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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. Tau (2018)


Continuing our weekly What to See from Movies on Saturday Night section, we'd like to recommend watching the fantastic thriller Tau, produced by Addictive Pictures, Phantom 4 Films and Kaos Theory Entertainment, commissioned by Netflix.

The film is not high-budget, but we know firsthand that not all that glitters is a diamond. This masterpiece is not particularly "diamond", but definitely worth watching.

Got sick, gentlemen!

Going to the film page on KinoPoisk, we find three negative reviews, a couple of neutral ones and not a single positive one. What is the reason for this? We list on the fingers.


The film, as already mentioned, is low-budget, and therefore there is no need to wait for cool special effects. But! The story told here does not provide for any super-super special effects in the film. What is there to clothe in computer graphics? The only thing - an overseer robot, but cleaning robots?


As one well-known horse from a well-known cartoon would say: "Don't tell my horseshoes!" Because the robot will look super sophisticated, the film will not win either in the plot or in anything else, except for visuality. And given that the film is initially set for a deeper meaning than for cool entertainment, why spend extra money?

Let's take, for example, the same second part of "Skyline". The effects are cool, and there is zero sense. Melee with cyborgs ...


The stupidity is still the same.

Where is the coveted star?

The film does not contain Harry Oldman himself, as stated in the description. He's just voicing artificial intelligence. But in the USA voice acting, his presence behind the scenes is even less sense, since his voice is interrupted by the voice actor.


But between us, the way Tau speaks does not change the meaning of the film itself.

Walking through the agony

The film is stretched out for an hour and a half, although almost nothing happens on the screen.

Right. This is not an action game. The emphasis is on communicating and "re-educating" the Tau's artificial intelligence rather than fighting either, or the security robot. Although this is not without it.

The semantic content is stupidly spelled out

Like, why did he tell her about how intelligence works, and Tau himself, with his desire for knowledge, looks silly. Could it really have been impossible to fix THIS DIRECTION at the software level?


Dear, then it would not be "intelligence", but a calculator. Software that is aware of itself as a person and is not only capable, but also striving for self-learning and knowledge of the surrounding world, this is Artificial Intelligence with a capital letter. And the castrated version is just an operating system stuffed with applications.

Kidnapping turn looks far-fetched

Allegedly, it was necessary just to bring the AI and the woman, in order to arrange long dialogues between them, followed by the re-education of the machine.

Well, right. How else could you bring them together? After all, the whole subsequent plot will be based on this. For this, everything was invented.

After all, it turned out so stupidly in transformers that it was a boy, a simple boy, who discovered the presence of Bumblebee in the "Beetle". Why not some mafia or a millionaire? And why was he not allowed under pressure? Because the script was written about the interaction of a giant transforming robot with a teenager.

And so it turns out that the beginning of each film is far-fetched? Let's take another look at the Titanic. Why did he hit the iceberg? After all, it was in fact, could not invent something new? For example this.


Isn't it an option?


To be honest, comments are basically written by overly advanced people. Ordinary people just watch movies, and do not like to "kick out" for two reasons: either there is no time, or laziness, or they consider it unnecessary. They consider all the comments of cunning commentators to be half-spam and try not to read them before watching. Therefore, they do not write them themselves.

Well, if you're so smart, then it's okay. In order to relax the brains, the film will still do. After all, no more than 20-30 years ago, toy dinosaurs and robots were running around the screen. Now give them everything cooler and cooler.


Yes, there is nowhere cooler, gentlemen, and in light of the fact that not every picture is sharpened for entertainment and action, spending money on entertainment, as already mentioned, is simply not justified. But some people are itching to do it. This is called - zazhralis. That is not so, this is not that way. So you can get to the bottom of any masterpiece.

As Jim Carrey's character in Bruce Almighty said to an elderly lady in Niagara: "Why did Rose throw the Heart of the Ocean diamond overboard?" Good question, right?


There can be a bunch of responses. But the only correct one will be: "Because James Cameron decided so."

That's it.

And now, finally, a trailer and a short synopsis

From all of the above, it is already clear that we will talk about the relationship between the abducted woman and the artificial intelligence Tau, which controls everything in the home of a certain scientist. The scientist is running out of deadlines for the completion of the order, and in order to speed up the process of creating a chip that is integrated into the human brain, he is forced to experiment on living people - in this case - women whom he abducts.

But one turned out to be so quick and smart that she rubbed into the confidence of the maniac-scientist and decided to establish a connection with a rather curious "machine".

How it will end - we learn from the film itself. Watching the trailer.


We hope our choice today suits you. In the meantime, we say goodbye to you until next Saturday, on which we will pick you up something from good-quality fresh dramas that, for one reason or another, were not shown in our cinemas.

All the best to you and more worthwhile masterpieces on television and on the Internet!

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