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Dasung announced a new tablet


The start of e-ink and e-paper technology has been around for a long time. In the 70s of the last century, work was actively carried out in this direction by the Xerox center. Modern users associate this project with Amazon and its e-books.

The same is used in the manufacture of signs and similar devices.

The Chinese company Dasung is proud of its specialization. She mainly develops and optimizes E-Ink monitors. Recently, the company's specialists decided to try their activities in another segment. Recently, they have been actively developing a new tablet based on Android. It was named Not e-Reader.


The Chinese do not want their new device to be associated with readers and thus distance themselves from them.

What will happen

At the moment, not only prices are unknown, but also the approximate release date of the product. It will be created according to the crowdfunding project system. The initial application for him has already been prepared.

At the moment it is known that the tablet will have a 7.8 ”screen and a matrix of its own production E-Ink. The display will have a pixel density of 300 ppi. To understand a lot or a little, you can compare this indicator with the resolution of the human eye. It is equal to 477 ppi.

In addition, the device will be equipped with a quad-core processor. The manufacturer is not indicated. There will be 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory.

The battery will be installed with a capacity of 5300 mAh. Software - Android version 6.0.


Also, the developers said that the tablet display will be equipped with two types of backlighting - cold and warm. This will allow changing modes, there will be a night and day version. The resulting shades help to facilitate the perception of pictures and images.

The product can be used as a reader or monitor for a mini PC. In addition, it can be used to enlarge the size of the smartphone display or watch movies like on a video player.

Tablet benefits

E-paper or e-ink has several advantages. First of all, their ability to consume little energy is known. Also, one of the advantages is the lack of flicker. Any information can be easily viewed in the sun or in bright light. This is possible even when the device is turned off.

E-Ink is also presented by users as an easier option that does not burden the eyes.

The device has low power consumption due to the fact that a static picture does not require electricity. The duration of this is quite long. In dynamics, this process changes and energy is supplied. All this contributes to an optimal reading performance, increases the convenience of the process.

Disadvantages are minor

Dasung experts do not want to use a powerful battery in their new device for nothing. A less capacious option would not allow the tablet processor to redraw the image in a limited time. To get good quality, it must be done at least 30 times per second.

In addition, it requires a lot of energy to have gameplay, despite the fact that there are only gray shades. This allows for better rendering of objects not only in games, but also in applications. Like iPad and Galaxy Tab.

Despite all of the above, e-paper has a lot of fans. They like the high definition and contrast in such products. It also enjoys the ability to read in bright sunlight, something no other tablet can afford.

Can Dasung blur the lines between e-books and tablets. We'll find out later.

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