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Game of Thrones: Waiting for Season 8


The final episode of Game of Thrones will be released in early 2019. It will have 6 episodes. Less than in previous seasons. What can you do, but perhaps the episodes themselves will be longer.

How many amazing discoveries await us. How many predictions are yet to come true! Spoiler-free, we're opening the curtains on what's coming in Season 8. If you don't need predictions, then you can read about the best TV shows coming out in 2018.

Azor Ahai=Aegon=The Promised Prince

Jon Snow

During Season 7, there was a lot of talk about who Azor Ahai might be. Moreover, it became known that the Promised Prince can be both a man and a woman. Therefore, we argue that in the new season 8 we will find out who this Prince was promised. And it will be none other than John.

According to Denis's book, it seemed that the man who appeared to her in a vision said (scene of baby John lulling) "Aegon .... What a name for the king .... He is the prince who was promised and this is his Song of Ice and Fire."

So that pretty much confirms that John, although sorry, Aegon is Azor Ahai, right? But what will this mean for the show?

This is best explained by Toros: "According to the prophecy, the Conqueror will be reborn to awaken the dragons from stone and reforge the great Radiant One who helped overcome the darkness thousands of years ago."

All of the above should appear in the final season as we haven't seen any of this yet.

The Valonkar Prophecy Will Come True


In the seventh season, Maggie the Frog witnessed how all of her predictions came true. Well, all but one.

She was right in predicting that Cersei would marry the King. It is also right that a young and beautiful queen will come, and with her arrival new problems will begin (yes, hello Denis!). She's also right about Cersei surviving all three of her golden-haired children.

So, what do we have left? None of the things already mentioned in the film. According to the book, there is one more prophecy that the Valonkar will clasp her snow-white neck with his hands and that is how her life will end. Interestingly, Maggie predicted that Cersei will have 3 children, so if she is indeed pregnant, it is likely that the "valonkar" or otherwise "little brother" will lay hands on her neck before she gives birth.

Cersei thinks Tyrion is the "Valonkar". Fans of the show believe that Jaime will be the one who kills her. While we think that Euron will do it, because he is still the youngest brother in the family. In any case, whoever did it, Cersei's days are numbered.

Khal Drogo: the prophecy will come true

Khal Drogo

It seems that everyone has completely forgotten about this prophecy, and it may become the most significant in the 8th season, especially if Denis does turn out to be pregnant with John, as many fans of the series predict.

In the seventh season, a lot has been said about the fact that Denis will not be able to have a child. Knowing how the storylines unfold in "Game of Thrones", it can be concluded from this that Denis will indeed become pregnant soon. When this happens, the prophecy of the wicked witch from the first season will be realized.

Miri Maz Dur, the vengeful Lkhazarian priestess who killed the child Daenerys in the womb, said that Denis's husband, khal Drogo, would return "when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. When the seas become dry and the mountains fly to the wind is like leaves. When life begins again in your womb, only then will it return, not before. "

But how will he return? How is the spirit? Or a vision? Or the King of the Night, the very leader of the White Walkers, will revive all the dead of Westeros, and Denis will fight a new version of her ex-husband?

Remember Denis's vision scene from Season 2? If not, then while there is time, you can refresh your memory in anticipation of the release of season 8.

We will see the iron throne in the snow

Daenerys on the Iron Throne

Now, as we come to the eighth season, everything indicates that visions of the future are not far off. It is snowing in the Royal Lands, and we are pretty sure that the dragon of the Night King can destroy the Red Castle.

So we are waiting for the white walkers in the Royal Lands in the coming season, which will instantly wipe the smile from Cersei's face. Although Jon Snow sits on the throne of the king, nevertheless, the metaphor used about Cersei can be taken almost literally.

The secret "the dragon has 3 heads" will be revealed

Dead dragon

In the books, one of Denis's visions has gained particular popularity among Game of Thrones fans. It sounds like this:

A man who looked like her deceased brother, Viserys, but taller and with darker eyes, says in the presence of a woman nursing a child: "Aegon .... What a name for the king .... He is the prince who was promised and this is his Song of Ice and Fire. " When the man's gaze meets Denis's, he continues, addressing either Denis herself, or the woman with the baby in her arms: "There will be another one .... The dragon has three heads." Then he takes a silver harp and starts playing.

Some fans of the book think that the prophecy of the "dragon with three heads" means that three people will become riders of Denis's dragons, but this theory was untenable with the advent of the ice dragon ... unless the King of the Night counts as one of the three?

According to another fan theory, there should be three living Targaryens. They are the "three dragon heads". Since we now know that John is Aegon, we already have two. Who will be the third?

Some believe that the third could be Tyrion. In general, whatever happens, we still expect this turn of events in the eighth season in which the Targaryens are involved, even if it was John's flight alongside Denis in an epic battle against the Night King (that would be great!).

Jaime will die in the arms of the one who loves him

Jaime Lanister

In season five, Jaime told Bronn that he wanted to die in the arms of the woman he loved. This woman could be Cersei (unless she's already strangled by then). Or could she be Brienne, whom we know Jaime really loves?

Anyway, this storyline will take its place in Season 8. Sorry Jaime fans, but your favorite is doomed.

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