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Kojima is a genius. It is a fact. Do you have doubts or a desire to know what are the reasons for the famous genius of Hideo Kojima? Then the book The Cojima Code has been released especially for you, which in USA translation will be published under the name, familiar to a USA-speaking person, “Kojima-genius. The story of a developer who revolutionized the gaming industry. ”

The book can be purchased today on the official website of the Eksmo publishing house at a price of 646 rubles. The release is scheduled for May this year. The author of the second edition of "Blood, Sweat and Pixels" Alexander Golubev is responsible for the translation of the book, so one can expect a competent adaptation into USA of numerous English-language terms and game neologisms.


But what you should definitely not expect is the autobiography of Hideo Kojima. The book was written by famous fans of the creativity of the eminent game designer Terry Fulf, who blogs with the analysis of the universe and the history of the creation of the Metal Gear series.

In her twitter, the translator of the book, Alexandra Golubeva, explained in detail which people are recommended to read “Kojima-genius. The story of a developer who revolutionized the gaming industry ":

At the moment, Hideo Kojima is creating Death Stranding, an exclusive project for Playstation 4, which has already entered the final stage of development.

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