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Top best films of 2017 according to USAn film critics. Part one


Today we present a selection of the best films of 2017. Perhaps you haven't seen them yet, then it's time to start. Many of them became Oscar nominees.

Others by themselves are already inscribed in the history of world cinema. With one of these films, based on Marvel comics, we will begin our review.


The premiere of the tenth film in the X-Men series and the third in the Wolverine series was released in March 2017. The director of the film, James Mangold, delighted all fans of the X-Men cinematic universe. This time Hugh Jackman himself is in the title role. He unexpectedly meets a mutant girl, Laura, who is revealed to be his daughter.

Logan fans shouldn't worry about the hero's death according to the script of the movie, because he is mortally wounded by X-24. Since the whole point is to show what life and death are. Hugh Jackman defined the film as follows: "Whether we are living a story of success or failure, sooner or later everyone has to achieve peace with himself. We need to understand what we have brought to others and how we will leave."

The film turned out to be really adult. It is not for nothing that "The World of Fantasy" named "Logan" the film of the year.

Get Out

"Get Out" is a very extraordinary film and not at all because it raises the topic of interracial relations, which is especially popular in the media. It's obvious. The theme of whites versus African Americans has never really left the scene before. And now she is present, but along with her there is something more in the film. What exactly? Let's start in order.

First of all, this detective-satire with elements of a horror movie and even science fiction was nominated for as many as 4 Oscars: Best Film, Best Director (Jordan Peel), Best Actor (Daniel Kaluuya) and Best Original Screenplay (Jordan Peele ).

Secondly, from an artistic point of view, the idea of the film is quite extraordinary, though not new. It turns out at Rose's estate, Chris's girls are experimenting with putting the essence of already elderly white people into the bodies of young black people. When asked why black people are chosen as carriers, they answer as follows: because they are in fashion.

Our hero Chris does not at all like such a prospect. He is rebelling, but you will find out for yourself how the events in the film will develop and how it will end if you are interested in such a genre mix.

Since the film academy seems to love variety, this time the nomination of such a film in four nominations at once only proves to us that among the nominees for the title of the best film of the year there are indeed tapes of all shades and for all tastes.

Call me by your name

Here is another Oscar nominee for the best film of the year. And here again the film academy showed its priorities. This time the topic is minority sex. This is not surprising, given that the film's director, Luca Guadagnino, is openly gay himself. In 2015, he directed the psychological thriller Big Splash with Rafe Fiennes and Dakota Johnson, based on the acclaimed movie Pool. If you've even heard of Fifty Shades of Gray and the recently released sequel to Fifty Shades of Freedom, then you have an idea of Dakota's acting abilities and the direction of her roles.

This time the director of "Big Splash" decided to tackle an even closer topic - same-sex relationships. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Andre Asiman. It follows the love of 17-year-old Elio (Timothy Chalamet) for 24-year-old Oliver (Armie Hammer). Filming took place in Crema, Guadagnino's hometown. And this is one of the undoubted advantages of the picture. Lovers of the Italian scenic nature will be delighted. In addition, the film is set in the 80s of the last century. The pre-smartphone era leaves its mark on the atmosphere of the film.

You may not share your love for the subject matter of the film, but the visual side will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, he was nominated for an Academy Award in 4 categories: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Song.

Manchester by the sea

Despite the fact that the world premiere of the film took place back in January 2016, in USA the audience saw the film only in March 2017. This seemingly quiet, inconspicuous drama has been nominated for several Academy Awards last year and 2 of them - Best Actor (Casey Affleck) and Best Original Screenplay (Kenneth Lonergan) - won.

Lonergan has been known to us since the days of "Analyze this", "Analyze that" and, of course, the "Gangs of New York". The award has long awaited the screenwriter, who also acted as a director in this film. And for the role of the locksmith Lee, who after the death of his brother becomes the guardian of his nephew (Lucas Hedges), at first, none other than Matt Damon was announced. Of course - where Afflecs are, there is Damon. But events turned in such a way that the role went to Ben Affleck's younger brother, and it was she who brought him the coveted Academy Award. Matt Damon himself acted as a producer.

The film was highly acclaimed by critics around the world. Therefore, we can safely recommend it for viewing.


Well, and we finish the first part of our top with one more Oscar nominee in the category of the best film of the year "Dunkirk". It is unexpected to see the director of this film Christopher Nolan, whom we know very well from such films as "Batman Begins", "The Dark Knight", "Man of Steel", "The Beginning", "Interstellar". Everything about them testifies to the fact that Christopher caught fire in the cinema after watching Star Wars at the age of 7.

This time the director changed his roles a little and presented the military drama "Dunkirk" to the jury. It shows the operation to evacuate British, French and Belgian troops from the blockaded area near the city of Dunkirk in 1940.

For those who are waiting for some big epic battles, it is necessary to warn that none of this is in the film "Dunkirk", because and in reality it was not. This is an operation to rescue several thousand soldiers, who cannot do anything in the current situation except for one thing - they have to wait until they can board ships and leave the area.

This film has an atmosphere of immersion in action with the previous works of the director. The viewer is not assigned the role of a passive observer and thinker. On the contrary, he feels as if he is inside the tape. This bears a huge resemblance to Dunkirk and Call of Duty: WWII. Which is natural: both the film and the game are of the same theme and incredibly contribute to immersion in the environment developed by their creators.

If you are familiar with video games, then you will surely like the new film by Christopher Nolan "Dunkirk"

The tops of 2017 are not over yet. Read the rest of the series in the next article.

The Topic of Article: Top best films of 2017 according to USAn film critics. Part one.
Author: Jake Pinkman