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Narcotrip, Wolverine's Claws and Madman's Labyrinth - Cut Content Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines


The sequel to the cult RPG of the 2000s Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines was recently announced. Alas, it will not be released soon. To pass the wait, we decided to recall the cut content of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, which was restored by fans.

It's Valve's fault [not really]

Usually, when discussing cut content from a particular game, we are talking about things that were not included in the game. Today is a slightly different format, and we'll talk about content that was cut but now restored.

The fact is that in 2004 there was a conflict between the publisher of the game Activision and the developer Troika Games, because of which Vampire: The Masquerade came out incomplete, and the reason for that is Half Life 2. Vampire also worked on the Source engine, so in the game Valve the publisher saw the main competitor and demanded that the developer release the game six months ahead of schedule (according to the plan, its release was scheduled for 2005). It took her much longer to work through and this requirement meant the collapse of the project.


Due to the contract with Valve to use the engine, the game could not be released earlier than the sequel to Half Life, or even be announced earlier. As a result, at the whim of the publisher, who did not want to release the game later, it was released on the same day as Half Life 2. The game was missing some content, and there were bugs.

2004 as a whole was very rich in games that today have the status of cult [Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Halo 2, GTA San Andreass], so Vampire: The Masquerade could not withstand the competition and turned out to be a financial failure, and itself the studio closed a year later.


In fact, the developers did a miracle and, despite the tight deadlines, they still released an excellent game, but cut off, and due to the closure they could not work on the patch. The fans took this initiative and brought almost all the cut content back into the game. Therefore, we will talk today, rather about her "director's version". And perhaps at one time you played the original version of the game, where everything that we list was not there.

Clans and their abilities

A bit of context for the big picture. We are given a choice of 7 character classes [here they are called clans and not all are presented to us], each of which has its own vampire abilities, which will affect the gameplay and early pumping. There are no significant differences in the game between the clans, except for two exceptions. The Malkavian clan is insane, and because of this, all the answers in the dialogues turn into delirium of the schizophrenic [in a good way]. Nosferatu are cursed with vampiric ugliness, and they cannot appear in public, for this reason players have to move through the sewers. But they are very strong.


Vampires have a law - Masquerade, which dictates how to use powers and prohibits showing your nature to people or killing them [unless you were attacked, of course]. If you regularly kill innocents or suck their blood dry, you will lose "humanity", and you will not be able to control your vampiric origin, having lost control of the character. The rest will be considered along the way.

Buster sword, katana and claws are weapons

In addition to clan vampire skills, we are also given weapons. Some interesting specimens have been cut out.

  • First and foremost, the fans brought back the Sheriff's Sword, which looks like Buster's sword from Final Fantasy 7. This is the weapon of the Sheriff - the assistant to the supreme vampire LaCroix, with whom we will have to fight in almost all endings.


The Sheriff himself is a Nagloper, a member of the Tzimisce clan. There are two Kamaliria factions in the game that support Masquerade and the Sabbat that rejects it. The Tzimisce support the Sabbat. In any case, it's nice to pick up a powerful weapon from a defeated enemy.

  • Blade of Shin-Gunto - This weapon was used in Japan during peacetime. In the game, the blade is presented as a mass version of the katana.


  • Claws - deprived us of the opportunity to feel like a Wolverine. No, there was no adamantium skeleton in the game, only Chinese combat claws for close combat. In reality, they were used only for disarming, but in the game we can become a real Logan when we put them on.
  • Breath of the Dragon - The Breath of the Dragon double-barreled shotgun, which fires phosphorus charges, was removed from the original version of the game, which effectively exterminates both vampires and humans.


  • Fire Crossbow - Unlike a regular crossbow, this one also deals additional fire damage, making it an excellent weapon against the Sabbat.
  • M24 Sniper Rifle - the latest cut-out weapon from Vampire: The Masquerade is a sniper rifle that can kill absolutely everyone.

Eh, let's go to the library, we will study exorcism - locations

Los Angeles Public Library. In future interviews, the developers said that at the time of release this location was not even in alpha, so it was removed. It was supposed to be a darker version of a real-life building, in which we would have to complete the quest "Night in the Library". According to its plot, you need to interrupt the Sabbat ritual, as well as defeat the boss. The "Night in the Library" quest included not only the library itself, but also two caves, as well as many references to mythology and the universe of Vampire: The Masquerade.


Based on the developer's memories, the mods restored this location the very first, but with the change that they removed the boss from there.

Labyrinths of Mlkovian. In the story we find ourselves in the mansion of the vampire Grout, who personifies all the madness of Malkovian. Initially, the developers planned to add a labyrinth of doors and corridors where Grout tested his subordinates. A notable part of it was a blue room with a hole in the ceiling from which sunlight was coming out. There you could feel what a vampire feels in the light.


A cut in the sewer. When the developers created the sewer, they realized that it came out too big. They wanted to make a slice in it so that nosferatu gamers could move faster, but they didn't have time. These people suffered in this way, until the modders restored the cut from only one screenshot of its original version.


In addition, the atrium of the Hallowbrook Hotel has been restored, which was also not included in the game.


Dude, bring me morphine - quests

Well, let's move on to the most dangerous - spoilers, because ahead of the cut quests Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

"Narcotrip". After talking to the pawnshop dealer, he can give us a quest in which we need to steal drugs from the hospital for drug addiction, or for sale - it's up to him to decide.


"Night in the Library." After the end of the first act of the game, we will meet the character of Becket - a three-hundred-year-old observer vampire who studies the dark world. He's the one who will send us to the Los Angeles library to find his lost friend. After that, we will face a boss from the Lasumbra clan, for which, alas, we are also not allowed to play.


In general, the game added different options for passing, which help to role-play. So, you can play the game as a pacifist or just skip part of the quest.

Dancing Werewolf - Endings

The Sabbat Ending. In the original 2004 game, it was not possible to join the Sabbat we are fighting against. This becomes possible after the appearance of one of the Tzimische Andrey. To do this, at the first meeting with him, the player must have a low indicator of humanity, at the second - not to threaten. After that we will have the opportunity to join the Sabbat at the end and throw the sarcophagus into the sea.


Ending with a dancing werewolf. Konami is not alone in making fun endings. In Vampire: The Masquerade there is an ending in which a huge werewolf will appear in the city and begin to dance. To do this, you need to open the doors many times [just open], in the Lacky Star hotel on the second floor, then go through the game for yourself or the anarchs, and in the final conversation with the prince, an option with a werewolf will appear.

Here's what didn't make it to Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, but was still restored by the modders. They were able to fix bugs, return various small details, and now we can complete the game fully, the way the developers wanted it to be. By the way, they even contacted the game's composer and he helped bring 20 more cut songs back into the game.

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