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15 corporations of evil in games


In real life, we have enough large mega-corporations that like to ruin our lives. For example, those who make us pay a lot of money for their AAA projects, and they turn out to be a piece of work. Or those that introduce loot boxes into games and turn their hits into mobile grinders for profit in the eastern market.

However, if in real life we understand why and how it works, and it is difficult to challenge some EA, things are different in games. There, companies are run by evil men and women who want to take over the world, and we can kick them one by one. Introducing our list of Evil Corporations in Games.

15. Rupture Farms

Location: OddWorld Abe's Oddysee

The main meat company in OddWorld, run by a certain Molluk. If you want to imagine a stern CEO with a cigar in his mouth, who is ready to go over the heads for profit, then he is in front of you. Realizing that the main animals for meat production are on the verge of extinction, he, together with his council, decides to produce meat from his own employees working in the factory and compensate the dead with new ones ... So this is what the expression "professional replacement" really means. ..


Slogan: New'n'Tasty / New and tasty; Nice to eat you! / Nice to eat you!

14. Abstergo Industries

Location: Assassin's Creed Series

If Abstergos existed, the number of conspiracy theorists would double. And they would be right, because behind the mask of a pharmaceutical company responsible for the largest technological breakthroughs of humanity is the Order of the Templars, whose only task is to destroy the Assassins and find all the particles of Eden. Abstergo, namely the Order of the Knights Templar, is involved in many world events, ranging from the assassination of Kennedy and the space race, ending with the fact that they made Yeltsin the president of USA ...


Slogan: We are changing the world. Every day in a hundred different ways / We change the world. Every day in a hundred different ways

13. Vault-Tec

Where: Fallout Series

Vault Tek, which positions itself as the savior of humanity, is in fact a secret project of the Enclave. Vault Tek created complexes of underground shelters with the aim of experimenting on people (for example, placing 99 men and one woman in one shelter, or forcing people to kill one inhabitant every year in order to survive) and studying how individuals behave in an enclosed space for a long time. different circumstances. The task is to prepare people for a long space journey.


Slogan: Prepare for the Future

12. Black Mesa

Location: Half LifeAperture Science Inc's main competitor

Managed by the American government and studies all the most modern technologies, hiding behind the good for humanity. It was only during one experiment that they accidentally opened a portal to the Xen dimension from where the aliens came from. The company is making a decision to kill the aliens and all employees to cover up the incident.


Slogan: Working to make a batter tomorrow for all mankind / Working to create a better tomorrow for all mankind.

11. Gentek

Location: Prototype

Research on genetic and viral weapons never leads to anything good. So it was with Gentek. According to the classics, their weapons bombed all over New York, and mutants flooded its streets, and tear people apart. And their former employee, who has gained new strength, is also eager to destroy them.


Slogan: Lost in Massacre

10. Aperture Science Inc

Location: Portal Series

Cave Johnson's company originally produced shower curtains. Apparently it was such a profitable business that over time it turned into a giant research laboratory for the study of the nature of portals, using people as experimental subjects. They also created the sarcastic Gledos, who runs the company and conducts experiments even when everyone is already dead.


Slogan: We do what we must because we can / We do what we must because we can

9. Armacham Technology Corporation

Location: FEAR Series

Cryonics, new types of nuclear reactors, biological research, space programs - it seems peaceful. But the company also created an army of clones and psychopaths with telekinesis, who broke free and began to kill each other and all employees along the way.


Slogan: Working for future and you / Working for the future and you

8. Aesir Corporation

Location: Max Payne

A pharmaceutical company that creates dangerous drugs and its own army. You might think: "Hmm, serving in such an army is probably very" high "(boo dum shhh)". But no, everything is as always for the sake of control of people and the world.


Slogan: A bit closer to heaven / A bit closer to heaven

7. Page Industries

Location: Deus Ex Series

The most powerful corporation engaged in the creation of robots, drugs, nanotechnology. In their spare time, directors plan conspiracies, coups and takeover of the whole world, while ordinary people suffer from the classic plagues of the cyberpunk world.


Slogan: We make tomorrow looks like yesterday / We make tomorrow look like yesterday

6. Ryan Industries

Location: Bioshock

Andrew Ryan, motivated by the best ideas of capitalism, turned a small company named after himself into a corporation that only built its own city of utopia at the bottom of the ocean on its own. It is a pity that gene amplifiers drove people crazy and a civil war, massacre began in utopia, and the inhabitants mutated into underwater monsters.


Slogan: Man chooses. Slave obeys / Man decides. The slave performs

5. Hyperion

Location: Borderlands

You will not find better weapons in the six nearby galaxies than weapons from Gepirion. And their combat robots are almost a work of art. It is a pity that in the second part of the game, Handsome Jack crushed the company for himself. Now, in addition to industrializing the garbage planet Pandora, he is trying to destroy all the colonists on it.


Slogan: Digi-structing your future

4. Ultor Corporation

Location: Saints Row Series, Red Faction

From the very beginning, when the clothing company was named after the ancient cult of Mars, everything became clear with it. She expanded her influence and took up pharmaceuticals, medicine, communications, energy and militarization. In Saints Row, The third is a powerful military and legal structure, and after 50 years in the Red Faction, it took over Mars and turned the colonists into slaves. Fortunately, since the corporation is in two games - you decide how and with what to beat employees in the face and in which game.


Slogan: A brighter future, and better life / Bright future and a better life

3. Mishima Zaibatsu

Location: Tekken Series

A real evil corporation that exists for evil for the sake of pure evil, boo-ha! She is engaged in organizing a series of deadly fights, which even pandas and kangaroos are dragged into. What's more, she dispatches squads of thugs to kill potential winners. The question is why? What is the financial profit and business model from this? Who are the investors? Unknown. So there is only one thing left - evil.


Slogan: to evil he is worthless

2. Umbrella Corporation

Location: Resident Evil Series

A very serious company with no less serious name "Umbrella". She, like many representatives from this list, is engaged in pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and under the guise of biological research and the creation of viral weapons. The company has branches all over the world and many of them represent huge underground complexes. And then there was a leak of the T virus and the "Umbrella" covered the whole world with its shadow, starting with the small town of Raccoon City.


Slogan: Preserving the health of the people

1. Union Aerospace Corporation

Location: Doom Series

It's easy to say, "Everyone makes mistakes." UAC literally took this phrase and made the mistake of accidentally opening the gates to Hell itself. Happenes. Stop, or is it not by chance? In any case, you will have to kill the hellish population released by the company.


Slogan : Leading the way to a better future As you can see, evil and business are connected. And it is very ironic that the words in the slogans of the most evil corporations in video games often and ironically turn against them. Now a gamer - you know your enemies by sight and are ready to save the world.

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Author: Jake Pinkman