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John Woo Films: Top 20 Best. Part 2


It's nothing that the main characters in John Woo's films are indestructible, the cartridges in their weapons stores are endless, and opponents, by and large, you can't imagine dumber. The main thing is that the plots in them are interesting and exciting. And revenge from three boxes (usually), which is very popular with the lion's share of fans of militants.

In the continuation of the first part, the best films of John Woo are presented, the rating of which ranges from 7 to 6 according to KinoPoisk.

11. Reckoning Hour (2003) 7.06

Here the duet "Ben Affleck - Uma Thurman" (not to be confused with the domestic group) has developed with might and main. Moreover, they worked together as if they were not the first time.

Ben Affleck's character, Michael Jennings, is a specialist in so-called "reverse engineering" (reverse engineering), that is, he makes a living with his brains. He is able to disassemble any advanced device into micro parts, drive in how it works and improve it so that an even more advanced model will be released, and without any plagiarism, since everything will look like it is an absolutely innovative development.

One minus. Each such development lasts for a while, which is then erased from his brain. This is done so that on occasion and if desired, he could not weld on the technology that he developed for a particular company. That is, at the end of the work, he will not remember how he developed what, in fact, he worked on. But, along with this, he will not remember his life at this time. This infa from his brain will be erased.

Michael Jennings signed up for a three-year long job, for which he was promised a share from the company, that is, a lot of money. And now, everything is over, his memory, as usual, has been erased, he comes to inquire about his actions, and he is informed that he has safely refused them. Instead, he personally replaced the personal belongings that were supposed to be returned to him at the end of the work with a set of some kind of nonsense. He's clearly pissed off.

But later it dawned on him that no one was going to leave his life, since he was able to develop no less than a predictor of the future. And the little things (cigarettes, cheap sunglasses, a bus ticket, a crossword puzzle, etc. rubbish) not only saved his life, but also helped to bring back his erased love, which, as you might have guessed, turned out to be the heroine of Uma Thurman.< / em>

12. Born a Thief (1996) 7.00

To be honest, the film is not called as soon as. Some have it - "Once they stole", others - "Thief in law" (for example - in Wikipedia), the third - "Born by a thief" (for example - on KinoPoisk). For us, the name on Wikipedia seems more truthful.


In fact, this is a hastily and clumsily revised version of the film of the same name (if you take the name according to KinoPoisk), a film shot by John Wu in 1991 for the Hong Kong film companies Golden Princess Film and Production Limited.

And it was altered because the film was made for Canadian TV viewers by the Canadian film company WCG Entertainment Productions with Canadian actors. Allegedly, the Hollywood storyline would not have gone to them.

The main differences from the Hong Kong version and the synopsis will be highlighted in the section related to the film of the same name, which is in the 14th place in our top.

13. Windspeakers (2002) 6.99

We have already seen in the films of John Woo Ben Aflek, Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, etc. And Nicolas Cage and Christian Slater have already gone into the second round.

A film about the war in Vietnam. A lot of stories have been filmed about the German encryption machines "Enigma", with the help of which the then "special telegraph" of the Fritzes worked successfully almost until the very end of the war.

Here, in order to prevent the enemy from decrypting the negotiations of the American military, instead of encryption machines, the language of the Navajo Indian tribe and, in fact, the Indians, who knew it well, were used. By 1970, when the Vietnamese "campaign" of Americans was in full swing, only a few remained of the once large tribe, and even fewer Indians who knew their native language. Therefore, the chances that the Vietnamese would find a Navajo Indian, and even "balakin 'on a read mova", were practically reduced to zero.

The hero of Nicolas Cage, Joe Anders, shell-shocked in the battle for the Solomon Islands, and also the hero of Christian Slater, Oks Anderson, are given one such Indian. They must protect them from the bullets and shells of the Vietnamese at the cost of their own lives, since it is on them that the overall "survivability" of the unit depends, as well as the performance of its combat missions.

And everything would be fine, but only bullets and shells do not report to you where and where they will fly from the next moment. And the Indians themselves are on their minds. Although they went through training in the training, in a combat situation they behaved ...

In general, you have to see it yourself. Filmed slightly naive for a war film, but draws almost 7 points.

14. Born A Thief (1991) 6.95

So we got to the source of the masterpiece, which is in our list of the best films of John Woo in 12th place. Let's figure out what the film is about and the difference between the Hong Kong and American versions.


The main difference is, of course, the actors. Chow Yun-Fat and other Chinese "comrades" are filmed here, and American gentlemen are filmed there, and, moreover, almost unknown to the general public. Here the confrontation will take place between two brothers - stepbrother and "ordinary" (Ha!) And their daddy, who turned out to be that nit. Well, underfoot will also get confused by the "naughty", which the two brothers cannot share.

In the American version, the "naughty sister" will already be divided by three, since in addition to the above-mentioned brothers, her own boyfriend, a former policeman, is also included in the plot of this film.

There are no special services in the Hong Kong (this) version. In the same place, the thieves caught - the brother and sister will be offered to work for some super-secret organization engaged in the capture of especially "gifted" criminals, such as, for example, their bad brother.

A bunch of shooting, fights, nerves and other crown muddies from director John Woo are attached.

15. Ferry 1, 2 (2014-2015) 6.89 and 6.21

We decided not to separate the two films, as didBattle of the Red Rock. Both films are also a single whole, so we will cover them in one section.

Despite the fact that in the end everything comes down to the main action - the sinking of the "Chinese" Titanic "Taiping, the path of the main characters to this ill-fated ship was long and stretched out for the entire first film, mainly telling the details of the civil war in China in 1947-1959

At the beginning of the second film, three pairs of main characters, whose fate was tracked in the previous film by John Woo, step on board the ill-fated Taiping, and from that moment - it started! The only difference with the Titanic here is that the Taiping collided not with an iceberg, but with another ship, which turned out to be the cargo Zin-Yuan.

And although the ships were smaller than the Titanic, the tragedy claimed the lives of about one and a half thousand people. The water was not much warmer (it all happened in winter, January 27, 1949), so few survived.

I wonder if our heroes were among them?

16. Mission: Impossible 2 (2000) 6.87

Yes, indeed, the second film in the franchise was directed by John Wu. And it turned out quite well. Except for a couple of not very believable nuances.

First, the masked move. No matter how someone works on these masks, they will always remain masks and will not be able to disguise you as another person one hundred percent. All people have different shapes of the skull (oval of the face, protruding chin or not, wide or narrow set eyes, high or low forehead, etc.). No mask can bring the wide-seated eyes of Tom Cruise closer to the bridge of the nose so that he looks like Dougray Scott. As well as narrowing his face.

About the microcircuit sticking to the throat (or what is there?), changing the voice - generally silent.

Secondly, riding not “on a motorcycle”, but “behind a motorcycle” suggests that the fat little man himself, which is John Woo, has never ridden this very motorcycle. If you are a ram, then you can try to "slide" next to your bike. The result is the same - your swing will instantly meet the road surface.

But John Woo, apparently, knows more about the physics of the universe in which the events of the Mission Impossible franchise unfold. As well as about the properties of the local asphalt. Well, the flag in his hands!

The film turned out to be very entertaining and incendiary. But these two naively stupid moves are to blame for the low rating. We could do without "fantasy".

17. Broken Arrow (1996) 6.76

Again, John Travolta, although this, after all, was the first time, since "No Face" came out a year later. This time in a duet with Christian Slater. And here, oddly enough, Travolta plays a bad guy, and Slater plays a good guy, although usually these actors have opposite roles.

A couple of fellow servicemen - pilots Vick Deakins (John Travolta) and Riley Hale (Christian Slater) during a training flight will test the disappearance from radar of a new and improved stealth aircraft B-3 carrying a pair of B-83 bombs.

Everything was fine until Dickens pulled out a gun and tried to knock his partner's brains out. Hale began to resist, but Dickens pulled the emergency lever and catapulted his partner, himself, meanwhile, asking for bombs somewhere in the mountains.

Now it's small. It remains only to land somewhere unnoticed (fortunately, you fly in the Invisible), transfer to the Hummer and find the bombs by the beacons. And then it's a good idea to trade them. But the stubborn Hale, with the help of some friend who turned up, got there faster.

Damn. Will have to fight again. And, moreover, this time - with the use of nuclear weapons!

18. Hand of Death (1976) 6.49

This is where John Woo should be called "John Fu". By the standards of that time, of course, there was a film - anywhere. Even without considering that it was one of the first works of the master.


The film was shot under the tracing paper of the Hong Kong "blockbusters" of that time. One goat walks through the villages and bludgeons other goats for nothing, until a young goat is found, which at the end of the last effort will beat off the first goat.

Whistling swords, poles and spears, as well as kicks and punches, are simply touching. And long fights in the style of "woo shu", where blows are more like stroking, just infuriate. I just want to shout: “Give him your right fist so that the dent in the pumpkin remains!”

No, they continue to dance and grimace. And Jackie Chan was also killed. Bastards, and only.

19. Just Heroes (1989) 6.36

This is the time when John Woo in his films finally decided to abandon kung fu-style movies and started producing high-quality action games in which all Chinese people are human beings.

In these films, for some reason, people understand that it is easier and faster to be thrown off a man with a firearm than to wave oils for half an hour in a row, playing with the enemy the game "block on block and block drives.

But despite the presence of shootings and the abundance of familiar Hong Kong faces, the film is staged somehow indistinctly. It can be seen that here John Woo has already chased after quantity, but not quality, releasing a couple of paintings per year (in the same year, "The Hired Killer" was released).

After the death of the head of the triad, this very "triad" was written off to Vai. But he refused it, so a real battle broke out for the chair of the head. So do not get you to anyone! Well, or, "After my death - even a flood!"

In general, I wonder what the candidates for the "position" of the head of the triad think about, trying to take this position with a fight. Obviously not about the fact that it will not be possible to lead the triad from the next world.

20. Blackjack (TV 1998) 6.05

It's time for Dolph Lundgren to appear in John Woo's action movie. Moreover, "light up" in the truest sense of the word. As a child, just at the time of the murder of his father, a bunny, reflected from a pistol, blinded young Jack for a moment, which is why he now has vision problems at critical moments.

Coming up with stories with such "non-standard" turns - that's all John Woo. Only this time with "non-standard" he slightly, in our opinion (and not only in ours, judging by the rating), went too far.

Seeing Dolph Lundgren getting hit in the head due to the fact that his brain at critical moments, albeit subconsciously, "turns on the pissing" is simply disgusting. But the predictability of the plot freezes even more. After all, it is clear to everyone that in the end our bodyguard (and here he is just a bodyguard) will overcome his phobia and will pester everyone.

Although, the process can be traced once. John Woo, after all.


We think that twenty films are more than enough to see enough. Then there are films with a rating below 6.0, which means that they can not be called the best films of John Woo - this is a fact. And therefore, as they say, let's finish on good and say goodbye to our next top, which will also be filled with cool movies.

In the meantime, as usual, all the best and more cool movies and TV shows!

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