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The best fighting anime. Part two


Continuing the list of the best anime action games. In the first part, we already talked about the first five brilliant anime. In this article, you will find another five no less famous and beloved anime series.

By the way, we did not number them, because each of them is the best in its own way, which means there is no point in making a rating, because the reader himself will choose the series, which he himself will put on the highest level.

Birdy the Mighty: DECODE

Mighty Birdie

"Tetsuwan Birdie" is another unnecessarily underestimated, but very high quality anime series. The reboot of the 80s series begins with a skirmish between interplanetary agent Birdie Cefon Altira and Tsutomu, an ordinary schoolboy. Unfortunately for him, the meeting ends with Birdie shooting him with a blaster while chasing one of the criminals. By mistake, Birdie deprives the boy of his life, but in order to preserve his soul while the body recovers, Birdie keeps it in itself.

The strange relationship between Birdie and Tsutomu is at the heart of the plot of this series, but this state of affairs does not prevent the series from being decorated with mind-blowing battles. Director Kazuki Akane, best known for the anime "The Vision of Escaflon", knows how to create an action movie that looks spatial: even if the battle is small in terms of physical parameters, the excellent planning and placement of the scenes creates the magic of battles so that each of them seems large-scale.

Other works of Akane are also famous for similar action scenes, so if you like the new anime about Birdie, then you should probably take a closer look at other works of Akane, albeit less famous.

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Let's go back to the crowd favorites, the most classic of the classics, a series that has been running since the 80s and has consistently managed to relaunch itself with incomparable creativity: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to summarize what happened to Joestar, because many decades, families and even timelines have changed since the release of the manga and the series. Thanks to the superpowers that the main character is endowed with, there was already a fight with vampires, and after that there was only no and how much more will be!

Each season is good in its own way: a memorable traditional start, followed by a season that could be described as the season with the most memorable protagonist, followed by a curious journey with a charismatic villain. But while the environment, abilities and other surroundings change, two things remain immutable: the unforgettable poses of Hirohiko Araki and the fact that the battles in Jojo quickly turned into a strategic game, where everyone is trying to get 10 steps ahead of the opponent.

While all of the above may look like another franchise for the ages, you only need to watch a couple of episodes to understand what makes this series so popular to this day.

Kara no Kyoukai

Void Boundary

There are some inevitable similarities when we talk about modern anime: Kinoko Nasu, best known for the Feito series. Numerous adaptations of "Feito" by the famous studio Ufotable, which is trying to translate all parts of the story into the format of television episodes, also brought the prequel "Feito / Zero" to the peak of popularity. The central theme of the episodes is the competition of magicians for the Holy Grail.

But our recommendation will be much simpler: the films "The Edge of the Void". The main character, Shiki Ryougi, has mystical eyes that allow her to observe the "death" of any creature or object in the form of dots and lines. Cutting through these lines will result in the death of the object. Sometimes quite introspective, able to effortlessly switch from real-life episodes of horror to soothing romance, set in beautiful urban settings, the series is surprisingly captivating with its combat scenes. After all, this is especially unexpected, knowing that the main character is endowed with such a strong ability to recognize "death". There is a lot more that anime fans might like about this show.

It can be recommended especially for those who enjoy action without too much fuss.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Another behemoth of the anime industry, but it's a behemoth for a good reason. Countless fans follow this anime thanks to the first manga adaptation, arguably considered more ambitious and actionable. But "Brotherhood" is a completely finished story, which is a pleasure to recommend: the plot about two brothers, Ed and Al, who have learned a lesson about the principle of interchange at a rather high price, does not require introduction. You also don't need to imagine the fact that this is one of the longest running anime series. The 64 episodes are packed with the highest-octane, polished action game that hardly any competitor can match.

If you want to watch a show of this caliber, then you need to pay attention to "Eater of Souls", another work of studio BONES. Thanks to the animation aces who work in this studio, she manages to produce high-quality series. However, if you have not yet quenched your thirst to see "Fullmetal Alchemist", then you can recommend watching the spinoff movie "Fullmetal Alchemist:

The Sacred Star of Milos "is a simpler version that lacks well-constructed conspiracy and overall thematic breadth, but the film's success can be attributed to the idiosyncratic action animation.


Sword Stories

We conclude our list of the best fighting anime with a rather unusual action. Those like him appear less and less. Author Nishio Isin is best known for his endless Monogatari franchise ("Stories"). The stories are filled with a phenomenal number of arcs, but "A Story of Swords", which is more succinct in format, will be of interest to those who are looking for a series with non-standard interaction between its characters. "Tales of Swords" is a tale about the strategist Togama and the master of martial arts Shichika, who together go in search of 12 special swords.

Also this series is about the changing times. The era of swords is receding into the past because they were replaced by firearms during the Edo era in Japan. Knowing that the central duet of this series is Togame and Shichika, and the main theme is historical, this may mean that this anime will have enough very interesting dialogues, tk. the heroes communicate with each other continuously. But this also does not mean that the action itself is uninteresting. On the contrary, by including it in this collection, we wanted to diversify the combat anime and include in it one in which the spoken part also plays a large role, not excluding the action part. Sword Stories is undoubtedly one of the best action games in anime.

We hope you enjoyed this list and learned something new from it. Stay tuned for updates on the site. There are many more interesting things to come.

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