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12 Games with Best Soundtrack


Games are made up of many elements and music is one of them. It can immerse you in the game so much and create the right atmosphere that whatever quality the title may have, it can be remembered for its amazing game soundtrack. Here is our list of games with the best soundtrack. Disclaimer. By musical accompaniment, we mean the best compositions written specifically for the game, so no matter how much we like GTA or some games in the Tony Hawk series for the presence of songs by cool artists, they do not fall under our definition. In addition, there will be no seats here, as people have too different musical tastes.

Hotline Miami Dilogy

Hotline Miami is unique in its plan. Not only in the visual and gameplay style, which gave rise to imitators, but also in its retro-wave soundtrack, which today was not used in its YouTube videos only by the lazy [hell, they even inserted it into the remake of Prostokvashino!].


The soundtrack is really gorgeous and perfect, as it sets the pace for the gameplay, and perfectly immersive. This dilogy of indie games is one of those who were lucky that its creators understand music, because for the first part, almost all the tracks were written by the creators of the game, signing the compositions with different pseudonyms like MOON and Perturbator. In any case, the soundtrack has really become popular.

Mafia The City of Lost Heaven

The first Mafia from the Czech and until then unknown Illusion Softworks, later renamed 2K Czech, is one of the few games that gave us an authentic gaming world from the times of America in the 30s. In addition to the stunning and atmospheric soundtrack of the Czech composer Vladimir Schulz, the game itself contained the so-called city themes that recreated the atmosphere of that time, reflecting one or another area of Lost Haven.


Unlike the previously mentioned GTA or even the following parts of Mafia, where you listened to other people's music in cars, jazz compositions performed by Duke Ellington, Django Reinhardt, The Mills Brothers, Louis Armstrong, Lonnie Johnson and many other old composers of that time, play throughout your entire movement in the game. Regardless of whether you are walking or driving, so we decided to insert this game as an exception to our own rules. But we have to admit that Schultz's soundtrack itself is beautiful.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt soundtrack is a juicy and meaty combination of folk, strong female vocals and orchestral music. To create the soundtrack, the Poles from CD PR brought in Polish composer Marcin Pshybylovich, as well as folk metal band Percival.


Moreover, the former had a musical education, but the latter did not, which gave rise to some difficulties in work, but in the end mixed into an amazing combination, which completely immersed us in the history of the White Wolf.


When you launch Cuphead, you are greeted with a song by the so-called hairdressing quartet, which sings the story of how Cuphead and Magman went to the casino. Then you begin to fulfill the terms of the devil's contract. Cuphead is one of the most visually pleasing games ever made, made to look like it was ripped straight out of an old cartoon.


The soundtrack also supported this artistic style, and was filled with enthusiastic piano motifs from the silent film days and a jazz saxophone. It cannot be denied that the developers have done an excellent job.

The Legend Of Zelda Series

The various incarnations of The Legend of Zelda have become classics. The music from this game became so popular that it was expanded and transformed into a four-movement orchestral symphony called Symphony of the Godesses. Composer Koji Kondo has been with Nintendo since 1986 and is the inspiration behind many of their most famous works. It is difficult to single out any specific part of the game, so we take the whole series.



The second game on our list, which was lucky enough to become the brainchild of the composer. Toby Fox has done, if not magnificent, then at least a fabulous job, making one of the best game soundtracks, all by himself, being self-taught, inspired by the music of EarthBound and games for the Super Nintendo. Absolutely all compositions were written specifically for the game, with the exception of the most popular Megolovania, which was originally created by Fox in tribute to EarthBound.


Chrono Trigger

According to various stories since the inception of the game, Yasunori Mitsuda worked so hard on the Chrono Trigger soundtrack that he often fainted. Eventually, he developed a stomach ulcer and was hospitalized.


The music for Chrono Trigger and its successor Chrono Cross was popular both in the concert hall and on the screen. If we draw parallels between the world of classical music and game soundtracks, then Mitsuda can probably be called Wagner from the world of game soundtracks.

Doom (1993)

In addition to being revolutionary, Doom's soundtrack was also memorable. As it turned out later, composer Robert Prince drew inspiration [and sometimes, as they say, "borrowed"] from the greatest legends of rock and metal.


For obvious reasons, such a fact was hidden by the developers and was not admitted, however, attentive rock fans could not help but recognize the similarities of the compositions. For example, you yourself can compare where the legs of the composition At Doom's Gate grow from just by listening to Master of Puppets's.

As it turns out, Prince relied heavily on songs from bands like Metallica, AC / DC, Alice in Chains, Judas Priest and Slayer.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This epic of swords and dragons features a fitting epic soundtrack by Jeremy Soul. For the recording, Soul recruited 30 strong choral voices, singing in the game's invented language. It may not come as a surprise that Soul is known as "John Williams of Video Game Soundtracks" - a symphonic, melodic and gripping wonder.


Super Castlevania IV

The Super Nintendo was able to reproduce much better sound quality than the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis. Super Castlevania IV might be the best example of what a console could do. Combining organ sounds with the gothic horror and rhythmic chiptune beat that Castlevania fans love so much, the soundtrack has often outshone the game's visuals, which are still beautiful after all these years.


Final Fantasy Series

Japanese video game composer Nobuo Uematsu Nabuo Uematsu is arguably the most famous in the world and something of a legend in his own country thanks to his impressive work in the Final Fantasy series. Compositions from different parts of the game became so loved that concerts dedicated to the work of Uematsu's Final Fantasy were successful all over the world.


Silent Hill

Another musical genius of the eastern gamedev Akira Yamoka was able to create the oppressive atmosphere of the city in the fog, and give rise to lovely compositions, both "Theme of Laura" and frightening soundtracks consisting of a combination of a guitar and a dental drill. It's a real talent for juggling instrumental music to create stunning ambient. He still toured the world with Elizabeth McGlynn playing music from the first four installments of Silent Hill.


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