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What to see from the movies on Saturday night: ”Iron Sky 1, 2” (2012, 2019)


Today, for those who cannot decide what to watch from the films on Saturday evening, we would like to recommend the phantasmagoric fantasy film Iron Sky, which has already passed into the category of franchises, the sequel of which was released abroad at the beginning of this year ... The third film has already been shot and is in post-production.

The first film was shown in our cinemas back in 2012 by the distributor Utopia Pictures, and, apparently, it went with a creak, since no one bothered to buy the second film for domestic cinemas. Well, in vain.

Difference Between Science Fiction and Adult Parody Fairy Tale

Apparently, it did not go to some for the simple reason that fiction seemed fabulous to them. One that is not friendly with the laws of physics in our universe. But, excuse me, dear ones, what about such masterpieces as Armageddon, Interstellar, Star Wars and others?

Here, at least from the very beginning, it is clear that this is - from cover to cover - a banter of the highest class, and no one is going to pass this masterpiece off as real fiction. Films are enraged with a twist on seriousness and wrapped up drama, while making mistakes that even a first grader will smile at.

We will not dwell on specific examples of idiocy in modern "sci-fi" films, our material is not about THIS. Let's better discuss the parody comedy masterpiece of the Finnish, German and Australian filmmakers, who stuck pretty hard to cheer us up.

The first film: Another universe, another story

In this parallel dimension, at the end of World War II, a huge number of Nazis managed to escape from Earth and settle on the far side of the Moon. Everyone knows that our satellite is always turned to our planet with one side, so that the events developing on the other side are supposedly invisible to us.

Such a statement is perfectly acceptable for banter.

Until 2012, the Nazis remained under control. They purposefully increased their power, expanded the colony, and all, of course, for the sake of one goal - to take revenge for the defeat in World War II.

But in 2012 everything went at an accelerated and chaotic pace. And the reason for this is another expedition to the moon by American astronauts who accidentally stumbled upon a Nazi colony.

The expedition was sponsored by the current president of the United States, by the way, a woman, with the aim of winning over the electorate on the eve of the presidential elections. But everything went wrong when a pair of Nazis in spacesuits, appeared out of nowhere, laid one of the astronauts, and the other - an African American who is the face of the advertising campaign of the incumbent president, was taken prisoner.


It was then that the whole batch began. A smartphone was found on him, with the help of which the super-duper Nazi destroyer ship was ready to take off. It's funny, of course, but that's the whole fun.

The Fritz wanted to get more of these smartphones, which is why they hastily send an expedition to Earth, after bleaching the skin of a representative of the president's advertising company and making him look as much like an Aryan as possible.

The adventures of the Natsiks on Mother Earth will be even more interesting!

Second movie: It turns out the dog dug deeper

We will not retell too much, since we will have to open the ending of the plot of the first part. Let's just say that the sequel features several personalities from the first film. It would seem that in the last film everyone was brought to a finished ending. But no. The meaning of everything that happened was buried much deeper.

It turns out that since ancient times, alien beings have lived among us under the guise of ordinary people, which, in principle, brought us out as a species of great apes.

They secretly rule us. There was not a single cataclysm, war or other force majeure event that these alien creatures did not have a hand in. And now, when the Earth is in ruins, they finally realized that this time they went too far.

The Earth in this dimension turned out to be hollow, there, in a blooming paradise, the remains of these creatures and dug in, at a time when the surviving people are forced to huddle on the far side of the moon on a former Nazi base.


Information about the "hollow Earth" and the heavenly place where the holy miraculous Grail is hidden reaches the ears of the people there, and they hastily (again) send an expedition to their home planet.

The mix will be spectacular, funny and interesting.

Why we appreciate and what are the disadvantages.

We devote our first huge and former plus to the programmers who worked on computer special effects. For a mock movie, they're amazing and will outperform any modern sci-fi movie.


The second plus is given to the scriptwriters who were able to invent such a utopian, idiotic-funny parody.

The third plus is for the director, who managed to direct the film according to this utopian and idiotic-funny scenario.

And the fourth - to the actors who were not afraid to star in this spectacular fairy tale for adults.

Minuses, however, are not visible. And if they are, then they can be forgiven, since the genre of the film allows you to write off a lot.


If you are in a gloomy mood, and if you are a fan of spectacular films, both pictures will come to you. The plot, of course, is naive, but everything is smoothed out by superbly worked out special effects and gags, of which there are a lot in the picture.

Movies can be watched for free by clicking on the following links:

Iron Sky (2012) online

Iron Sky 2 (2019) Online

We say goodbye to you until next Saturday. Enjoy your viewing, great mood and more cool movies and TV series!

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