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What to play in 2018: PC, PS4 or Xbox One?


2018 is outside the window, technologies are rapidly running forward, new games, platforms, accessories are being developed. Virtual and augmented reality is widely used. But how do you keep up with everything? How not to get lost in this ocean of companies and their products? First things first.

At the moment, there are "three camps" that you can join: PC , the current generation of game consoles (Xbox One and PS4), the previous generation (Xbox 360 and PS3). Please note that Nintendo deserves a separate analysis, therefore its creations are not included in this review.

Personal computers - work or play?

It is impossible not to notice that computers and laptops perfectly perform both functions. Here you can sit over documents, draw, and listen to music. But still our goal is to play.


A PC will do a great job with this, provided that you have good components, which, alas, are not cheap. Of course, here we lose in the price of the device, but we win in the price of games. Games can always be purchased at a low price during regular promotions or in unofficial stores.

If everything is clear about the prices, how long will the computer maintain high settings in new games?

It is impossible to answer with complete certainty, but the approximate "support time" for a computer in the middle price category is 2-4 years at best. If you have a limited budget, then it is worth thinking: "Do I need to spend so much money on a piece of hardware to which I need to install more pieces of hardware?" In addition, online games on the PC are much lower in modern games than on game consoles. Let's take a look at the example of Battlefield 1 from DICE studio : in 24 hours on PC there was a maximum of 15k players, and 17k and 29k on consoles, respectively.


Of course, this is just an example of this game. In other games, the PC may be winning online, so it all depends on the game you would like to play. The main direction of computer gaming is Free-to-Play games and MMORPG.

Therefore, first of all, you need to think: "Do I want to spend a lot of money and play on PC, or should I save money and take the console?".

By the way, you can take gaming laptops with you, so this gaming platform comes first in mobility. As an example, I can cite my laptop, the cost of which is 56k with a discount.

Therefore, at the end, let's summarize and talk about the pros and cons of PC gaming.

  • Pros: low price of games; modifications for both games and the device itself; a huge selection of accessories; mobility (laptops); multifunctionality.
  • Cons: high prices; the need to change components.

PS4 and Xbox One - buy now or wait for new consoles?

The Playstation 4 PRO and Xbox One X are relatively recent releases, so companies are unlikely to stop supporting them so quickly. Online is always great, the cost of the consoles themselves is small. The main disadvantages are the cost of the subscription and the price of games.


Of course, to play and not overpay, you need to wait for discounts. Then and only then can you save money. After all, buying 4k games is crazy, I think.

Yes, new games will not immediately be discounted, but some time will pass, and you will be able to become the owner of this new item. Today's consoles offer us a semblance of functionality - watching videos, streaming, listening to music. Of course, these are useful functions, but how often are they used on the console? I doubt it. Our main task is to play. Moreover, play now and play in the future without overpaying.


The cost of the console is quite justified, but it also needs a TV. TV or monitor - you can choose them according to their average characteristics. For example, a monitor with HDMI and a headphone jack would cost 7k . New consoles 24k-31k , used goods 15k-22k . Buying from the previous owner doesn't mean bad. You need to choose the right console, after which you can safely play. For example, a new console will cost 24k , and a monitor 7k . By mathematics, you can calculate that we will spend 31k. Well, obviously less than if you buy a computer.

Xbox One or PS4? Here, you should choose by the number of online and console exclusives. We look online, look at exclusives, choose and go shopping.

  • Pros: relatively low price; great online; long-term support.
  • Cons: poor mobility; game prices; the need to buy a subscription to play online.

"Only old men go to battle." Xbox 360 and PS3.

This is, perhaps, the golden mean for those who do not want to play the multiplayer mode, but nevertheless want to play good works of the game industry. Online on PS3 is quite big though. Battlefield 4 is played on PS3 by about 6k players, while on PC it reaches 11k.


Want to play online, but don't want to ruffle your wallet too much? Feel free to take your PS3 off hand. And from the hands.

The owners of these consoles are very often careful about their "smaller brothers", so you just need to choose well. The price of such a console varies from 6k to 10k , and games are often included. Well, for those who just want to sit and play games of previous years - Xbox 360. This "multiplatform" from Microsoft will not leave you indifferent.

It should be said right away that you need to take a flashed Xbox so as not to spend money on games.


Then you can download games for free in any quantity, as long as there is enough memory. But the memory can be bought in addition if the built-in memory is too small for you. Plus, the Kinect sensor is a must have for when your friends come to dance or play sports. There are many decent games on Xbox that are worth playing on the weekend or in your free time. The price of an Xbox with Freeboot firmware is 7k-10k in the most common configuration. But this usual package will leave extremely unusual emotions.

  • Pros: very low cost; available games; cheap accessories.
  • Cons: old generation graphics; almost no multiplayer support.


So, we found out that we get a kind of price pyramid, at the top of which a gaming computer rightfully stands, below - PS4 and Xbox One, even lower - Xbox 360 and PS3.

Of course, you should pay attention to the prices of each in order to choose the perfect option. Want colossal online and support for various games? Then you go to the computer store. Want a good online gaming experience? Then you need the current generation of consoles.

Well, if you just want to spend time going through the masterpieces of past years, then you should pay attention to the Xbox 360. In my opinion, PS3 still provides a small online, for access to which you do not need a subscription. Therefore, look at the prices, look at what is closer to you, and then you can choose the perfect platform for a pleasant stay.

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