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TOP 10 games for New Year's holidays


We know, our dear gamer, that you love to play, and we also know that you love the New Years (at least we hope so). And we also know how nice it is to combine the one and the second. And now, when it is cold and damp outside the window, everything is covered with snow or vice versa, we decided to become a sponsor of your New Year's mood, and we have selected the Top New Year games for you. They will help you to have fun sitting warm with a cup of tea while it snows.

10th place - Dead Space 3

In many American New Year or Christmas movies, there are angry guys who want to ruin Christmas. So the necromorphs from Dead Space 3 want not only to ruin your Christmas, but also your life. More precisely, they just want to kill you and that's it. Yes and no Christmas on the moon of Jupiter Titan, where the game takes place. However, it has snowed so much there that the feeling of a real blizzard and blizzard overwhelms you, especially if you have not snow outside your window, but a mixture of slush and mud.


Suitable for New Years if: you love watching the blood of aliens beautifully scatter over the white snow.

9th place - Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy

Many people prefer to spend the New Year watching movies wrapped in a blanket, drinking wine and eating Olivier. And often the films are in no way connected with the New Year. And if you are one of those people, Fahrenheit is the game for you. This is a great interactive game with an equally beautiful story about Lucas Kane trying to save the world from glaciation. It so happened that there is a lot of snow in the game, and it threatens humanity with death, so this adds a degree of lampiness to it (sounds crazy, but it is). Especially when you yourself are warm.


Suitable for the New Year if: you like it when there is so much snow that it leads to a cataclysm.

8th place - Batman Arkham Origins

The third part of the game about the Arkham Knight fully embodies the concept of "cold". Not only does the action take place in winter, but also the whole game is performed in cold blue and gray colors. The buried buildings of Arkham tower over the empty streets from which people have left to celebrate the New Years in their warm homes. On these streets now only all sorts of rabble walks, which is dealt with by the only one who has no time for the holidays - the greatest detective in the world. But despite the severity of this winter Batman saga, decorated houses or neon signs sprinkled with snow still give an idea of what time it is.


Suitable for the New Year, if: you understand that the heroes work even when the holiday is in full swing.

7th Place - The Long Dark

In The Long Dark, winter is your enemy. Snow and blizzard are your killers, and all wild animals that have adapted to these conditions are your nightmares. This game is about a man's struggle with the winter element. And you ask, how can you play this when you want a winter holiday? The answer is that when you took refuge in an abandoned hunter's hut, made a fire there, recovered your strength, ate well, you finally feel the victory over the elements. And then, you go out full of energy at night to pick up brushwood for the fireplace and at this time you see a clear starry sky with northern lights and a large moon, the light from which illuminates the snowdrifts. And then you realize how wonderful what you are fighting against.


Suitable for the New Year if: you like to eat canned food heated over an open fire on cold winter nights.

6th place - New Year or Christmas event in your favorite online game

WOW, Overwatch, GTA Online, Fortnite, etc. - Christmas events take place in every major online game, and all are fun in their own way. There are so many options that it is easier to combine them into one category, and only you can decide which of the holiday stories you want to spend time in. Everything is purely subjective here.


Suitable for the New Year if: you like to celebrate with friends or just in a big company.

5th Place - Borderlands 2: How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day

Let's go directly to the games that feature favorite holidays. Borderlands has always been a crazy adventure, and this addition adds a bit of a crazy New Year to it. This is a true New Year's game: a new snow location, special weapons, enemies snowmen and etty and, of course, festive loot in the form of gifts under the tree!

Image Suitable for New Year if: you have dreamed all your life kill a twenty-meter snowman with a bazooka.

4th place - Bully

I'll be honest with you, I just love this game. It perfectly displays each of the seasons. But Rockstar was particularly good at conveying the spirit of school Christmas and New Years in winter. Of course, you need to complete a quarter of the game for winter to come, but it's worth it. The New Years part of Bully shows some really boyish and hooligan winter weekdays.

Schoolchildren are all wearing sweaters, snow is falling, a Christmas performance is being put on at the school, and the building itself is decorated inside. And so you skip class and instead arrange an ambush for any club or schoolboy and throw snowballs at him. Eh, romance.


Suitable for the New Year if: you want to feel like a ragged schoolboy who will find a sweater with a deer knitted by your grandmother under the tree in the morning under the tree.

3rd place - Mafia 2

If you are looking for a romantic winter atmosphere without cuts that will cover your head, Mafia 2 is your choice. From the very first moments of the game, you, who returned from the war, Vito Scaletta, walk back home along the narrow alleys. Snow slowly descends from the sky, so a passer-by slipped on the ice and fell in front of you, it is gradually getting dark, and all this time in the background Frank Sinatra sings “Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! " And you understand - this is the spirit of the American holiday of the 40-50s. It is a pity that this wonderful atmosphere is only for a while in the game.


Suitable for the New Year, if: you love the retro New Year, and you don't mind working for the Italian mafia during the holidays.

2nd place - Saints Row IV: How the Saints Saved Christmas

From this addition to the fourth game, it is simply rushing with a Christmas atmosphere and there is no equal to him in this. You will, of course, get a Christmas story with the series' signature frenzy. Kill gingerbread men and nutcrackers with your super power, ride Santa's jet sleigh and save him from his evil twin, throwing gifts with explosives and stuffing tons of bullets, what else do you need for a great holiday ?!


Suitable for the New Year if: you think that the New Year is not a reason not to be crazy!

1st Place - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

And in the first place among the best games for the New Year holidays, we have the inimitable Skyrim. It is ironic that in the game itself there is not even a hint of the New Year, but hell, how pleasant it is to return to these winter, harsh, dangerous, but such native lands of the northern province! The whole point of the game is the feeling of this land, which amazes with its beauty and atmosphere, when through the snow and blizzard you return from the dungeon, where you fought with the draurgs, and go to the tavern. There you drink strong Nordic honey, eat a plate of cabbage soup and a sweet roll, listening to the bard's song that “Once upon a time there was Ragnar the Red-haired hero, he was once, he came to Whiterun for a short time!”


Suitable for the New Year if: you are looking for an atmosphere and you understand that in fact Skyrim is not only for the Nords!

These were our Top Games for the New Year from WorldOfTopics. Happy Holidays!

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