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Who made the hole in Soyuz?


On August 30, astronauts discovered an air leak in one of the segments of the International Space Station. This is the place where specialists from USA are currently working. First, the pressure drop was determined, and then the cause of the oxygen leak was found.

It was found that the inner skin of the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft has a microcrack. Here, measures were taken to eliminate the accident. The damage was repaired with epoxy. Then, for reliability, everything was covered with a special sealing compound.

Microcrack or hole?

After a while, information appeared that this was not a microcrack, but a hole with a larger diameter. It may have appeared as a result of drilling. This damage posed no danger to the return of the ship to Earth, since it was located in the utility compartment, and not in the descent vehicle.


At first it was decided that the hole was formed due to a small meteorite hitting the ship's hull. However, later it turned out that damage could have formed on Earth when the device was being assembled.

A commission was created from among the specialists of the Energia Rocket and Space Corporation to investigate and identify the culprits. They promise to provide official information about the incident and a report in the second half of September.

However, as is often the case, some sources have already established that it was the drill hole that caused the spacecraft to depressurize. Its assembly was carried out in the city of Korolev, near Moscow. There are even quotes from an unnamed official.

Looking for the culprit

Now members of the commission are checking the book of complaints and suggestions, which is available at the manufacturer. In this case, it is the Experimental Mechanical Engineering Plant, which is part of RSC Energia. This book is intended to capture the comments identified during assembly and bench testing. It also lists all the documents according to which the elimination of the identified deficiencies was carried out.

Another unnamed source claims that the plant workers knew about the existing defect. Allegedly, work was carried out to eliminate it. The damage was treated with a special glue. This happened during the final assembly of the entire unit, which had all the necessary equipment on board. The presence of traces of glue was confirmed by the astronauts themselves when they were carrying out repair work. Whether there is any information about this in the comment book is unknown.

The interviewed source explained that the ship arrives at the test site already fully equipped and ready. If it is necessary to carry out some repair work, the appropriate registration is carried out. This is a complex procedure, during which a large number of permits are registered and carried out. A lot of specialists, inspectors of different degrees are involved. A technical solution is submitted, which requires agreement with the parent company.

Versions keep growing

There is a possibility that someone drilled in the ship without permission, at their own peril and risk, but it is small. The consequences can be too serious. Moreover, the device is never left unattended.

A version was also put forward that a hole in the Soyuz hull could have been made by some mentally unbalanced crew member because of the desire to return home as soon as possible. However, it was quickly rejected as unlikely.

Recently it was reported that due to this incident, all ships of the Soyuz and Progress series will additionally be checked for manufacturing defects.

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