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Fallout 76 Update Shows Game Requires Test Server


As we wrote in our digest, the eleventh patch for Fallout 76 was released last week. Did it make the game better? No, according to Polygon, the patch brought more problems than benefits to the game, and new bugs began to appear in it. Again.

There is no way you can learn

It's been 7 months since Fallout 76 has been actively surfing consoles and PCs. Even at the beginning of their journey, people hated the game because it was unfinished, full of bugs, even Besezda itself continued to fail over and over again, and only angered the public. We've covered all of Bethesda's failures in detail in a separate article.

Since then, the game began to be repaired, and today it looks quite playable. Even the battle royale was surprisingly fun. But with the release of the new patch, it all started again. Kotaku analyzed the situation and came to the conclusion that Fallout 76 is sorely lacking a test server. It is to its creation that players are calling.


What did the patch bring and what did it break?

The update itself was aimed at the following things: balance changes in the Battle Royale mode of Fallout 76, new quality of life improvements that make the novice player less "scared", improved economy in the game. This is good, but the players got problems in return. The two most important are: legendary items no longer fall from legendary enemies, death zones have returned to the game, which kill [sometimes even decapitate] those who approach them without power armor.

In addition, the following defects have appeared:

  • Players cannot get out of power armor
  • Corpses disappear immediately after being killed and cannot be looted
  • NPCs don't take damage from high tier weapons
  • When players leave Power Armor their head stays in it
  • Pipboy manipulations lead to freezes


For more details on all new and old bugs, check out our Reddit post. It is also deplorable that many players are faced not only with glitches or the fact that they cannot take good loot from killed enemies, but also lose their own. For example, users are reporting that Power Armor has started to disappear from their inventory.


“I lost my entire kit of the fully modified T-60,” one player wrote on Reddit. “I'm furious, spent a whole bunch of caps to buy blueprints (I'm not that good with the in-game market, so I never have too many caps, and I don't have time to farm them). I know I’ll never get my armor back, but it’s so demotivating to keep playing at all. ”

Other players complain, on the contrary, that their inventory duplicates in-game items.

“I spent 10 minutes collecting what I farmed into my inventory. After I finished it suddenly duplicated several times and I had 820lb overload! I had to throw everything back long and tediously, ”says another player.


Most of the players were enraged that at the same time the company introduced new methods of monetization. For example, an item called the Scrap Kit was added to the game. It automatically transports the trash you collected from your inventory to the warehouse at your base. This is a pretty good thing, as you often have to sacrifice such things due to overload. But you can only buy it for money. It infuriates and annoys almost all players.

Open test server - here's the solution

To summarize, we saw that Fallout has really been improved. Things like new mechanics or user vending machines really hit the players' taste, but the latest update has brought us back to reality. The game desperately needs a public test server. Bioware and their Anthem also faced similar difficulties, however they recently opened a public test server, and just two weeks after chatting with players, they released a major, high-quality update. Isn't it time for Bethesda to follow the path of its brother in misfortune?


“Patch by patch, more things break than fix. It also seems that with each patch, the stability of the server drops dramatically. Players will soon leave the project if each patch breaks the game even more, but let me remind you that Fallout 76 itself was not the most popular at the start, but there were loyal fans. We saw that Bethesda can fix bugs, imagine how much they can fix on a test server where you can constantly test your fixes, ”wrote a Reddit user to Bethesda.

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