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Houses of Westeros: Who, Where and Why


Westeros is divided into 7 conditional kingdoms. Let's figure out who is who.

House Lannister

Motto: "Hear my roar"

Lanister crest
Photo of the Lanister Crest

Lannisters - One of the great houses of Westeros, rulers of the Western Lands. The Lannister coat of arms depicts a golden lion on a red field, and members of this house like to call themselves "lions" and "lionesses." Lannister Castle - Casterly Cliff, in addition, in the power of this house is the city of Lannisport - the main port of the west coast, the third largest city in Westeros. Lannisport is home to a junior branch of the house, the Lannisters of Lannisport, distant relatives of the Lannisters of the Bluff.

The Lannisters are tall, handsome and fair-haired, they trace their ancestry to the Andals, who were able to destroy the powerful kingdom in the Western Lands, through the male line and from Lann the Smart, the legendary scoundrel and deceiver who was able to take possession of Casterly Cliff, through the female line. For a long time, the Lannisters ruled the Western Lands as Kings of the Rock.

Lauren Lannister became the last of this royal dynasty. Teaming up with the King of the Expanse Mern Gardener, he fought sixty thousand warriors against Aegon Targaryen, but was defeated in a battle known as the Flamefield. Since then, the Lannisters have served the king on the iron throne as the High Lords of the Western Lands and the Guardians of the West.

The many gold mines of the Western Lands and skillful handling of finances made the Lannister the richest house in the Seven Kingdoms; they are the main creditors of the royal treasury. Besides the official motto, this house has a proverb: "Lannister always pay their debts."

House Lannister is an old and wealthy family, throughout the history of which it has formed several branches that rule over different castles in the Western Lands. By comparison, the Stark house is older than the Lannister house, but due to the harsh living conditions in the North, the Starks do not have many cousins and only one branch, the Karstark house. And the Lannisters have countless relatives, cousins and cousins, many of them only distantly related to the home, and the Lannisters consider them to be their vassals rather than family members.

Elton Lannister, the cousin of Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion, is mentioned among the representatives of the branches of the house. His mother is Sinda Lannister. There is also a Lannister branch of Lannistport who rule this port city near Casterly Cliff. One of its representatives is Reginald Lannister, Tywin's standard bearer.

House Tyrell

Motto: "Growing Stronger"

Tyrell coat of arms
Photo of the Tyrell Crest

They rule the Expanse, a vast, fertile, densely populated land in the southwest of the continent. Their castle is Highgarden.

Tyrells, despite the fact that they begin to play an active role only at the very end of the saga - the house is very powerful. It is in the Tyrell domain that most of the grain of the seven kingdoms is grown. Possess a large army equal to the royal and navy. They share a border with the Lannister.

House Tyrell was a branch of the House of the Gardeners, the ancient kings of the Reach. For centuries the Tyrells have served as Highgarden's castellans. Gradually their power grew, they became stronger and even cemented the bonds of marriage with the powerful noble houses of the Reach.

During the War of Conquest, King Mern Gardener was burned alive in a battle called the Field of Fire, killed by the Targaryen dragons. His heirs also died. After that, Harlen Tyrell voluntarily surrendered Highgarden to Aegon Targaryen, who as a reward made Tyrell Lord of Highgarden and Highlord of the Reach, although there were other noble houses in the Reach with closer kinship with the Gardners.

The history of the Tyrells is perfectly characterized by their coat of arms - thorns are hidden behind the beauty of the rose. Tyrells seem honest and fair, in fact they are no less cunning than the Lannisters, and they are not alien to palace intrigues and political games.

For many years in military conflicts, the Tyrells have always joined those who are most likely to emerge victorious from the conflict. This was during the conquest of the Targaryens and during the rebellion of Robert. During Robert's Rebellion, the Tyrells won a crushing victory at the Battle of Ashford and then laid siege to Storm's End. But after the death of the Mad King, they immediately surrendered and swore allegiance to Robert Baratheon.

House Baratheon

Motto: "We are rage"

Baratheon coat of arms
Photo Baratheon Crest

One of the great houses of Westeros, and the youngest of them all. The symbol of this house is a black crowned deer standing on its hind legs on a golden field. The crown on the coat of arms did not appear immediately, it was added there when Robert Baratheon conquered the Iron Throne.

The original Baratheon family castle was Storm's Reach, but after Robert became king, the house also owned Targaryen Dragonstone Castle, and the king himself began to rule from King's Landing.

When Robert died, House Baratheon split into three warring groups:

  • House of Baratheons of King's Landing, led by the alleged children of Robert.
  • House of Baratheons from Dragonstone, led by Stannis, Robert's younger brother.
  • The group is led by Renly, Robert's other younger brother. He proclaimed himself head of House Baratheon and was supported by the houses of the Stormlands as well as the Reach.

The ancestor of the house is Oris Baratheon, who was the general of Aegon the Conqueror. It was rumored that Oris was Aegon's bastard and half-brother. Oris slew the last king of Storm's End, Argilac the Arrogant, and took over the castle. His daughter, Argella, he married.

Tully House

The motto is "Family, duty, honor"

Tully coat of arms
Photo of Tully Coat of Arms

House Tully rules the Riverlands from its ancestral castle Riverrun, headed by Lord Riverrun

In fact, the House plays almost no role in the saga. But it has to be. Also, it should be remembered that the Creators did not aim to draw complete parallels with something, they painted the big picture.

House Tully rose to prominence during the War of Conquest. Edmin Tully, who at the time was the head of this noble house, supported the Targaryens and raised a rebellion against the king who ruled the Iron Isles and Riverlands at the time, Harren the Black. The Lords of the Riverlands, led by Edmin, prevailed, and when Aegon I Targaryen conquered the continent and took the throne, he bestowed on Edmin the title of High Lord of the Riverlands, and since then Edmin's descendants inherit this title.

Until recently, the head of the Tully house was Hoster Tully. His daughters Catelyn and Lisa, wives of Lords Eddard Stark and John Arryn, formed a major alliance of their homes during the Robert Rebellion.

Historically, the Riverlands have often been the scene of hostilities. To survive, House Tully constantly entered into marriage alliances with other noble houses.

House of Arryn.

Motto: "Tall as an honor"

Arryn coat of arms
Photo of Arryn Crest

They have ruled the Arryn Valley for a thousand years. Robin Arryn is currently the Lord of Eagle's Nest, but so far Lisa Arryn is the regent on his behalf.

The second strange house, right after the Starks. They practically do not take part in the division of the throne, but they brought up the future king Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark, the future ruler of the North. They could easily leave the kingdoms, sitting in an impregnable castle on the rocks, but they don't. The symbol of the house is a white flying falcon and a month on a blue background.

According to legend, the house was founded by Ser Artis Arryn, who flew in on a falcon, landed on the highest mountain of the Valley, the Spear of the Giant, and defeated the Griffin King, the last king of the Mountain of the first humans. Artis Arryn became the first king of the Mountains and Valleys. His descendants continued to rule in the Valley until the invasion of Aegon Targaryen, after which they became obedient to the King on the Iron Throne. Castle Eagle's Nest is considered impregnable and protects its inhabitants from the attacks of wild tribes.

Lord John Arryn was a respected and honorable man. He raised Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon. After the kidnapping of Lyanna Stark and the execution of Ricard and Brandon Stark by the Mad King, John Arryn revolted. He was joined by the Starks and Baratheons. They formed an alliance with House Tully by marrying Eddard Stark to Catelyn Tully. After the victory, the new king Robert Baratheon appointed John Arryn as his right hand.

For the next seventeen years, John fulfilled his duties until he discovered that the children of Robert and Cersei were not at all like the descendants of the king. Shortly thereafter, he became seriously ill and died suddenly.

John is survived by his wife Lisa and son Robin.

House Greyjoy

Motto "We do not sow"

Greyjoy coat of arms
Photo of the Greyjoy Crest

The Iron Islands are run from Pike Castle. The symbol of this house is a golden kraken on a black field. Pirates, robbers, the local analogue of the Vikings. House Greyjoy comes from the Gray King, the legendary King of the Iron Islands. According to popular beliefs, he ruled for a thousand years and took a mermaid as his wife.

Like most Ironborn, they believe in a Drowned God.

At the start of the series, Balon Greyjoy is at the head of the house. Eight years before the events of the first episode of the series, he raised a rebellion against the rule of the Iron Throne. The uprising ended in defeat for Balon, two of his sons, Rodrik and Maron, died. The third son, Theon, was taken hostage by Eddard Stark, he was taken to Winterfell Castle, where he was brought up and trained with Stark's children. Only Yar's daughter remained next to Baylon.

House Martell

Motto: Unyielding, unyielding, unyielding

Martell Crest
Photo of the Martell Crest

One of the great houses of Westeros. They rule over the southernmost region on the continent, Dorn, from Sunspear Castle. Although they are loyal to the king on the iron throne, they try to isolate themselves after Robert's Rebellion.

The symbol of the Martells is a golden sun pierced by a spear.

House Stark

Motto: "Winter is coming"

Stark Crest
Photo of the Stark Crest

Great house of Westeros, former rulers of the North.

A very ancient family, it is believed that their lineage has not been interrupted since the time of Brandon the Builder, who lived eight thousand years ago. Like many other houses of the North, they retained their faith in the Old Gods. For a long time, the Starks ruled their area as the kings of the North. But after the invasion of Westeros by Aegon I Targaryen, King Torrhen Stark surrendered after seeing the dragons that Targaryen brought with him to battle on the Flamefield. So the Starks received the title of High Lords of the North and began to serve the king on the iron throne as guardians of the North.

Three hundred years later, Lord Eddard Stark became related to the Tully house by marrying Catelyn Tully. During the uprising of Robert Baratheon, Eddard and his men fought alongside Robert and helped him to ascend the throne.


Motto: "Fire and Blood"

Targaryen coat of arms
Photo Targaryen Coat of Arms

Targaryens are a former dynasty of kings of Westeros and a former Great House. After the defeat in the rebellion of Robert Baratheon, his descendants fled from Westeros to Essos. The house's motto is "Fire and Blood", and the symbol is a red three-headed dragon on a black background.

The Targaryens were one of the noble families of the Valyrian Freehold, the powerful empire of Essos. They occupied the Dragonstone castle on the island of the same name in the Narrow Sea. After the demise of the empire in a catastrophic volcanic eruption known as Rock of Valyria, the Targaryens invaded Westeros with a small army and three dragons.

In a fairly short period of time, they conquered the six kingdoms that existed at that time on the continent, and founded the dynasty of the Andal Kings and the First People. Two centuries later, they were joined by the Kingdom of Dorn, which eventually led to the formation of a state known as the Seven Kingdoms.

Two hundred and eighty years later, the extravagant reign of Aerys II Targaryen began, which turned most of the regions against himself, as a result of which a civil war began, which was called Robert's Rebellion. The Targaryens lost it and almost all were destroyed. Only Aerys' two youngest children, Viseris and Daenerys, managed to escape, and they took refuge in the Free Cities. Eiris' uncle Aimon Targaryen, who by that time had long served in the Night's Watch, also survived.

Almost all Targaryens have common features in appearance, for example, silver hair with a golden sheen.

So, now we know exactly how the Lannisters differ from the Baratheons and who belongs to which house.

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