Sony will skip E3, PS5 will have exclusives at launch, and PT again - game news digest from Cadelta # 1.02. Part one (Topic)

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Sony will skip E3, PS5 will have exclusives at launch, and PT again - game news digest from Cadelta # 1.02. Part one


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Sony will skip E3 2020, but Microsoft will not

In an interview with, Sony officially announced that it would skip E3 this year. According to their representative, the current vision of E3 does not coincide with the development strategy of their company in 2020, this year Sony is going to attend hundreds of other events that will allow users to feel part of the Sony family, and this sense of unity is important to her. The company is looking forward to unveiling the PS5 and everything to do with the console this year.

Superficially, we can conclude that E3 is not of interest to the company, since it has always been an event exclusively for the media, and ordinary people have nothing to do there, which is not very suitable for Sony with its current "people's politics".

However, according to Kotaku's Jason Schreier, the main reason for missing E3 was because Sony had a conflict with ESA organizers.


Immediately after this information, Microsoft announced that Xbox, unlike its competitors, will attend the show. Phil Spencer tweeted this, saying that E3 is also a landmark event and their team is hard at work preparing for the event.


As a reminder, Sony also skipped E3 last year, which made Microsoft's dashboard the most memorable thanks to third-party studios like CD Projekt Red.

PS5 will have exclusives at launch

The same Jason Schreyer in his podcast told interesting news that the PS5 will have several exclusive games that will not appear on the PS4. This applies exclusively to Sony projects, games from other developers will obviously run on both the new and the old curling iron. Sony also previously announced that their new console will be backward compatible with the PS4.


The picture of how Sony and Microsoft feel about the development of their products is pretty clear. As Xbox CEO Matt Butty recently said, they won't have X Series exclusives for the first couple of years, and all the first games will be released on both the new generation and the old.

We don't know yet what kind of Sony's next-gen exclusives will be. Most likely, we will be told about them at a special PS5 screening.

Doors and eyeballs - new PT details

We have written more than once about Lance McDonald, who still manages to find new secrets of PT. Recently, he entered into a calabararation with blogger Shesez for new discoveries in the horror of Kojima.

In the new video, they showed how famous things Lance had found earlier, as well as a couple of new ones. For example, if you look at Lisa for a long time when she appears on the balcony, she will turn to the camera with an ominous smile.

Also, the guys found that there was no one behind the door to the bathroom, into which someone was trying to break in. The developers used two different doors: one for animation and one for the player to exit.

They also found unused images of eyeballs that appear on the walls when the corridor turns red. They also showed what the entire corridor looks like.

Previously, Lance independently found Lisa's unused models, found that she was always behind the player, and was also able to walk through the city itself.

Japanese Kagawa wants to ban children from playing for more than an hour a day

In Japan's smallest prefecture, Kagawa, local officials, apparently deeply concerned about the younger generation, want to restrict children's access to video games and the Internet by banning them from playing for more than an hour a day on weekdays and more than 90 minutes on weekends.

Moreover, under this law, junior and high school students will not be able to use gaming devices after 9 pm. High school students rely on an hour more, but after 10 they are also required not to play.

It sounds, of course, harsh and totalitarian, but the law is purely advisory in nature. There will be no punishment for playing at the wrong time or more than an hour. However, Kagawa's local leaders hope to set a precedent for the Japanese government to take more serious action.

GTA IV disappeared from Steam

At the end of last week, GTA IV disappeared from the Valve store for unknown reasons. Rockstar commented on this this Monday. It turned out that Games For Windows Live was to blame.


Since the game was created for the ill-fated Microsoft service, which it itself no longer supports, it is impossible to generate the game activation keys needed to launch it. The game was removed from the store in order to find new solutions for distributing the game to PC.

If you have played the game before, then for you everything remains the same. Some studios cut out support for Games For Windows Live, which was preventing players from saving, thus avoiding the Rockstar situation. And yes, once again we will be glad that GFWL no longer exists.

Large-scale mod for Minecraft based on "Harry Potter"

While Warner Bros. They are working on a large-scale game based on the Harry Potter universe, the merged footage of which we saw in 2018, and forfeits are engaged in amateur performances.


A group of modders Floo Network released a trailer for their mod with a map, which recreates Hogwarts and the surrounding areas like Hogsmith, the forbidden forest, a Quidditch field, and other places of worship: Diagon Alley, the British Ministry of Magic and Azkaban. The list is not complete.

The gameplay in the game also does not lag behind, you will be a student at Hogwarts and will be able to conjure and fight with monsters familiar from books and games, fly on a broomstick and even shop in Diagon Alley. The card supports up to 4 people at a time.


The project has been developed since 2016 by a group of poor students, as young developers call themselves. They release the modification for free, because otherwise the original developer would not have approved the idea and closed the shop.

However, the guys got themselves a Patreon, and you can become their sponsors if you wish. The mod will be released later this month for the Minecraft Java Edition.

Persona 5 Scramble Opening

The new opening theme for Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers is perceived by fans as a separate joyful event. In addition to him, the developers from Altus have posted two hours of gameplay online, where new details of the game are revealed.

The heroes go to the resort island of Kuukojima. There, they look for the Okinawa Prison, which is also a research laboratory for the horror castle motif. The heroes will have to explore locations, look for records about this place, and also go through a hacker battle to open some doors. Recipes will appear in the game, thanks to which you can cook different dishes that give improvements.

The game will be released on February 20 on PS4 and Switch. Rest of the world release date is not yet known.

This was all news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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