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Insta360 One X Multifunction Camera and Features


The Insta360 One X shoots at 3600 with two lenses and smart mobile software. This allows you to record slow-motion video and hyper-slow motion, capture videos and photos of different formats, resolutions and frequencies.

The product is equipped with software image stabilization for smooth video without jerking.

Features and Design

The gadget shoots video with a resolution of 5.7K at 30 fps, 4K at 50 fps, 3K at 100 fps. Photography is carried out with a resolution of 18 megapixels. Processing is carried out by stitching two 3840 ? 1920 at 30 frames per second, six-axis stabilization.

A WiFi and USB connection to a device is used, the data is saved on a MicroSD card up to 128 GB. The product is equipped with a removable 1200 mAh battery and two microphones.

The Insta360 One X has an elongated body with rounded edges. It fits comfortably in your hand and fits in any pocket. The camera weighs 115 grams and has a maximum length of 115 mm.

Insta360 One X review

Both lenses are positioned at the top of the device, on each side. Below them there is a small screen and two buttons with which control is carried out. One of them carries out the inclusion, quick selection of the mode and shooting parameters, the second - for photographing and video recording.

For the convenience of installing the camera on a horizontal plane from below, the device has a flat and slightly flattened surface. There is also a tripod mount and a microSD slot at the bottom. On the right side there is a capacity for a removable battery.

Insta360 One X is not waterproof and dustproof. For those wishing to shoot underwater, additional accessories are sold: Venture Case and Dive Case. The first case allows you to dive to a depth of five meters, the second - to thirty.

Special Application

To get the maximum functionality of the product, you need to install a special application. It works with Android and iOS operating systems. With it, you can actually control the product remotely, make settings via Wi-Fi or using a cable.

You can also edit and publish content on social networks. If the files are not transferred anywhere, the product's capabilities are limited only by cropping and adding filters. For a deeper study, you need to enter data into the memory of a smartphone or other gadget using a USB-C or microSD cable.

Insta360 One X review

You can also take advantage of the FreeCapture functionality. It allows you to crop frames in various formats with a 3600view. FreeCapture allows you to highlight the best moments of your video.

An additional feature of the application is its ability to start or stop the shooting process remotely with adjusting the image parameters before recording. This is especially useful when working with a tripod.

Features of work and shooting, autonomy

The Insta360 One X does not come with a selfie stick. However, this accessory can and should be used. Subsequently, you can edit the resulting frames so that the stick is not visible.

A good solution would be to purchase a selfie stick with a time marker. You need to fix the camera on it and, stretching it in front of you, twist it in all directions. She will film everything around. Then it's better to watch it in slow motion.

Insta360 One X review

In addition to this accessory, there are other mounts on sale: for a helmet, bicycle, drone, etc. It is not difficult to find what you need.

Sometimes the camera produces a slightly blurry image with noise. This is a forced small minus in contrast to the compactness of the product. However, overall the quality is not bad and stable, the end result is seamless.

The device does not impress with its autonomy. When shooting at high resolution, the battery life is less than one hour. The consolation for lovers of this process is the fact that the battery is removable. At any time, you can remove it from the camera and charge it. The charging process is not long.


The Insta360 One X camera has good capabilities, records in 5.7K quality, is equipped with functionality to improve settings. For its price less than 35,000 rubles, it is one of the best in the class.

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