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Cartoon on Cuphead, Cyberpunk 2077 will go to weak PCs, Nintendo Switch Lite - this week's digest of gaming news from Cadelta. Part two


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Netflix is making a Cuphead cartoon

The style of the Cuphead game, made in classic animation, fell in love with absolutely everyone who played it. The project is made in the style of animation of the 30s, and just asks for screens. Netflix decided not to pass up this opportunity and make a series. The animated cartoon will be simply titled Cuphead Show!

Netflix's Cuphead Show! animation in the style of the 30s will be presented. It will also be hand-drawn, although this time not entirely on paper, and not by the developers themselves, but by Netflix's own animation studio.


According to the project leaders, they are going to steer clear of modern animation. The main idea is to draw the entire series absolutely frame by frame. It will be so, but just in digital format. The cartoon tells the story of the adventures of Cuphead and Magmen on Ink Island. According to the creators, humor will be safe for children, but this is not a show "for the little ones", and it will amuse adults too. The story has nothing to do with the plot of the game.

The series is at an early stage of creation, so there is no need to talk about any details or even trailers.

CD Project Red Promises Cyberpunk 2077 to Run on Weaker PCs

Wccftech talked to CD Project Red interface specialist Elvin Liu about game optimization.

In their opinion, the game looks very technologically advanced, so many players worry that it is unlikely to run on weak PCs. Liu was asked how difficult it is to optimize the game.


According to him, the RED Engine on which the game is running is quite flexible and there are no problems with optimization. He notes that Cyberpunk will look and play fine on weak PCs, although he does not hide that you will get more pleasure from the process only on powerful hardware.

We do not know the system requirements of the game yet.

Nintendo Switch Lite Coming In September

Nintendo has finally announced the Nintendo Switch Lite. The set-top box differs from the original Switch in that it is completely portable, not hybrid. It is lighter, more compact, but no longer connects to a TV.

Removable controllers were also removed from it. They are now hard-wired into the console, so you will have to buy them separately for 1-2 Switch games that actively use the capabilities of the Joi- Con controllers. There is also no vibration and no infrared camera.


The 32GB capacity and 720p screen resolution remain untouched, unlike the display. The original has 6.2 inches, the Lite version has 5.5. But the battery offers us 3 to 7 hours of gameplay. The console perfectly runs all portable games from a regular console, the internal content remains intact.

Nintendo Switch Lite will be released on September 20. In USA, the console will cost 16,499 rubles.

Last Steam Summer Sale left indie devs unhappy

Survived, not only the players are unhappy with the sale. This time, indie developers were unhappy with the summer event, as it, on the contrary, led to a decrease in sales.

This year Steam has launched a "Grant Prix" competition stylized as a race between teams of players. At the end, players could randomly receive three free games from their wishlist. However, Valve did not clearly explain the rules, and users began to massively remove all but the three most desirable games from their wishlists. It's not hard to guess that few people were interested in indie projects.


When Steam rushed to chew everything, it was too late. The point is that wishlist is a very important selling mechanic [let's call it that]. During the release of the project, Steam sends notifications to everyone who has this game in their wishlist. This helps her to advance in the Steam algorithms and gives a good start to the sale.

Kotaku talked to many independent developers and they confess that they lost more than they earned on this sale. To be fair, it should be said that some of the indie developers surveyed were still satisfied with their sales.

No Man's Sky contributor recommended Bethesda and Bioware to chat less and deal more with broken projects

At the Develop conference, Hello Games founder Sean Murray reached out to the developers of Anthem and Fallout 76 with the message “say less, do more.”

At the conference, he admitted that they had been talking with journalists for two years, and they had been actively working for only three months. Sean himself thought more about how to write a beautiful post about development and future plans than about how to make a high-quality project.

As a reminder, the launch of No Man's Sky was terrible. The game turned out to be poorly optimized, with a completely empty world generated randomly. However, the studio pulled itself together and over the next few years completed the game - now No Man's Sky is exactly what we were promised, and even better. Murray advises Bethesda and Bioware, who find themselves in an identical situation with their latest games, to start cutting content rather than making promises.


Sean says that a big problematic project that has a bunch of users is an explosive mixture. The publishers of these games and the developers are trying to communicate with the community, but this only makes the situation worse.

As a reminder, the biggest update for No Man's Sky is currently being prepared, called Beyond, which will be released this summer.

Battle Royale Coming to Day Z

It's funny that once upon a time Day Z was the inspiration for the creation of the first battle royale, and now the game itself will receive this mode. The Battle Royale Closed Test is coming soon and you can sign up for it.


The mode will be named Survivor GameZ. He inherited the name from a similar regime, which the company abandoned in 2015. The alpha test is only available for the PC version purchased from Steam.

This battle royale has several rules:

  • The battle is divided into three battles, each of which takes place on three sections of the map.
  • Better weapons and loot can be found at each stage of the match.
  • There are no deadly boundaries in the final battlefield. Instead, a special object marked with green smoke. When it changes color to red, players will take damage equivalent to the distance they are from this object.
  • During the transition from one area to another, you can find trucks or helicopters marked with gray smoke - there will be cool ranged weapons and armor.

This was all weekend news, stay tuned.

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