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20 Movies You Forgot to Watch in 2017. Part one


We present to your attention the 20 best films of 2017 that you may not have time to watch. Underestimated, but not less beautiful films of famous directors with great cast, of all genres and directions, they will not leave indifferent fans of real cinema.

My monster girl

Left without work, Gloria moves to her hometown and again meets with people she knew in the past. She also drinks a lot. At the same time, she suddenly realizes that she can control a huge monster that has materialized in Seoul.

Why it is worth watching: Being a highly conceptual film, My Monster Girl could have been horrible, but as a black comedy, it has established itself as a fun and clever film about the dangers of alcoholism and violence ... Anne Hathaway is as brilliant as ever as Gloria, and Jason Sudeikis proved himself to be a talented dramatic actor as Oscar.

Lost City of Z

Based on real events that took place in the 20s of the last century, the film tells about the British explorer Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hannam), who found a lost mythical city in the Amazon jungle. The Royal Geographical Society does not believe it, but Percy stands his ground and together with his wife they return to the jungle, where in 1925 he mysteriously disappears.

Why watch: Hollywood has rarely produced such large-scale adventure films lately, unless it's "The Avengers" or something similar. The Lost City of Z is a film about an obsession, a person's place in history and what happens if we leave the past unsolved.

Love is a disease

Pakistan-born Kumail Nanjiani, who wants to become a comedian and temporarily moonlights as a taxi driver, falls in love with American student Emily Gardner. But his father is against Quail's relationship with the girl. Suddenly, Emily falls seriously ill and Cumail takes care of her. It is then that the main events of the film begin to unfold, a clash of different cultures occurs, interracial relations are shown. By the way, the film is based on a real story from the life of Kumale himself.

Why watch: In addition to being the best film ever made about romantic relationships between people of different races, "Love is sickness" is a description of Kumale's deeply personal experiences and the story of his origin from a Muslim family.

Lady Bird

Saoirse Ronan is a high school graduate in Sacramento in the early 2000s who is trying to decide which college to go to, who to be friends with, and who needs to sort out her relationship with her parents.

Why watch: Saoirse Ronan is one of the best acting impersonations of the year. For which she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress, not to mention that the film itself is a rather rare image of a young woman trying to figure out her life. Greta Gerwig not only wrote the script for the film, but also directed the film (nominated for an Oscar for Best Director), so it is filled with humor and portrays Lady Bird's maturation in the context of the coming era of the fight against terrorism and the impending financial crisis.

Call me by your name

17-year-old Elio, who lives with his parents in Italy during the summer holidays, meets his father's student who came to study with his father. A romantic relationship develops between the two young people.

Why watch: Each frame of Call Me By Your Name is photographically inimitable. The film's director Luca Guadagnino presented a version of Italy's countryside life in the 1980s so visually appealing that you would never want to go back "from the film", and Timothy Chalamet and Armie Hammer become truly the perfect match on screen. And, of course, don't miss the scene where Hammer dances to Love My Way.


The little girl Mija lives in the mountains with her genetically modified friend, the big pig Okja, until one day representatives of the food corporation appear to take Okja, because at one time she was brought into this world so that in the future pick up "for meat". The food company was not from somewhere, but from the United States, so Mija, without hesitation, goes to save Okchu in New York.

Why watch it: Like many Netflix films, Okja came out without a stir and it's frustrating. Because while the theme of the film seems odd to say the least, director Bong Joon-ho turned this story of an extraordinary friendship into something more than an ordinary adventure film. This is a very beautiful and incredibly touching story in the best traditions of the early Spielberg.

Song by Song

This experimental romantic comedy set in musical Austin, Texas, where 2 love triangles intersect and the characters' lives begin to change before our eyes.

Why watch: Honestly, who cares about what this film is about? Importantly, this is another Terrence Malick work, starring Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender, Rooney Mara, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Val Kilmer and Holly Hunter. Song by Song may not reach the level of The Thin Red Line or The Tree of Life, but it far surpasses a couple of the master's recent works, and world cinema stars love to act in films of the director's incredibly mysterious style.

Norman: Moderate rise and tragic fall of New York mediator


Norman Oppenheimer, trying to acquire connections, one day accidentally does a favor to a still little-known Israeli politician. But after 3 years, this politician becomes the prime minister of Israel and introduces Norman to important persons in the state. It would seem that Norman's life was a success, but this is only the beginning, and the language of our hero will not bring him to good.

Why it is worth watching: It is possible that this film is not for the general public and only true gourmets of cinema will be able to perceive it. He talks about political mechanisms and how sometimes people betray their values, because the circumstances are much stronger than they imagined. Director Joseph Cedar and a superb star cast: Richard Gere, Lior Ashkenazi, Hank Azaria, and Steve Buscemi (for some strange reason, playing the rabbi) are all tightly linked in this parable movie that Chekhov himself could have written. p>

Underpants Captain: First Epic Movie

Two friends of the fourth-grader hypnotize their principal, and he turns into the hero of the comics Captain-underpants, who has to defeat the evil professor, who deprived all students of laughter.

Why Watching: Critics say this is a film "with a solid plot, neat animation, and humor that suits the original material well, Captain Underpants is fun that won't drive a wedge between family members." There are, of course, enough jokes about underpants, but for those who are familiar with the comic book this is a long-awaited film adaptation, which in itself is an incredible success.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

When the police are unable to find the killer of the daughter of the main character of the film, the mother of the girl decides to punish and publicly disgrace local law enforcement agencies by renting 3 billboards, where she posts her message to local residents. This in turn leads to a further increase in tension between the heroine and the police.

Why watch: Black murder comedies are slippery terrain, but Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is classy and well-built starring Frances McDormand.

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