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Methods for checking the uniqueness of text. Advego Plagiatus. List of online services

This article will tell you about methods for checking the uniqueness of text in more detail in Advego Plagiatus. You will also find short overviews of popular online services for this task.

High uniqueness of the text is one of the important parameters of the content for any site. On the Internet, you can find a huge amount of information on this topic, both superfluous and useful. In this article, we will briefly and easily tell you how the text is checked for uniqueness.

There are several methods - using special programs and online services.

As a program, we will consider Advego Plagiatus.

There we dwelled on the installation of the program and its main features. And in this article we will talk about a more detailed text check for uniqueness.

You can download Advego Plagiatus from the developer's official website. So, let's skip the installation process already described in another article and start right away with the Advego Plagiatus settings.

Program settings

Dealing with the settings will not be difficult. To access the Advego Plagiatus settings, select the " Uniqueness check " tab and the " Settings " item.


Shingle size is a separate part of the text, which consists of several words in a row. The text is divided into shingles, after which it is checked for duplicates when searching. The smaller the shingle, the greater the likelihood of matches. It is important to find the "golden mean" here. The best option, in our opinion, is 4.

Phrase size is used to find a duplicate. The program sends some excerpts of phrases enclosed in quotation marks to search engines and determines the number of matches.

If you send a short phrase, a lot of matches will be found, so the "golden mean" is also appropriate here, which is considered to be 6. But we put 5. This way you can achieve better text uniqueness than with the phrase 6.

Why is it better to use deep validation?

Click on the " Uniqueness Checking " tab and select " Deep Check ".


When you use normal checking, the program adds a " Random " element for matches found during the search. Better to use deep validation for more accurate results.

Photo Checking individual pages in the same way

Online uniqueness check

There are many such services for testing, let's talk about some of them.



one of the best, most famous and frequently used service in the world.

Works great, high level of analysis. Many serious exchanges use his services. One of the most important advantages is the service of both English-language sites and USAn-language ones.

The disadvantage is that the text you are checking must be posted on the Internet resource. Those. to check the text you just wrote, you will first have to upload it to a website. And only then enter the URL of the published page in the copyscape line.

With free use, there is a limit on the number of requests for one IP per month. You can only view the top ten search results.

A Premium account is required to get full access. One check in it will cost about $ 0.05, but this will automatically track sites that have copied your content. And also the service will send you an e-mail notification.


Service for checking uniqueness from Miralinks.

Medium quality. Experience shows that there are errors in the results of the uniqueness of texts. When checking, the default shingle is 9. And this is not good at all, because. he can only define completely non-unique text. Only ten texts per day are available for free checking, and the number of characters should not exceed 3000.

In the paid version, the choice, of course, is richer. Possibility of checking by URL, entering text in 3 ways. You can set the domain, the frequency and the number of times to check, as well as the choice of notification parameters. The service shows the result as a percentage.


Fairly fast service, but with limited number of checks.

There are restrictions for unregistered users. The text should be between 500 and 3000 characters long. 5 requests per day for one user. The use of any means of automatic access is prohibited.

When registering, the amount of characters increases to 10,000, and the number of checks per day to 20. It is possible to check the page content by URL.

This site does not work with the shingle algorithm, because it does not define rewrites well. The uniqueness is calculated using a special multistage proprietary algorithm. Shows the result as a percentage.


Not a bad free service, but inferior to Advego Plagiatus in terms of verification quality.

Has a fairly simple interface. If the service is not heavily loaded at the moment, then the scan speed does not exceed 30 seconds. Up to 15,000 characters at a time.

Additionally spellcheck with options for correcting. It is possible to check the site (50 kopecks per 1000 characters), but for this you need to register. This service is well suited for quick (not deep) verification of text uniqueness. Shows the result as a percentage.


This service works both with the text and with the entered URL page.

Istio offers a comprehensive analysis, shows various parameters: text length, number of repetitions of all words, material map and much more. The service is good in terms of functionality.

But a serious drawback lies in the scan results, which are displayed as site URLs without highlighting the found non-unique fragments.

This is inconvenient because Content matches will have to be searched manually throughout the page, which makes it much more difficult to verify the validity of the data.

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