderman multiplied by leaps and bounds, at times, entering each other into terrible disagreements. But this is the world of comics. Here, anyone writes as they please, draws as they please and uses superheroes as they please.

And not always the symbiote was "worn" by Spider-Man, Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson, characters, in fact, specially invented for Venom. Sometimes a wonderful thought flashed in the minds of the “creators” like: “Let's come up with a plot to pull Venom on Deadpool, Hulk and others! After all, this will spur sales when from a fighter for justice a superhero suddenly turns into a notorious villain! "

No sooner said than done. And while Venom jumped from Spider-Man to other bodies, his story was also radically corrected, which, in its next interval, came to such an interesting legend.

The Third Coming


The entities, to which the Venom symbiote from Marvel belongs, turns out to call themselves Klintars (from the name of the planet Klintar, where they come from) and are not at all the embryos of future high-profile antagonists. They are peaceful and friendly creatures. They see their credo in reuniting with the biological essences of people and other humanoids, in order to enhance their physiological properties, strength, ability to regenerate, etc. to make of them a kind of "superheroes" in order to help those to do good left and right. p>

So, if you have any questions about how you can become a Venom, welcome to Clintar. Everything happens automatically there. Slash a black infection in your face, and after a few twitching of your limbs, you are already a newly-made Venom with abilities beyond understanding.

But there is one side effect. If a person is more than 50% inclined, speaking in Jedi language, to the dark half, then the dark essence of the person takes over, infecting the symbiote with this darkness, after which only a person with the strongest psyche can get rid of the Venom who dressed him. People are arranged in such a way that, over time, they can become kind again, but the symbiote, once infected with "darkness", is doomed to be a villain all the time.


It's no wonder that the Klintars blamed people and others like them for the fact that most symbiotes become antagonists. Well, what can you do if a person (according to the creators of the Marvel Universe) has villainy in his blood.

Not passed the hard lot and the hero of our article. And despite the fact that his first symbiote was not Spider-Man, and not even a person as such, this entity turned out to be that still lost soul, since it made a vicious and insidious creature out of Venom.

The Klintars imprisoned Venom in a prison capsule as an incorrigible, insane and especially dangerous, and sent him into space on his own so that he disintegrated into molecules over time. Severe punishment. Only they did not take into account one thing. Even if in the middle of a huge forest you pile a flat cake, sooner or later, someone will surely get into it. This, as usual, is the law of all babble and Venom living in the Marvel Universe.

No miracles of tolerance happened


Yes, in the case of Venom, tolerance didn't work. Although many cunning and insisted that Venom should be a woman. Most of the creators of the universe agreed that the female essence could not be so bloodthirsty a priori. And they had a huge mass of bloodthirsty ideas on the newly baked and altered Venom with hellish abilities and inclinations. It is better for a woman not to participate in such "bad deeds". She has not yet grown up to them.

Although from time to time on women, he also "pulled" his essence.

Venom and Deadpool


The history of Venom can be traced by its jumping from carrier to carrier. And, oddly enough, Deadpool became its first carrier in the new scenario. And since he did not even think of becoming a bloodthirsty Venom, he was very amazed when such an interesting substance jumped on him from the prison capsule and smeared.

No, like Spider-Man, Venom Deadpool, at first, liked it. But later, when he realized that he was becoming not himself and was increasingly exposed to attacks of violence and bloodlust, he, as he was unusually strong in soul, pulled off his hated "suit" and put it back into the capsule.

Venom with Spiderman


Peter Parker became the second carrier of Venom. Tom liked it at first too. The powers of Spider-Man through Venom have greatly increased, and if you consider that he was a super hero before, now he has become a superhero squared.

Having picked up an infection during his space tour, Spider-Man and Venom return to Earth, where after a while he begins to feel that the parasite (now he thinks of his suit that way) is trying to take over control of his body and thoughts, which he cannot admit. Having learned that he is afraid of ultra- and strong sharp sounds, Spider-Man lures Venom to the church, where he gets rid of him by ringing the bell.

With Eddie Brock


But the creature did not die. From Spider-Man, Venom jumps to Eddie Brock, who was begging for sins in the church. And he turned around with him, turned around like that! Unlike previous hosts, Eddie Brock had a rotten soul and a weak psyche. And if in the previous case the symbiote could not cope with the Spider-Man, then he coped with Eddie in no time.

Since Eddie never dreamed of becoming a bearer of Venom, he was pleasantly surprised by the abilities that his new "friend" gave him. And upon finding them, he and his symbiote chased Spider-Man across the comics for a very long time, and even he was almost killed several times.

But, over time, Eddie and the symbiote began to balance each other more and more. Subsequently, it turned out that, contrary to the opinion of the Klintars, some of them can still change for the better over time. But that's another topic.

With Mac Gargan


The next person who didn't even think about how to become a Venom was Mac Gargan. And then events swirled with a mad whirlpool. In addition to Spider-Man, Tony Stark, Captain America, and other persons known to the general public from full-length superhero films tried to cope with Venom.

Once Venom even got into a skirmish between Iron Man and the First Avenger, sided with Stark. He was part of the so-called Sinister Dozen, whose members were later imprisoned without exception.



New comics, and new media, who also wondered how they managed to become Venom. And having become one, they began to do obscene things. It makes no sense to stop at all. Let's just list some of them. At different times, Eddie Brock's wife, Flash Thompson, Lee Price, Angelo Fortunato, Thaddeus Ross, Cal Henriksen, etc. have visited Venom. And this is not counting alternative branches from the main storyline.

Spider-Man 3: The Enemy in Reflection

This feature film was released in 2007. In it, Venom is an entity that flew from space and offered itself as a new costume to Spider-Man. At first, Spider-Man does not feel the symbiote, but later he notices that, firstly, his abilities have become stronger, secondly, he has become bolder and angrier on his own, and thirdly, he is poorly able to control his dark self. p>

Subsequently, when he sees that his actions are already beyond all frames, he finally comes to the point of getting rid of the suit. But the "costumed entity" did not die, but climbed onto Eddie Brock, an unclean and weak-minded journalist.

Subsequently, Spider-Man blew up the symbiote of both Eddie and Osborn, with the assistance of the same Osborn, oddly enough it sounds.

2018, fourth rebirth

And now - a new update. Now capsules with symbiotes from space were brought to Earth by a certain corporation working to strengthen the human body's resistance to the decaying environment. Here Spider-Man and Venom do not enter into confrontation. Here the symbiote initially possesses Eddie Brock, and in this film Eddie is not as lost a soul as in all other interpretations.

Venom here takes the side of the world, protecting the world from the invasion of such evil entities. It is possible that Spider-Man will still have to clash with Venom in future episodes.

But the next part, as we were given to understand from the short film in the credits, will not be devoted to Spiderman, but to the killer Cletus (Woody Harrelson), who is the carrier (or will become him later) of an entity similar to Venom named Carnage.

Let's wait for the sequel and hope that it will be at least as good as the first part. In the meantime, all the best to you and more cool films for you!

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