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This week's CADELTA gaming news digest. Part one


The creator of The Witcher demands $ 16 million from CDPR, a Harry Potter game, Fortnite chest physics - read about these and other news from the first days of October in our new weekly game digest.

Chest physics accidentally added to Fortnite

Fornite Dark Ranger
Photo With the animation of the bust of the Fornite character, the developers got carried away a little

Despite the fact that the studio constantly emphasized the asexuality of its project, since children play it, it accidentally made a mistake with the fresh update of the game. In it, the new appearance of "Dark Ranger" during the performance of one of the dances was shaking his chest, which was captured by a large number of streamers. Interestingly, no skins have been able to do this kind of thing before.

This "nuisance" was promptly corrected, and a company representative said that for the game it was an unintentional incident due to the negligence of the developers.

Sequel to The Uncertain: Episode 2 - Light at the End Crowdfunding

The domestic episodic project The Uncertain about the post-apocalyptic world, where robots have taken the place of people on the planet, went to Kickstarter to raise $ 50,000 for the release of the next episode of the game. Episode 2 - Light at the End will tell us about the surviving girl Emily, who is trying to find out the real cause of the death of humanity.

According to the developers, it is not necessary to complete the first episode of the game in order to understand the second. However, until October 10, it will be on sale at a 90% discount - only 34 rubles. The sequel is slated for release next June.

New Gameplay Trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar has pleased us with a new gameplay trailer, which tells about the possibilities to commit crimes and what punishment can be incurred for them. For example, if the hero is found guilty, then a reward will be assigned to his head, and any daredevil can start hunting him. Outside the big cities, other gangs are operating, which do not disdain to rob the player or kill.

We ourselves can carry banks, train houses, stagecoaches, shops and just people. And major robberies, as in the fifth GTA, most likely, will be played up with the plot.

Minecraft spin-off announced

But at the last Minecon exhibition, Mojang studio announced a new Minecraft with the subtitle Dungeons. The project is a classic dungeon crawler, where characters will have to walk through dungeons, fight all sorts of creatures, and get artifacts.

The game provides for a cooperative mode for four players, but you can also go through it alone. The project will be a standalone spin-off and will be released on PC next year.

A teaser for the game in the Harry Potter universe has gone online

Not only fans of the series of books and films, but also gamers have long been waiting for a good game in this universe. Warner Bros. promised to give us validity last year, and yesterday there was confirmation that they would keep their promise. A teaser of the project got into the network, according to which it can be understood that it has a good budget, as well as many game elements that can interest us.

The game will be a third-person action game with RPG elements in an open world. The action takes place in the 19th century, where we have to take control of a high school student at Hogwarts, who is looking for artifacts.

The person who leaked the video claims that we will have 8 character classes, a choice of partners and a faculty, and a choice between good and evil. It is still unknown who is developing the game, but the great minds of the Internet community, in the wake of vacancies in various studios, came to the conclusion that this is Avalanche Software, which belongs to Warner Bros.

Devolver Digital To Release Marijuana Trading Game

Yes, that's right, a project called Weedcraft Inc. will give gamers the opportunity to try on the role of a marijuana dealer in the virtual US territory. The farm presents us with many versions of economic development, crossing new species, and resolving conflicts with competitors and other people who want to put your business or get a tidbit.

The author of The Witcher wants to sue CD Project Red for 16 million

Andrzej Sapkowski argues the lawsuit by the fact that he sold the rights only to the first part of the series, and he was not paid for the second and third parts of the game. It's funny that a year earlier he stated in an interview that he regretted giving up a percentage of future profits by selling the rights for a specific one-time amount.

Andrey Sapkovsky
Photo Andrzej Sapkowski

Not expecting such a success from the game, Sapkowski acquired lawyers who found a hole in Polish legislation. Their rights law states that the contract has the right to be revised if the price between the sale and the amount earned then differs by the millions.

If you still don't know about the beta test of WoW Classic and Fallout 76 or about the Castalvania remake, we suggest you read our digest last week.

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