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Films and TV series from 17 to 23 January


A new week is coming, which means new films and series are waiting for us. What exactly will the cinematographers please us with after all the Christmas and New Year passions have subsided? In fact, the choice we have these days will be as scarce and small as on New Year's holidays. Although, "weighty" premieres have been added to the current list of films and TV series.

Short list of premieres of the beginning of the second half of January

The list of movie premieres is undoubtedly headed by the long-awaited Hollywood blockbuster Glass. Only the comedy melodrama "Romantics" 303 "by German filmmakers can make him any tangible competition. Although, the main box office is expected to be raked in by a company of people with super-duper abilities performed by Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and James McAvoy. This is how the list of full meters that we are invited to go on in the period from January 17 to 23 in brief looks like:

  • Glass (USA);
  • Two Queens (England);
  • Donut (USA);
  • Interview with God (USA);
  • Romantics "303" (Germany);
  • Our time (Mexico, France, Sweden, Germany, Denmark);
  • Wow vacation! (France);
  • Basquiat: Reality Explosion (USA);
  • Asterix and the secret potion (France);
  • CARTOON in the cinema. Issue 89. Time for Miracles! (USA).

As we can see, USA cinematographers have not yet recovered from the New Year holidays. But to be honest, no one really ever really misses USA paintings.

The list of TV shows in the second half of January is full of as many as three loud sequels. And the full list of new seasons of "weighty" franchises is as follows:

  • 17.01 Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 (USA);
  • 18.01 Grand Tour Season 3 (USA);
  • 1/18 Punisher Season 2 (USA);
  • 01/18 Grace & Frankie Season 5 (USA);
  • 20.01 With Friends, Season 3 (USA);
  • 20.01 Get high with delivery, Season 3 (USA);
  • 01/23/23 Wizards Season 4 (USA)

The second season of the new and improved "Star Trek", as well as the continuation of the adventures of the Marvel Punisher, were awaited by many fans of science fiction and comics. As well as fans of cars and everything connected with them have been waiting for the third season of "Grand Tour". But, first things first.

Review of full-length film distribution news

Despite the fact that the list includes a historical tape, a cartoon, and even a documentary, the main crowd predictably rushes to look at the confrontation of the most fragile, the most invulnerable and the most crazy. Yes. We will see such a threefold confrontation in the film, with which we begin our today's review.


Film Companies : Blinding Edge Pictures, Blumhouse Productions.

Genres: science fiction, detective, fantasy, thriller, drama.

Director: M. Night Shyamalan.

In chap. Starring: Sarah Paulson, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy and others

Fans of Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson will probably remember a movie called "Invincible" (2002), which played out the confrontation between the most fragile man in the world, nicknamed "Mr. Glass", who is angry at the whole world for his congenital disability, and David Dana, the complete opposite of the first, an invulnerable person with inexplicable and superhero luck.

Fans of action-packed thrillers remember the story of "Split", filmed in the near 2016, where 24 different personalities coexisted in the character of James McAvoy, and how a teenage girl named Casey was forced to confront this eavesdropping type.

At the end of Split, it was clear that both of these stories belong to the same universe, and moreover, someday we will see their continuation. And it was not long in coming. In the film called "Glass", the destinies of all four heroes converge at such crooked angles that the ground under our feet will rise up.

At least that's what the creators promise. Well, let's check it out. It won't be long to wait.

Two queens. IMDb rating 6.5


Film Companies : Focus Features, Working Title Films, Perfect World Pictures.

Genres: Drama, Biography, History.

Director: Josie Rourke.

In chap. starring Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie, David Tennant, Jack Lowden, Joe Alvin and others.

The script for the film is a kind of distant adaptation of the book of the well-known historian John Guy in his circles. It was called “My life belongs to me: the real story of Mary - Queen of Scots.”

But somehow everything turned out too one-sided. The only thing that can be considered a certain truth is that Mary, in fact, being already the Queen of Scots, married the French king, who quickly died, after which she had to recklessly return "to her rams", where Elizabeth I already ruled with might and main. It was then that the division of power, intrigues and other impartial policies began.

In the film, the entire struggle for power is shown as a sluggish schizophrenia with constant references to what, after all, men are moral freaks. It looks nice, but without interest. And about Catherine's childlessness - what nonsense? She just had syphilis. Hence the lack of offspring. Here - not a word about it.

Indeed. It is inappropriate to mention in an openly pro-feminist biolics that women can also be carriers of sexually transmitted diseases. And even more so when it comes to queens.

Dummy. IMDb rating 6.9, KP 5.7


Film Companies : COTA Films, Echo Films.

Genres: Musical, Drama, Comedy.

Director: Ann Fletcher.

In chap. starring Jennifer Aniston, Odeya Rush, Maddie Billio, Danielle MacDonald and others

The film was originally supposed to be released on the screens on December 20, but just before the premiere it was decided to move it a whole month later. What caused this is not entirely clear, the benefit of competitors before the New Year was completely absent. So this semi-musical would have played like that. Which, by the way, he did in America, where his premiere took place on December 7th.

The skinny heroine Jennifer Aniston, once a local beauty queen, had a plump daughter Willowdeen (a name that matches the figure). And now my daughter is growing up and decides to take part in the beauty contest at all costs.

The message in the film is this: since equality has reigned between blacks and whites, women and men, homosexuals and heterosexuals, why not equalize the rights of the fat and slender?

All normal and sober-minded progressive people living in the realities of the present time and delving into its needs and tendencies are well aware that all this equality takes place only in films and in words. And in life, blacks are not hired, and they are not hired, as well as with women - a loader, a builder or the army, they certainly do not shine. And in power, five to one, they will elect a man.

It's better to keep silent about homosexuals. They have full rights only in a crowd, in a parade of their own kind, or in places ruled by the same people from the same minorities. When applying for a job in ordinary life, hardly anyone will advertise their orientation. As well as having arrived to stay in the outback from the metropolis.

Therefore, what can we say about the full, to whom honor and glory only in the feature film "Pyshka"? Anyone who is full understands that someday sooner or later he will have to lose weight. And not at all because he is ugly. And simply because being overweight is a guarantee of future health problems. And everything that is harmful to health cannot be considered "beautiful" in principle. Such is the case.

Interview with God. IMDb rating 5.7, KP 5.8


Film Companies : Astute Films, Giving Films, Big Indie Pictures.

Genres: Drama, Detective.

Director: Perry Lang.

In chap. starring: Brenton Thwaites, David Strathairn, Hill Harper, Yael Grobglas and others.

The journalist Paul has already seen a lot and comprehended everything in a relatively short time of his journalistic career. He also visited hot spots, saw death, but nothing plunged him into prostration more than a prolonged interview with God.

Indeed, the material will come out quite good. Still, wow! An interview with the Lord himself! But isn't an impostor hiding behind the guise of a strange gray-haired stranger who has set himself the goal of driving you crazy, overnight turning your whole life, principles and moral foundations upside down with his too correct and calm answers?

Very likely.

Romantics "303". IMDb rating 7.9


Film Companies : Kahuuna Films, Starhaus Produktionen, NEUESUPER.

Genres: comedy, melodrama.

Director: Hans Weingartner.

In chap. Starring: Mala Emde, Anton Speaker, Thomas Schmukert, Arndt-Schwering Sonrei and others

Yule is a student from Berlin. She's 24. She has an old Mercedes bus and a friend who is waiting to meet her in distant Portugal. Yulia, which is not typical for regular Europeans, is going to cross half of Europe to reach her boyfriend by car on her own.

But going alone is not only sad, but also costly. Therefore, she finds in herself a companion who wants to make a trip with her across countries and villages. It turns out to be a young man named Yan, who, at first, didn't really like Yulia. But where to go. When you don't have to choose, thanks for that.

But on the way, Yulia's views have changed dramatically. And it is no longer entirely clear whether she is going to Portugal to meet her boyfriend, or she is just going with her boyfriend to Portugal for no meeting. Clever? Whoever needs it will understand.

Our time. IMDb 7.1 rating


Film Companies : Bord Cadre Films, Mantarraya Producciones, Film i Vast.

Genres: Drama.

Director: Carlos Reygadas.

In chap. starring: Carlos Reygadas, Natalia Lopez, Ruth Reygadas, Phil Burgers and others

This is how it happens, you live your own quiet life somewhere in the Mexican backwater. You have a great and adorable wife who teaches the kids English at a local school. You have an excellent ranch where you raise wonderful buffaloes. Everything seems to be adjusted, everything goes on as usual. It's getting boring.

But our rancher and, concurrently, poet Juan does not even get bored when out of nowhere an American Phil appears, and instead of doing horse dressing, which is his job, he starts dressing his wife Esther ...

Wow vacation! IMDb 6.1 rating


Film Companies : The Film, NJJ Entertainment, Le Pacte.

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Patrick Cashier.

In chap. Starring: Jonathan Cohen, Camille Chamoux, Jeremy Elkaim, Camille Cotten and others.

Marion and Ben are people of completely different warehouse, mind and character. She, as the old ladies on our bench would say, is a fidgety with the wind in her head, he is an unnecessarily correct hard worker, mired in the routine of everyday life.

But, like in our country, in France, too, everyone is sitting in Odnoklassniki. And, although their name is different, the meaning is the same. These two quickly get to know each other through social networking, get along quickly and, moreover, so much so that the next day they decide to meet in order to spend their vacation together in neutral territory.

Bulgaria was chosen as a neutral territory, the uniform is field, since the tour is planned, as they say, by the savages. And everything seems to be fine.

Until the couple begins to get to know each other better and feel that the gap between their characters, moral and other foundations and, in particular, the concepts of good rest, is very wide.

Basquiat: Explosion of reality. IMDb rating 6.3, KP 7.0


Production company: Hells Kitten Productions.

Genre: documentary.

Director: Sarah Driver.

Contributors: Alexis Adler, Colin Fitzgibbon, Fab Five Freddy, Patricia Field and others

We got to documentaries. And again we are talking about artists. And, in particular, about Jean-Michel Basquiat. A biographical tale of how he found himself, moving in the right direction for a long, long time.

Who is interested in the subject - urgently welcome to the cinemas. After all, such a highly specialized documentary on our pirate torrents is unlikely to be found.

Asterix and the secret potion. IMDb rating 7.0


Film Companies : M6 Studio, Les Editions Albert Rene, M6 Films.

Genres: cartoon, adventure, fantasy

Directors: Alexander Astier, Louis Clichy.

Everyone knows who Panoramix is. He is such a cunning old druid, the only one who knows the secret of making the potion that makes the local Gauls such super-powers.

Somehow, Panoramix climbed a tree to replenish his druidic-sorcerous ingredients. But this time the mistletoe was not easy for him. The elder kicked off the tree, so much so that he almost gave his soul to God.

And it dawned on him that, after all, anything can happen! Well, as he dies tomorrow, who will then brew the potion for the local brethren? He took Asterix and Obelix and they went to look for a standing druid to replace him.

In the meantime, we have found, as usual, have undergone so many adventures on their way that we urgently need to watch!

MOOLT in the cinema. Issue 89. Time for Miracles!


Film company: USA 1 TV channel

Genres: cartoon, for little ones.

The kids can, of course, see the new series of their favorite cartoons on the Cartoon TV channel after a while. But why wait when today you can beg your mom and dad to take you to the cinema and enjoy fresh stories from the cartoon series “Katya and Ef. Anywhere-door "," Houses "," Magic lantern "and" Be-be-bears "?

After all, it's great when all these new stories are collected in one big collection and cartoons spar one after another without stopping and annoying commercial breaks!

Detailed analysis of new seasons of TV series

When we have figured out the full meters, we traditionally proceed to a scrupulous examination of everything that the TV people offer us. And the most anticipated premiere of the new season comes with the unrivaled Netflix. January 18 will see the light of the first episode of the second season of the series "The Punisher" But we will not start with him, but with the good old Star Trek, the next season of which CBS is going to launch on January 17th.

Star Trek: Discovery. IMDb rating 7.4, KP 6.9

Season 2. January 17, Thursday.

TV channel: CBS.

Genres: Science Fiction, Action, Drama, Adventure

In chap. starring Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Mary Weissman, Anthony Rapp, and others

A new series called "Discovery" last year was severely criticized not only from the critics themselves. Sticks and stones flew at the creators of the franchise from all sides. Fans were not satisfied with literally everything in the tape. The wrong, inconvenient and uninteresting time period was chosen in which the events would take place. At a time when everyone is waiting for the continuation, they are slipping a backstory, which angered everyone and everything to horror.

An idiotic and cleverly contrived way of transportation has been chosen. Some disputes, some tardigrades. Why do people need these ingenuities? A huge amount of time is devoted to chewing on the method of this movement and on what it is based. As a result, no one understood anything, everyone just got even more angry.

The Klingon type has become overly grotesque. Stupid and uninteresting subjects. And although the special effects and brilliance are certainly at their best, they are not able to smooth out the dullness and excessive far-fetched, and sometimes - and naivety, plots. The homosexuals of the future have also upset many.

In general, if the upcoming second season does not drastically change for the better, Discovery may end its journey there. Or, as in Stargate: Universe, somewhere to fly and fly, but from the TV screens of this flight, as well as its end, no one will see ...

Grand Tour. Rating IMDb 8.7, KP 8.8


Season 3. January 18, Friday.

TV Channel: Amazon.

Genres: Talk Show, Comedy.

Moderators: Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond and others

Since January 18, motorists have a real holiday. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are back behind the wheel of cool cars to test them out to the fullest. A number of cars are already known, which will undergo severe "pressure" from the leading TV programs in the new season. We'll tell you secretly what it is:

  • Lamborghini Urus;
  • Citroen DS 7 Crossback;
  • Alpine A110;
  • Dodge Challenger SRT Demon;
  • Ford Mustang RTR;
  • Bentley Continental GT;
  • Hongqi L5;
  • McLaren Senna.

And this, of course, is not the whole list. And the shooting this season will take even to Mongolia. So, do not hesitate, everything will be very interesting and informative as always!

Punisher. IMDb rating 8.6, KP 7.9


Season 2. January 18, Friday.

TV Channel: Netflix.

Genres: Fantasy, Action, Thriller, Adventure, Drama, Crime.

In chap. starring John Bernthal, Amber Rose Reva, Ben Barnes, Ebon Moss-Bakrak and others.

The first season about the people's avenger Frank Castle came out too mundane. It was not noted only by the lazy and not watching the series. Castle walked from side to side and walked, and went through as many as 13 episodes. So the fans have already waited until our valiant former Special Forces soldier Frankie sways and gets angry. But all he somehow came out sluggishly. There was not enough "super-capable" in him (in his case, recklessly vindictive).

We think the creators of the series have taken all this into account, and this season will be released more "mobile". But even with all its sluggishness, this franchise turned out to be the most successful of all that were filmed in the Marvel universe. Therefore, we look forward to the continuation with the greatest impatience.

The unconditional disadvantage is that the last, first, season came out all in one day. They plan to stretch the current one, like all other series. But we’re not used to waiting, right? The main thing is that the story is interesting ...

Grace and Frankie. IMDb Rating 8.3, KP 7.0


Season 5. January 18, Friday.

TV Channel: Netflix.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. starring June Raphael, Jane Fonda, Sam Waterston, Lily Tomlin and others

Moreover, the series turns out to be quite funny in itself and therefore successful, since Netflix also releases it a whole season a day. Yes, on January 18, all 13 episodes of the new 5th season will see the light at once. So everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of Grace and Frankie - welcome to watch.

And God forbid you such "your own mind" husbands!

Friends. IMDb rating 7.4, KP 5.8


Season 3. January 20, Sunday.

TV Channel: HBO.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. starring Pete Holmes, Artie Lange, Andrew Henkelman, George Basil and others

If someone thinks that if you are a stand-up comedian, then you have not a life, but a solid comedy, he is very mistaken. Stnedup comedians, just like ordinary husbands, are cheated on by their wives. And they, just like ordinary citizens, find it difficult to come to terms with this.

Let's see how comedian Pete succeeds, who, after such a betrayal, gave a shit to New York to start all over again ...

High delivery. IMDb rating 7.9, KP 7.1


Season 3. January 20, Sunday.

TV Channel: HBO.

Genres: Comedy, Drama.

In chap. starring Ben Sinclair, Yael Stone, Greta Lee, Keith Lin Sheil and others

Whatever one may say, and sometimes it can be fun to use drugs. Sometimes, you are told that at least write books, at least shoot a series. That's what HBO is doing!

The entire series is a continuous series of wacky stories about what happens to those who consume and abuse. Some series are even capable of demolishing the roof. Well worth a look, definitely!

Wizards. IMDb rating 7.6, KP 6.9


Season 4. January 23, Wednesday.

TV Channel: Syfy.

Genres: Drama, Fantasy

In chap. starring Olivia Taylor Dudley, Hale Appleman, Jason Ralph, Stella Maeve and others.

Someone, looking at the title, will say: “Ugh! Again this childish nonsense about magic, magic and all that, naive. " Let's disappoint. There is not enough naive and childish here. And who does not believe can take a look at the trailer. Will discover a lot of new things.

Yes, here is also about the school. Only the wizarding world is not as simple here as in "Harry Potter". And magical things here are far from childish. And at every turn you can expect something that you wouldn't even dream about in a nightmare.

And where is it before school, when every now and then they try to drag you into all sorts of mystical troubles, and some terrible creatures from parallel worlds are constantly following on their heels?

This is it, ladies and gentlemen, we have everything. We will meet next week, during which, by the way, domestic filmmakers will wake up from the New Year's hibernation. As many as 5 new full USA-made meters are preparing to hit the screens in the last week of January.

But we'll talk about that in a week. In the meantime, all the best to you and more cool films and TV shows on these cold winter days!

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