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New Apple Virus


More recently, Trend Micro experts have discovered a new malware targeting Apple computer owners. It was named OSX_DOK.

According to experts, the new malware for macOS is a modified version of the Werdlod banking Trojan for Windows.

Most of the OSX_DOK spreads through phishing e-mails that contain malicious files with the .zip and .docx extensions. Once launched, the malware prompts for an administrator password, then deletes the App Store and displays a macOS update window. Thus, OSX_DOK tries to download other applications to the user's computer and install fake certificates in the browser.

Photo Malicious WordX File

If a computer is infected with such a virus, the user runs the risk of losing money from bank accounts. Since when you open the website of a bank whose domain is contained in the list embedded in the Trojan's code, a phishing page is displayed on the screen to steal credentials.

Photo Virus displays a fake page that steal your data

To infect your computer with such a virus, you just need to be very careful about all incoming emails that contain attachments. This is especially true for emails received from unknown senders.

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Author: Jake Pinkman