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Top: 7 creepy places from the game, where you want to visit, but there is boring to die


The month of horror at WorldOfTopics is coming to an end. During this period, we analyzed both the history of horror games, the stories of entire series, the symbols they carry, and the most terrible representatives.

Today we will analyze the scariest places from video games, layered with horror, fear, but thanks to the atmosphere, you want to visit them, see the sights, but this is unlikely to give you much pleasure.

1 - Ravneholm

Where from : Half Life 2

Description : Ravenholm is an abandoned city full of zombies and headcrabs. It was once the only place where the citizens of City 17 were hiding from the Alliance, and could live the same life. However, it was declassified and shells with headcrabs were dropped on it. Now zombies have invaded its neighborhoods, hundreds of once happy people have turned into weak-willed suffering mutants roaming the eerie streets with traps scattered about.

Half-Life 2

Attractions: mechanisms scattering the insides along the streets.

You are here if: you like to wear a headcrab on your head, as well as communicate with a traveling priest.

2 - Titan

Location: Dead Space 2

Description: Titan is a satellite of Saturn that housed a huge space station. For years, using Isaac Clalrck, her leadership tried to create another Obelisk, which our GG destroyed in the first part. Alas, they did not take into account the power of the Obelisk, and all the inhabitants of the station began to go crazy, kill each other, and also commit suicide. Next, an epidemic of necromorphs occurred at the station, now they are the only ones who inhabit it.

Dead Space 2

Attractions: bloody Saturn in the sky and a beautiful view of it in the entire universe!

You are here if: you dreamed of becoming an astronaut and wanted to fight monsters like Ripley from Alien

3 - Silent Hill

Where : Silent Hill Series

Description: you can read in detail about the city here and here, but if in kration it is a city of horrors and suffering, where all your fears materialize to punish you. Thanks to the activities of the cult "Order" and their sacrifices, an eternal fog descended on the city, in which your greatest fears roam ...

Silent Hill

Attractions : sexy medical staff who, unfortunately, wants to kill you, an eccentric with a pyramid on his head, an angry girl Alessa, and local crazy occultists, as well as everything for which you hate yourself in your soul .

You are here if : you love moisture and solid fog, or if you have wanted to kill your inner demons all your life.

4 - Raccoon City

Location: Resident Evil series

Description: The city was once named after the large number of raccoons in its vicinity. Now you will find there only genetic mutant zombies, which the inhabitants of the city turned into due to the experiments of the Ambrela corporation. The whole city has been destroyed and only the dead who want to kill you are waiting for you, houses are constantly burning in it.

Resident Evil

Attractions: Zombie Cockroaches, Umbrela Headquarters and T-Virus Laboratory, Raccoon City Park, Black Jack Bar and Girl 13 Restaurant (ask your tour agent to arrange a comprehensive visit to these places) .

If you, if : you like to kill a couple of three dead people on the weekend, always dreamed of finding someone who would follow you on your heels until the end of your days.

5 - Zone

Where from : STALKER series

Description: After the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the Zone became a breeding ground for anomalies and a large number of mutants. Hundreds of stalkers go here in search of rare artifacts, but, alas, not all return.


Attractions : insane anomalies that can tear to pieces, rare artifacts, exclusive domestic mutants.

You are here if: you are a stalker or a bandit and like to drink vodka with other stalkers or bandits, listening to jokes and songs with a guitar.

6 - Delight

Where from : Bioshock series

Description: The city where capitalism was supposed to reign has turned into an underground prison for maddened drug addicts who mutated from consumption and turned into strong and fast monsters ready to kill. Everywhere there is water, corpses, syringes, as well as Big Daddies guarding the little Sisters, who are being hunted.


Attractions : A beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean floor and an entire underwater city stuck in the Art Deco era

You are here if: you want to gain strength from drugs or throw a retro party with jazz, mutants and crazy little killer girls guarded by men in underwater suits.

7 - Mount Masive Clinic

Where from : Outlsat

Description : The classic is a mental hospital in which experiments on people were carried out. Compared to other cities in our TOP "Scariest places from video games", it is not that big, but the psychedelic horrors that take place there are unimaginable. Psychos are everywhere, a matting madman who calls you "piggy" and not normal doctors and ghosts - that's what awaits you.


Attractions: secret underground laboratory with materialized madness.

You are here if : you want to make a career as an investigative journalist, you are missing a person who would affectionately call you "piggy".

These were big and scary places from WorldOfTopics video games. You can write in the comments what scary place or city we, gamers should visit, what we can see there and why we should visit.

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Author: Jake Pinkman