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Sony Unveils Air Conditioning Apparel Concept


With the advancement of technology, more and more developments appear to ensure a comfortable state of the body in too hot or, conversely, too cold weather. In addition to the usual air conditioner, there are already “smart” clothes with cooling or heating functions, there are developments of no less “smart” fabrics that maintain the desired body temperature, bags with fans, and the list does not end there.

The well-known company Sony decided to keep up and introduced its own advanced air conditioning technology. The design was named Reon Pocket, and on the outside it looks like a personal wearable conditioner sewn into a T-shirt. The size of such an individual cooling device is no more than a push-button telephone, and its weight is only 85 g. For Reon Pocket, there is a special pocket on the back at the base of the neck, from where the device maintains a comfortable microclimate.


How it works

The Reon Pocket Climate Control, which represents Sony's smart technology, does not actually air conditioning, unlike conventional indoor split systems. Its work is based on the Peltier effect associated with the absorption or release of heat when an electric current passes. At the same time, the temperature difference makes the device warm on the one hand, and hot on the other. In addition, the Reon Pocket device is complemented by a fan, which is already designed to cool the gadget itself.


What can he do

The device will go on sale with a T-shirt with a special pocket on the back. Interestingly, Reon Pocket has the ability to both cool and warm the body. The gadget is able to change the initial temperature up and down by 8-13 (!) Degrees. The battery of the device will last for 90 minutes of continuous operation.


It is planned to release two modifications of the Sony air conditioner. The assembly is more expensive, or the older model, which costs about $ 130, assumes control using a special mobile application. Another model, which costs a couple of tens of dollars cheaper, involves manual control. As expected, "smart" clothes with a climate control gadget Reon Pocket will hit the shelves closer to spring 2020, but initially only Japanese buyers will be able to evaluate the device.

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Author: Jake Pinkman