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New films and TV series from 9 to 15 May


On the screens of the country, the passions around the finale of "The Avengers" still persist. But on May 9, the thoughts of every USA (and not only USAs) will be occupied with the theme of the great Victory over fascism. By this date, our filmmakers have tried and released on screens as many as three films dedicated to the theme of the Great Patriotic War, one of which, "The Corridor of Immortality", we discussed in the last issue.

So, everyone - with the upcoming holiday of the great Victory! And don't hesitate! There will be a lot to see this week!

What movies are we going to watch

But we will start, as we have already done, with Hollywood novelties. Then we will smoothly move on to other foreign films, and then we will talk about our films. And the main expected foreign film premiere of this week, of course, is ...

Hotel Mumbai: Confrontation (USA, Australia) IMDb 7.8

Film Companies : A Hamilton and Electric Pictures Production, Cyan Films and American Entertainment Investors.

Genres: Thriller, Drama, History.

Director: Anthony Maras.

In chap. Starring: Armie Hammer, Jason Isaacs, Dev Patel, Nazanin Boniadi and others

The plot of the motion picture was based on the events that took place in the Indian resort city of Mumbai (earlier - Bombay) in the fall of 2008. Then the terrorists captured not only the Oberoi and Taj Mahal hotels. A couple of groups targeted the local train station and police station.

During the confrontation, which took place for almost four days, 166 civilians (including security officials) and 9 terrorists were killed. In what form it will be presented to us on the screen - we will see in the near future. In the meantime, we have the opportunity to watch the trailer.

Scammers (USA)

Film Companies Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Camp Sugar and Cave 76 .

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Chris Addison.

In chap. Starring: Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson, Mina Ryan, Tim Blake Nelson, Alex Sharp and others.

In terms of its plot content, this masterpiece is very reminiscent of the 1988 blockbuster "Dirty Swindlers" with Steve Martin and Michael Caine in the lead roles. Only if there are three scammers trying to outperform each other, then here the experienced and newfound scammers try to work as a duet.

And it turns out they have nothing at all. The legends that they are inventing about themselves and about their difficult fate will pity anyone. And the consequences of their "tricks" will make even the most unsmiling person laugh.

Unless, of course, all of the film's humor is limited to the set of gags shown in the trailer.

Child of Darkness (Canada) IMDb 4.8, CP 5.1

Production companies: Broken Mirror Films.

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystic, Drama, Detective.

Director: Jeremy Lutter.

In chap. Starring: Jessica McLeod, Hannah Cherami, Yana Mitsula, John Emmett Tracy and others


How many "children of darkness" have the world film distribution released over the years of the film industry? And do not count. Interpretations of "Omen", "Exorcists", and other "Possessed" literally teeming with any torrent trackers. But ambitious Canadian filmmakers felt (it's not clear why) that their "child of darkness" would be better than others.

How badly they were wrong. Judging by the "harsh" ratings, the film has not only foreign, but also a rating from the KP, since the film was released in the world more than two years ago, their idea was not crowned with much success.

The story of a girl whose body was possessed by an evil spirit from a forest thicket frightened very few. If you want to see how spirits enter the bodies of people, it's better to look at something else on this topic.

Although, the movie has been gathering dust on pirate online viewing sites for a couple of years now. Who does not regret an hour and a half of their own life - welcome to watch!

Play or Die (Belgium )

Film Companies : Boburst Productions, Program Store and Nexus Factory.

Genres: Horror, Thriller.

Director: Jacques Kluger.

In chap. starring: Charlie Palmer Rothwell, Roxanne Mesquida, Helena Chambon, Laetitia Chambon and others.


More and more people nowadays prefer so-called "quests", live games where you need to solve riddles, find clues and get out of difficult situations.

And more and more films are being made about how during these "games" something goes wrong. Or the organizers are some kind of half-maniacs, half-perverts, or some mystical dregs are involved here.

Just like in the local game called Paranoia. Even when you are already being killed, it is still not entirely clear, what is this, they say, like this joke?

Anna's War (USA) IMDb 7.1, CP 7.1

Film Companies : SAGa, 29th February Film Company and Metrafilms.

Genres: Drama, Military.

Director: Alexey Fedorchenko.

In chap. starring Marta Kozlova.

The list of domestic films dedicated to the Great Victory Day, let's start with this film. And although the tape, in fact, is a "film of one actor" (here - Marta Kozlova, who played the role of the girl Anya), you will have to worry about the main character very, very deeply.

Nazis come to the village. Residents are collected and shot. Anya miraculously remains alive, her mother covered her from bullets with her body. What should a girl do? Of course, survive as best he can.

Which she does, for two whole years, until the village is beaten off by ours. And how can she do it alone?

To Paris (USA)

Production company: Blitz Films.

Genres: story, adventure.

Director: Sergey Sarkisov.

In chap. Cast: Dmitry Pevtsov, Sergey Makovetsky, Evgeny Stychkin, Renata Litvinova and others.

The film tells about USA friends-officers who were originally going, after going through the entire war, to celebrate its end in Paris. And what was their disappointment when the war ended in Berlin.

But ours do not grieve. Well, what is there some kind of Europe by the standards of the USSR? Yes, you can travel all the way up and down in a day. So our gallant commanders gathered for an evening AWOL - in Paris.

After all, it is useless to celebrate Victory without reaching the point originally planned!

Brotherhood (USA)

Film companies: USA 1 TV channel, Cinema Fund, etc.

Genres: War, Drama, Action, History.

Director: Pavel Lungin.

In chap. Cast: Kirill Pirogov, Yan Tsapnik, Fedor Lavrov, Vitaly Kishchenko and others.

At the expense of the feature film "The Balkan Frontier", the British authorities immediately raised such a high that you can't shut up. And it was all wrong. And everything in the film is not true. And the film itself, they say, is "Putin's propaganda" aimed at destabilizing the situation in Europe and the world as a whole.

Well, here's another movie for you to discuss. But this time, events will develop in Afghanistan, in 1988, on the eve of the withdrawal of the Soviet contingent from the country. At a time when all hostilities must stop, and the troops must prepare to leave the "friendly" country, a Soviet pilot falls into the hands of the dushmans.

And then it started spinning, spinning. Everyone, starting with our military leaders and ending with the Afghan leadership, is trying to extract as much benefit from the current situation for themselves. And only our scouts do not give a damn about the future fate of the pilot.

Gift (USA)

Film companies: German Sidakov School of Drama, Artlight, KinoPoisk, etc.

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Mikhail Kukushkin.

In chap. Cast: Alexey Kolubkov, Yury Oborotov, Valeria Dergileva, Vladimir Karpuk and others.


Someone Anatoly Sidorov, in his advanced years, suddenly discovers a gift - during urination, write out such a trick with a stream of urine that you can neither say in a fairy tale nor paint with a brush.

The whole picture is built around this nonsense. While some consider such "creativity" not to be art, but a mockery of painting, others are ready to pay great sums of money for "urin masterpieces".

And although the picture partially reflects our present time with its idiotic "deviations towards perfection", it doesn't look very good. All the same, the topic could have been chosen not so critical. Although ...

Wild Planet Mowgli (France) IMDb 6.9

Film Company : TAT Productions, France 3 Cinema and Bac Films.< / em>

Genres: cartoon, adventure, fantasy, comedy.

Director: Eric Tosti.


An animated story for children from 6 years old on the topic: "How would a little boy survive in a wild and alien planet."

Let's just say that there is not a word about Mowgli. It is very interesting why the cartoon called "Terra Willy: Unknown Planet" our providers decided to remake it into "Mowgli of the Wild Planet"? Probably because on the cartoon with the name, in which instead of some "Willie" appears "Mowgli" people will tumble down with a little more zeal. Well, okay.

And the tale here will go about a petty under-astronaut crashing on an unknown planet. And in order to survive and save his robot friend, the guy will have to assimilate with the local flora and fauna. The kids will probably love it.

Although 6.9 on the IMDb scale for a cartoon is, to put it mildly, not very good.

CARTOON in the movies. Issue 97. Mi-Mi-May (USA)

Film companies: USA 1 TV channel and others.

Genres: children, cartoon.


A cartoon collection for the smallest moviegoers. Preschool children are not yet aware of many of the wisdom of the world around them. It is with them that short stories from this collection introduce children.

In particular, Leo and Teague will explain to children what Australian koalas are, and with the help of Katya and Efa, the kids will learn how the modern subway works.

What TV Shows We Will Watch

The next couple of weeks will be marked, first of all, not by the opening of any new projects and not by the continuation of significant serial blockbusters, but by the closure of those. The final episodes of the seasons will air almost daily. And this is a common occurrence. TV channels are preparing for the holiday season, so the continuation of all the best can only be expected in the fall.

But, meanwhile, not all video streaming services are configured so critically. Some continue to produce the same products as in the winter. And most importantly, thanks, fans should say to ABC TV channel, which, even before the end of the world premiere of "Avengers: Endgame", is already launching a project telling about the continuation of the adventures of superheroes from the Avengers universe.

SHIELD agents (USA) IMDb 7.5, KP 7.1

Season 6 Premiere Friday May 10th

ABC TV Channel.

Genres: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Thriller, Drama.

In chap. starring: Ming-Na, Chloe Bennett, Ian De Kesker, Elizabeth Henstridge and others

And despite the fact that the series features superheroes with a level and class somewhat lower than in full-length films, and references to the main characters and incidents remain, for the most part, references, it is also interesting to watch this series. At least he is the best of all the series that have been created in the Avengers universe.

So, if the Avengers themselves had an ending, then the universe where they live is still alive, and the next season about the agents of "Sh. I. T. " - confirmation of this. Watch the trailer and rejoice.

Society (USA)

The series premiered on Friday May 10th.

Netflix TV channel.

Genres: Drama, Science Fiction.

In chap. starring: Gideon Adlon, Sean Birdie, Michael Cassata, Natasha Liu Bordizzo and others


Netflix never stops churning out good-quality series in batches. Moreover, some of them do not hesitate to air the whole season at once a day. He will also manage with his new project "Society", all 10 episodes of which can be seen on the streaming service on May 10.

One fine moment a group of teenagers suddenly finds themselves in a city of a parallel universe (there is no other way to explain it), in which adults are completely absent. This world is a real mess, and our newcomers will have to try very hard to survive in it.

Where can you think about returning to your world, when every second they strive to either take your head off your shoulders or kill you in some other more refined way ...

As easy as shelling pears (USA) IMDb 6.8, KP 6.3

Season 3 Premiere Friday May 10th

TV Channel: Netflix.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. Starring: Jane Adams, Jacqueline Toboni, Aya Cash, Zazie Bitz, Michael Chernusi et al.


The third season of the series "As easy as pie" was eagerly awaited not only abroad. And this is understandable. The series is akin to the same "Black Mirror", with the only difference that if everything revolves around the wonders of technology, the future, in a word, science fiction, then each episode is a separate film in which everything revolves around love.

Questions and topics in the project are discussed very different and from the most different sides and views. So, those who have not watched a single episode are highly recommended. The series makes you think and look at seemingly everyday things from a completely different angle, which is very useful in our time.

Best in Los Angeles (USA)

The series premiered on Sunday May 12th.

TV Channel: Spectrum.

Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime.

In chap. starring: Jessica Alba, Gabriel Union, Sophie Reynolds, Las Alonso and others

This series is akin to the Bad Boys feature film. Only instead of the "bad guys" here the "bad girls" will play tricks. Yes, they are cops too. And, yes, they also love to shoot, fight, exceed their authority, in a word, behave badly.

Two female cops, Nancy McKenna and Sid Burnett, played by Jessica Alba and Gabriel Yunian, respectively, bear the heavy burden of corrupting discipline in the local police department.

Well, beware the criminals of the City of Angels! Now you are definitely in trouble.


On this battle note, we will finish our next schedule of film premieres. Next week, "The Avengers" will still appear on the posters of cinemas, but as interest in them is already noticeably waning, Hollywood, together with our distributors, will not be afraid to throw another "John Wick" to the fans. He, along with the later Aladdin, will be the highlight of the mid-May program.

We are saying goodbye to you until next Monday. Once again, with the coming holiday of the Great Victory, and, as always, more cool films and TV series for all of you!

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Author: Jake Pinkman