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September 2018 Top Games - Release Calendar


The vacation season is over, so it's time to remember that money doesn’t make itself, and notes aren’t magically memorized. In general, welcome to the familiar life at work or at the school desk. But in any case, the mass of surging responsibilities is not a reason to give up fun leisure and not devote an hour or two to computer games. And there will be plenty to play this month, you will learn more in our selection of the main games of September 2018.


Release date: September 7

Since the release of the Batman Arkham trilogy, the myth that it's impossible to create a great superhero game has been ruthlessly denied. But this is rather an exception to the rule. Another exception would be Spider-Man 2018, the last major PlayStation 4 exclusive this year. So what is Sony going to surprise with its new game? It is worth starting at least with the visual. Animations, cutscenes, detailed and photorealistic New York to the smallest detail - the game looks like a large-scale and expensive blockbuster from Marvel.

From the gameplay side, the Spider-Man game will be true to all the newfangled trends in the gaming industry. There is an initially open city, which is proposed to be explored with the help of acrobatic pirouettes on the spider-man's web. In the presence of a role-playing system, towers in the style of Ubisoft games, an outfit of motley bosses and a lot of secondary tasks - a gentleman's set for every self-respecting AAA project.

Spider Man 2018 PS4 Major September 2018 Games

Dakar 18

Release date: September 11

For real car maniacs who do not miss the broadcast of the world's largest rally marathon, Rally-Dakar, there is extremely positive news. A new Deep Silver racing game called Dakar 18 will make your dream come true and take part in the world famous rally competition. The developers focus on two things: realism and scale. Realism lies in realistic simulation of sand, mud and vehicle physics.

Bigmoon Entertainment isn't just an empty word for scale, as Dakar 18 promises an open world of 15,000 square kilometers. Impressive, isn't it? But the size of the world does not mean that the game will be interesting to play. It is worth remembering at least the 2009 FUEL race, much like the Dakar 18 and subsequently crushed by critics precisely because of the exorbitant scale of the world, which turned out to be as big as it was boring.

Dakar 18. Top Games September 2018

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Release date: September 14

The legendary Tomb Raider will return in the near future and, with a high probability, will share the title of the best game of September 2018 together with Spider-Man. There is no reason to doubt this, since the last two parts of the restart about Lara Croft were, though not ideal, but good games. The only thing that was embarrassing was the departure from the canons of the series and the emphasis on shootouts, and not on exploring the world. Well, and the plot from Rhiana Pratchett, who just the lazy one did not kick once again for the secondary and illogical nature of Lara Croft's actions.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will try to fix all the shortcomings of its predecessors. Before the release of the game, it is difficult to understand how things are with the plot, but in terms of gameplay, if you believe the journalists, who got acquainted with the gameplay of Shadow of the Tomb Raider from personal experience, it is already much better. The game has become more difficult and the gameplay is focused on exploring the world, solving simple puzzles and finding ancient treasures. At the same time, the number of clashes with people who, thanks to the increased aggressiveness of the AI, have ceased to be whipping boys, has decreased.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider September 2018 Highlights

Pathfinder Kingmaker

Release date: September 25

Lovers of leisurely, role-playing adventures will also have something to play in September 2018. We advise you to pay close attention to the isometric RPG Pathfinder Kingmaker, which follows all the canons of cult RPGs and is based on the rules of the board game D & D version 3.5. According to the plot of the game, gamers will have to create their own state in a fantasy world, develop cities, appoint ministers and independently resolve local and global conflicts. A kind of mix of RPG and global strategy.

The game will offer a standard set for canon RPGs: an extensive pumping system, several dozen classes and, of course, numerous hours of dialogue and a non-linear plot. If at this point, RPG fans have not yet activated an instant reflex to buy a game, then how about Chris Avelon, who is in charge of the Pathfinder Kingmaker scenario, in the project? We can expect that the new project Owlcat Games will be able to compete with Pillars of Eternity 2 for the best isometric RPG of 2018.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Major Games September 2018

Life is Strange 2

Release date: September 27

The September 2018 Main Game Parade continues with Life is Strange 2, the sequel to arguably the best game from Dontnod. The original 2015 LiS was a unique project that was able to attract audiences of all ages to the game, in the somewhat overused theme of teenagers with paranormal abilities. The secret turned out to be simple: excellent visuals, the intimate atmosphere of an American suburb and, surprisingly, a fairly original plot with a heap of moral dilemmas, strewn with nonlinearity.

Life is Strange 2 promises to improve all the components of the original game, but is not going to parasitize on familiar heroes, but will offer a new story of the adventures of brothers Sean and Daniel. Against the backdrop of dramatic moments and difficult moral choices, players will be able to observe the relationship between the brothers and even influence how their younger brother Daniel will eventually grow up. There is no reason to doubt the quality of the game, especially after the appearance of the first gameplay of Life is Strange 2.

Life is Strange 2. Major Games September 2018

The Bard's Tale 4 Barrows Deep

Release date: September 28

Another significant game in September will be the continuation of the legendary Bard's Tale series. But the choice of genre for The Bard's Tale 4 Barrows Deep raises some questions. Instead of providing players with an isometric RPG, as in the same 2004 The Bard's Tale, the developers decided to try their hand at the impoverished Dungeon Crawl genre. For uninitiated players, the gameplay of The Bard's Tale 4 may look a little odd.

We travel through dungeons in a first-person perspective, solving puzzles, moving objects and opening treasure chests. The battles take place in a first-person perspective and most of all resemble the 3D version of the Hearthstone card game. We only fear that the unusual gameplay concept will scare away a new audience that is not familiar with the series from the game. And all fans of the series hardly need to worry: The Bard's Tale 4 Barrows Deep will retain the magic lute, the abundance of humor in the plot and other features of the franchise.

The Bard's Tale 4 Barrows Deep September 2018 Highlights


Release date: September 28

Of course, in light of the recently held world football championship in USA, it is impossible not to recall the next part of the main football simulator of the gaming industry - FIFA 19. Electronic Arts continues to improve its brainchild and propose several important changes in the gameplay. For example, the Active Touch system will be introduced, which affects how quickly the player takes the ball. Now the reaction speed of each individual football player will differ depending on his skill in real life.

A dynamic tactics system has also been introduced, which allows you to change the tactical pattern of the behavior of football players at any time of the match. The story mode will return to FIFA 19, which tells the story of three heroes, among whom there was a place for a girl named Kim Hunter. The only drawback of FIFA 2019, though only for USA players, will be the exclusion from the RFPL game.

FIFA 2019 Major Games September 2018

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