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Results of Tokyo Game Show 2019. Main projects from the largest game exhibition in Japan


Tokyo Game Show 2019 has come to an end, and it's time to summarize. Of course, Death Stranding took all the attention this year, but Kojima's games are not the only ones that are united, so we'll talk about the main games and events of Tokyo Game Show 2019. What was shown at TGS 2019?

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake was given enough attention at the exhibition. The game will feature a special classic gameplay mode, reminiscent of the original 1997 Final Fantasy VII.

So, it will have the ATV scale known to the fans of the series, after filling which, the player can carry out a special attack. In normal mode, the ATV remake accumulates when a character attacks an enemy.

Specifically, the classic ATV was filled by itself, and the gamer did not need to take any action in order to fill it. The classic remake will recreate the same pace. The characters will fight on their own, and the gamer will be able to deal with the tactics and placement of characters. Demonstrate the mode at the 17th minute of the video.

It also showed a mini-game where you need to crouch, and a battle with the boss Aps in the Midgar dungeon. The battle was attended by: Cloud, Tifa and Iris. The first one summoned an ifrit in a moment.

The game will be released on PS4 next March

Nioh 2

Another major announcement from TGS is the soul-like game Nioh 2. The game turned out to be merciless towards gamers, and only 5% of players were able to pass its demo, presented at the exhibition. According to the official twitter of the game, it was tested by about 3500 players. Only 175 people were able to pass it.

You will soon be able to test your nerves. An open beta test will be held for all Playstation 4 users from November 1-10.

Recall that Nioh 2 is a sequel to the game about a man with the power of a demon. He can turn into him both completely and partially. In Japanese mythology, such creatures are called youkai. The sequel takes place shortly before the events of the first part, so it is more likely even a prequel, but with the number 2 in the title.


Shown at the exhibition and gameplay, where GG, along with three other characters, is fighting one of the bosses.

The Outer Worlds

I looked at the exhibition and the capitalist dystopia of The Outer Worlds. Alas, out of 20 minutes of the shown gameplay, you can make out little plot information because of the hieroglyphs, plus the person playing it always skips dialogue.

In a 20-minute video, we saw how our GG sneaks with a firefight to the spaceship and meets the AI assistant. After that, we had a short city tour, which ended with a visit to the minefield.

As a reminder, the game will be released on October 25 on all current platforms, including Switch. On PC, the game will be released as an Epic Game Store exclusive. You can learn more about the plot in the video with Alice.

Project Resistance

Capcom decided to bend the line with their next project, Project Resistance, assuring us that we were too negative about the announcement. On TGS, they said that we will have a cooperative game with asymmetric multiplayer.

The gameplay is classic for such projects: four heroes, each with their own skills [someone heals, someone a hacker, etc.] work together, trying to escape from one monster.

Heroes are limited not only by their lives, but also by time. The more people get to a new stage, the more time they will have. At this time, there is a player placing zombies and traps to prevent them. More, playing this role, the player will be able to turn into a zombie or even Mr. X.

The studio is currently recruiting for a closed beta test.

Death Stranding

You can read more details about the brainchild of Hideo Kojima and full analyzes of two game trailers in our digests here and here . The main thing that can be said is that Death Stranding has become one of the best games in the exhibition, for which it received an award.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Sega has brought a new trailer for the seventh part of Yakuza: Like a Dragon. In the video, the emphasis is shifted towards the new combat system and side activities.

After six main games and a couple of spin-offs, the company decided to significantly reboot the series, as in the game's logo the phrase Like a Dragon is larger than Yakuza. And not surprising, because this is the name of the original series, and the name Yakuza is a marketing ploy for selling on the international arena.

In detail we saw the following three activities:

Dragon Kart. Mini-kart race in the style of Mario Kart, in which you can use machine guns and rockets. To win, you need to either overtake everyone or destroy them with your weapon. In the mini-game, kart costemization is available, as well as several types of weapons.

Cinema. The main character can visit cinemas and watch different films. But, oh god, he always wants to sleep. The essence of the mini-game is just to prevent him from falling asleep by pressing the shown keys in time. Watching movies improves your performance.

Pachinko. Pachinko submachine guns will also be added to the game, an analogue of the Japanese one-armed bandits.

As for the fight, now it is not an action-packed battle in the style of Indian cinema, but a turn-based battle in the style of Indian movies.

The game will be released on January 16 in Japan , and worldwide sometime later. Classic.

Onechanbara Origin

A true Japanese project about a girl with a katana and a cowboy hat who fights against otherworldly creatures will be continued. There isn't much to say about her, just watch the trailer. The game will be released in Japan on December 5 and will reach the west in 2020.

Shenmue 3

Ys Net decided that we had had enough of the fighting scenes and the intense plot, so she came to the exhibition with the Shenmue 3 trailer, in which we were shown the beauty of the locations for three minutes. No stress, just calm music and contemplation of the picturesque corners of the game.

As a reminder, the game will be released on October 19 , completing a cycle of almost 20 years of waiting.

What happened at TGS 2019?

There weren't that many events at Tokyo Game Show 2019 this year. You can only highlight the sad [for whom how] news that in Cyberpunk 2077 you will not be able to have an affair with Joni Silverhand, played by Keanu Reeves.

The journalists talked to Max Pearce, the game's level designer at the CDRR booth, about character creation. The developer once again said that they give maximum freedom of choice to players in character creation, and you can bind a female and male voice to any character regardless of gender. Also, the relationship will not be limited to heterosexual.

When asked if this will affect Joni Silverhand, he replied that since Joni plays an important role in the plot, you will not be able to spin an affair with him. You can check out the Japanese trailer for the game, which gives cyberpunk an even more cyberpunk feel.

These were all the results of Tokyo Game Show 2019, which you should know, according to our editorial staff.

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