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New films and series. Premieres June 20-26


This week there will be a lot more new films than new seasons of TV series. More precisely, there will be only two of them against eleven feature films. But both serial novelties will be so cool and long-awaited that it will equalize the created "skew".

But let's start, nevertheless, with full meters.

New Movies

Particularly strong premieres this week are not expected, although there will be thrillers, horror films, science fiction, and dramas. Also, one USA dramatic masterpiece was added to the novelties of this week.

Toy Story 4 will predictably be the top grossing player, but Sylvester Stallone's third film will certainly be the star of the adult program ...

Escape Plan 3 (USA)

Even in the first film, the protagonist - "prison breaker" Ray Breslin (aka Sylvester Stallone) hinted that this jailbreak would be his last. But when the box office itself is rushing into the hands, then even despite the disastrous previous part, it still pulls to shoot the next one.

What is Sylvester? The film is not his, here he is not the main producer or director, but a simple actor who is stupidly paid money. Well, why not make money? Let's stick them, these "Escapes" at least a thousand, just pay.

So the following story appeared about how Breslin, who decided to tie up, once again ends up in prison. Only now for the sake of helping to save the daughter stolen from a wealthy Hong Kong entrepreneur.

In the future, the plot is supplemented with an old vendetta of old enemies, but it is already clear that this masterpiece will not be able to offer anything new. Fans of non-stop shooting and spectacular massacre - welcome to watch. Lovers of deep meaning and interesting non-cliched stories - we pass by.

USA bride (USA) KP 4.79

Although the word "USA" is present in the film, and a lot of dialogues in the film itself take place in the same USA, this third-rate masterpiece has nothing to do with USA cinema.

A USA lady on one of the dating sites meets an American moneybag, who allegedly fell in love with her at first sight. Having collected her belongings, she, together with her daughter, runs to her new lover, away from the hateful world in which everything is dear, everything is bad, and to top it off, the old drunk hubby is constantly pestering me.

But, as it should be in such films, the moneybag turns out to be the wrong side of the cuckoo. Either he is schizophrenic, or just pretending, but as soon as the USA bride is in his mansion, the bald plastic surgeon begins to flatten and stare so that just hold on.

Now I would run back, but how?

Ghosts of Sharon Tate (USA) IMDb 3.0

Sharon Tate (if anyone does not know) is primarily famous not for her outstanding roles, but for the fact that she became the second wife of the world famous and never imprisoned pedophile-director Roman Polanski.


But the film will not talk about the pedophilia of the famous master of cinema, but about the death of his wife, who at the time of her murder was 9 months pregnant. What prompted the gang of idiots, driven by the well-known maniac, Charles Manson, to choose Sharon as one of their victims?

They made a frank and repulsive horror movie out of history. It just occurred to someone that on the footage of the murder of a pregnant woman, one could raise the dough. The Western community reacted very harshly to this masterpiece, giving it a triban of ten.

We think that in our country few people will go to this nonsense. Right. Any picture is better on this week's list of films.

For a Dream (England, USA) IMDb 7.1

The film tells about the dramatic and emotional rise to fame of the young singer Violette, played by Elle Fanning.


Dramas are always ranked higher than films of other genres. Still, the more a person experiences, the more he is ready to share his experiences with other people. And for many, this "share" has the form of a simple vote on the services IMDb or KinoPoisk.

But more than the very ascent to victory, you will not see here. Dramaticism consists mainly in "it will or will not work" or in "I can or I cannot." The same "Kickboxer", only on a musical theme. That is, if you suffer for a long time, something will work out.

Van Damme has succeeded in nagging the permanent champion of Thai boxing, but our heroine will be able to nag all her competitors. There is no third. Are the writers going to let Violet lose?

Berlin I love you (Germany) CP 5.33

A highly anticipated drama in our country, assembled from pieces of a mosaic, the opinions of critics on which this time diverged.


This will be another love anthology, which will collect short stories about love and life, and the action in them will take place in the city of Berlin. Earlier such anthologies were filmed in New York and Paris. Now it's Berlin's turn.

One thing is not clear, if the stories are developing in other cities of the world, why are they filmed exclusively with Hollywood-registered actors who have nothing to do with these cities?

Robot Child (Australia) IMDb 6.2

This fantastic masterpiece from Australian cinematographers will tell about the fate of a child raised and raised by a robot nanny at a time when humanity suffered global extinction.


Here - as in the old Soviet film "Big Change": "This is how you go to school, you go, and then - bam! Second shift!" Raised a robot in an underground bunker "a human daughter", raised, and then - bam! Some kind of eccentric human individual appears, and spoils the whole buzz. Both the robot mother and the robot daughter.

Further education will obviously go awry. But we will learn about the details by watching the movie itself.

Children's games (France)

We finally got to the new and improved Chucky. It is already clear that this will be a remake of the 1988 film of the same name, directed by Tom Holland.


Now the viewer will see a completely different "wooden" doll that in the last century seemed to be the crown of the creation of human thought. Here Chucky is a sophisticated modern gadget stuffed with all sorts of the latest technical "gadgets" that will make it very difficult to cope with it.

And if in that film it was funny that such a small doll could catch up and cut everyone in a row, then there would be no laughing matter. Everything will look very natural here.

If only it was also interesting. But repetition, as a rule, is not interesting, because you already know everything in advance. Well, almost everything.

No, in order to shoot something new, Western filmmakers again and again undertake to redo what has already been filmed. What for? Unclear. As if there are few other stories written by science fiction writers. There are, by the way, and a hundred times more abruptly. But ...

Call of the Wolf (France) IMDb 7.6

For a long time already in the west they have not made films about submariners, not counting the recent Kursk, of course. And it warmed on this front for the French, who decided to make a film about a gifted guy, a master of recognizing any sound he hears through sonar.


It is on his skill that all the dough in the drama is mixed. Knowing more than others, he is forced to dispose of his own knowledge. Somewhere hiding the truth, somewhere without speaking, it is he who will prevent an inevitable catastrophe. After all, he suspects that not only good guys are present around him even in the wheelhouse. The enemy does not sleep.

And he also listens with all his ears ...

Dylda (USA)

This drama and, in particular, its director and screenwriter Kantemir Balagov, for this dramatic masterpiece managed to grab as many as two golden palm branches at the Cannes Film Festival. One - for a special look at his direction, and the second, believe me, all for the same kind of coverage of the sore subject of LGBT people.

Right. If you want prizes at overseas film festivals, you simply have to make a film about the problems of people from the lesbian or gay community. Otherwise, you will have to vegetate on the sidelines.

The film itself tells about the post-war life of a couple of women who returned from the front to the post-blockade Leningrad destroyed by the war. It is clear that everyone's brains were turned from the horrors of the war and left at the wrong angle. And everything is straightened very, very squeaky.

And who turns even more in the other direction ...

Deer Hunter (USA) KP 7.96

Masters in Hollywood continue to "remaster" old masterpieces, and distributor "Inoekino" continues to successfully roll them out in USA.


This time, the digitization of the once sensational film "The Deer Hunter" by director and producer Michael Cimino was completed. In it, without any embellishment, it is shown what war makes of normal people. And it is shown, moreover, so cool and truthful that some American politicians of that time began to twitch their eyes and their ears curled up like a tube.

Yes, yes, these are your heroes, whom you sent with such aplomb to the worthless war in Vietnam. Better to live from her neither there, nor here, nowhere. But the people were killed and maimed - more than a hundred thousand of the American military personnel alone, of which at least 20 thousand later committed suicide.

This is the harsh truth. Who doesn't believe it - watch the movie. Lies in it - not one iota.

Toy Story 4 (USA)

Everyone should go to this cartoon, which is predicted to have a box office of at least half a billion. After all, half of the population grew up on the stories of the mysterious life of Andy's toys. It's no joke, the first cartoon of the series was released almost 25 years ago, back in 1995!

Obviously, Andy has grown up and is now in college. But his toys show extraordinary vitality. And although the owners of our familiar toys are now different, their adventures have not become less interesting and less dangerous because of this.

This time Woody and his company will have to rescue their new friend Wilkins, whom their current mistress Bonnie made from an ordinary plastic dining fork, after he suddenly wanted to live a free life, not knowing the ford. em>

TV Shows

As already mentioned, all replacement projects on TV channels have already started. Except, as it turned out, the most significant. And although this summer we will be forced to cook without Wild West, TV companies, and in particular such services as Netflix, FX, AMC and HBO, have something to please their audience, warmed up in the summer heat. Ahead of us are the continuation of such projects as "Stranger Things", "Snowfall", "Orange is the hit of the season", "Terror", etc.

But right now, that is, this week will see the light of the second season of "Dark" and the third season of "Legion". Let's talk about them.

Dark (Netflix) CP 7.99

Friday June 21st

Despite the fact that inone of our early materialswe proved the futility and impossibility oftime travelin the form in which they are presented to us on screens, films , in which the time machine is involved in one or another interpretation, did not become more interesting from this. So we watched with great interest the German version of Stranger Things, which came out last year under the name Darkness.

It is not clear why the series is called a "rehash of Hollywood history." There, the whole plot is based on muddles with parallel worlds. Right there, everything is built on temporary jumps, both forward and backward (focusing on our present time). And the plot is completely different. It has in common with "Stranger Things" only the streaming service Netflix, by whose forces the project is financed, and by whose means it reaches the viewer. Well, whose paws rake in the lion's share of fat from advertising, of course.

And because the story in the first season remained open, in this part we have to get acquainted with the continuation, complete, this time, of the heroes' frequent promenades into the future. So, look forward to it.

Legion (FX) CP 7.40

Monday June 24

The adventures of mutant David, whom they periodically try to hide in a psychiatric hospital, continue. He does not want to go to a psychiatric hospital, and in general he seems to be an almighty mutant. Why should he sit here, among the idiots.

Next season, we will find out where he mysteriously disappeared, and also find out whether their confrontation with Farouk will finally end.

Yes, dear. It turns out that in the X-Men universe and on the periphery, such battles and terrible deeds take place, which is the time to pay attention to the main team. But those, apparently, have their own problems.

Although, we are already satisfied with everything. The main thing is to make it interesting. And so far at least it turns out that way!


The list of films and TV series, which are expected to premiere this week, has exhausted itself. We'll talk about the premieres at the end of June next Tuesday, but for now - all the best, good summer mood and, as always, more cool films and TV series!

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Author: Jake Pinkman