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Top 11 Heavenly Destinations in Games


Spring has arrived, and snow is still falling from time to time outside our windows. But this is not a problem when you are a gamer, and you can always hide from bad weather anywhere, even on the other side of the planet, in a fictional world, or in space. And if the soul asks for warmth, then you can find yourself a sunny paradise. We've put together the Top 10 Video Game Paradise Vacation Areas That You Would Like To Visit On Your Vacation Or Weekend. It is not a fact that it will be calm there, but you will definitely not get bored.

Rook Island - Far Cry 3

If we talk about the Far Cry series, then you can go to Kirat, where civil war is raging. Drive to Hope County and meet the cultists. Or you can immediately go to the beautiful lost island of Rook Island and find tattooed fanatics who worship the local witch; the most real pirates with the leader, who will arrange you an excursion into the world of madness. And don't forget the local slave traders. They will definitely appreciate you, more accurately assess. All in all, an island paradise full of fun.

Top 11 heavenly places to relax in games

Panau - Just Cause 2

Panau is a very large island and without a grappling hook you cannot fly around it all. Therefore, if you do not like the crush at the airport or in traffic jams, you can always cling to any type of transport and, using this device, follow it, so to speak, with a breeze. Well, in your free time on Panau you can overthrow the dictatorship. And for CIA agents there are special complex tours with visits to several of these islands.

Top 11 heavenly places to relax in games

Los Santos - GTA V

Although Los Santos is not an island, it is full of entertainment. Here you and the beaches on the ocean, nightclubs and amusement park. Don't like the city noise? Go to the mountains where you can learn about unity with nature and practice yoga on the top of Mount Chiliad. Or take a bike and go for a ride in the countryside. Run out of money? Hey, this is Los Santos, then just grab the bagpipe and go rob the bank. At the same time, you will remove the tension. Or, in extreme cases, just take the dog and walk with him.

Top 11 heavenly places to relax in games

Ling Shan Island - Crysis

Koreans are very dedicated to their work of life and work 12 hours a day. And no paradise beach in the tropics can distract them. Ling Shan Island is suitable for those who want to get to know this hardworking nation better. Here they press local residents, curse America and pray to their leader, working for his good. A special exoskeleton will help you to observe such a culture. It will also help you show them progressive values with your bow, if you want to.

Top 11 heavenly places to relax in games

Zack Island - Dead or Alive Xtreme 2

Ever wanted to be a harem hero? It is on Zak Island that your dream will come true. On the beautiful Cote d'Azur with soft sand and pleasant sun, you can play volleyball with new friends all day long, go water skiing and bask in the pool.

Top 11 heavenly places to relax in games

Banoi - Dead Island

What should you be afraid of when you wake up in your room after a stormy night at a cool resort with alcohol and drugs? No, not a hangover migraine, and not that you did something that would get you evicted. The correct answer is to be afraid of an unexpected zombie apocalypse. It may scare someone, but considering what night you spent at Banoya, you definitely have stress at work, which means you can stay and arrange a massacre with zombies without consequences. Plus, you'll find scattered whiskey bottles on the island for added fun. And most importantly, the weather is right.

Top 11 heavenly places to relax in games

Battleship Harbor - Bioshock Infinite

If you have nothing to do on the surface of the planet, look up to the sky and see the flying city of Colombia. There are tons of things to do there, as well as a beautiful beach at the Battleship Harbor. What could be better than sailing in the sky? Or you can just sit on the beach, eating cotton candy, and at the same time listen to the conversations of local racists. And if you are attentive, you might even see a girl in a blue dress who always carries first-aid kits, lockpicks and cartridges with her ...

Top 11 heavenly places to relax in games

Tropico - Tropico

I always want to visit a country with a different political regime. If getting to North Korea is not so easy, and getting out so even more so, then the "good-natured" Dictator from the Tropico series is waiting for you on his huge island to enslave and send to work in the mine. Tourism is the backbone of the Tropico economy, people come and everything is taken from them. This resource always requires replenishment, so the gates of this "Paradise" are always open.

Top 11 heavenly places to relax in games

Lake Mead - Fallout New Vegas

If you live in an area with high radiation, we have great news! There is almost no phonics on Lake Mead. There are no special beauties here, but the sunsets are simply amazing. Do not forget to bring a diving suit [preferably iron] with you to see the main attraction - the submerged bomber of the Third World War, and then watch how it will be lifted from the bottom in order to be used in the war for New Vegas. Fried casador and radscorpion meat included. Quantum Nuka Cola for lunch on the lake shore is paid separately.

Top 11 heavenly places to relax in games

Vermire - Mass Effect

If, for the sake of rest, you are ready to escape from the gray everyday life not just to the ends of the Earth, but also to the galaxy - put on a spacesuit, my young space tourist, and get ready to travel to the planet Vermire, located in the Omega Watch cluster of stars, the Hawk galaxy. There you will find stunning islands on which you can truly relax on a galactic scale. True, pirates or slave traders can fly there, but just relax and have fun.

Top 11 heavenly places to relax in games

M'Digbo - Serious Sam 2

And ends the list of the best resorts in the games M'digbo - a planet inhabited by little blue men, whom you can observe day and night, studying their life. Just be careful not to attract the attention of the evil giants that are found on this planet, because they hate tourists and can start a massacre. So take a couple of grenades and a minigun with you. In general, this is a beautiful planet with waterfalls, distinctive culture and riding dinosaurs.

Top 11 heavenly places to relax in games

These were some of the best video game resorts you can visit as you plunge into the world of gaming.

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