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Best Movies of 2018. Part One


What were the best films of 2018? Almost everyone asks this question in December, but we'll tell you about them now.

We regularly monitor new products and select only the best of them, those that can be 100% recommended for viewing. This is not the top 10. This selection contains all the best films of 2018. No interesting "train wrecks" or blockbusters that boast about their box office. We've picked some really great, memorable films, big and small, from all over the world.

Your time is precious, but you should definitely watch these 2018 movies. So here's the first 5 of this year's best films.

Roxana Roxana

Cast: Shante Adams, Mahershala Ali, Nia Long, Elvis Nolasco

Director: Michael Larnell

Why is this a great movie? It would seem quite a traditional biopic on the theme of music with the hero's ascent from the bottom to the heights of fame and disappointment in the finale. This is a genre that will always be popular. "Roxanne Roxanne", a stylish chronicle of rapper Roxanne Shante's ascent to the Olympus in the 80s, perhaps not the most daring film about the early days of hip-hop - life on the road, the appearance of a young rapper Nazir, it seems to be nothing unusual, but director Michael Larnell has a rare a talent for noticing details and makes excellent use of this in his films. He will hear what is called even when the needle falls to the ground. This director has a special approach to work and extraordinary patience that allows the performers in the film to truly shine.

Shante Adams, the leading actress, keeps the audience on their toes, from the first steps when Roxanne confronts her mother (played by Nia Long) to the fight with her rather aggressive boyfriend Cross, in whose role we meet Mahershal Ali. Like Shanthe's rhymes, the film is a story told with mind-boggling power and unwavering confidence.

Night games

Cast:Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Kyle Chandler, Billy Magnussen

Directors:John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein ("The Vacation")

Why is it worth watching? "Night Games" is a movie that can be easily underestimated. Trailers and marketing have made it feel like another studio comedy with tons of pop culture references and the rather quickly predictable emotions of people struggling with middle-aged boredom. Perhaps this is largely true, especially in the first half hour, but when a highly conceptual plot enters the scene, the audience understands that the directors of the film, who had already made a remake of "Vacation" in 2015, conceived a picture with a much larger number of thriller elements. than you might expect.

A group of friends who enjoy playing charades, led by a hyperactive couple, Bateman and McAdams, find themselves caught up in a story that closely resembles the horrific events of the 1997 movie "The Game" with Michael Douglas. The originally conceived game ceases to be it and turns into a chain of real events that lead to no less real consequences and in fact turn out to be a game with death. Here any joke is presented with a learned seriousness. Comedy and thriller are a hot mixture. All fans of extraordinary cinema should definitely watch this movie.


Cast:Lola Kirk, Zoe Kravitz, John Cho, Greta Lee

Director:Aaron Katz

Why is it worth watching? In last year's The Personal Shopper, Kristen Stewart portrays a young woman tasked with purchasing clothes, jewelry and accessories for a celebrity, and amidst all of this a ghost story unfolds. In Gemini, starring Lola Kirk, also personal assistant to Zoe Kravitz, the action takes place in a luxury setting similar to The Personal Shopper, but instead of turning towards the supernatural, Aaron Katz's film takes a different turn, turning into noir. (Somewhat similar to The Big Lebowski, but less focused on the main character.)

Katz's version of the mystical murder in Los Angeles, shown by Katz, is not too dramatic, but also without "sunny" tints. In his view, the city is somewhat cold and is shown in neon colors. This is a world of small transactions, fairly routine squabbles, and occasional explosions of aggression. An excellent background for such a sly comedy of deliberate negotiations.


Cast:Rafe Spall, Arsher Ali, Robert Jame-Collier, Sam Troughton

Director:David Bruckner

Why should I look? In a world where digital technology is taking up more and more space, the forest is often presented as a place to hide, and the opportunity to "get lost" or "lost" is seen as a chance to finally find oneself. Ritual is a horror film in which a group of middle-aged men decide to go on a camping trip in memory of their deceased friend, and in the forest they face the indescribable tension that arises between the beauty of nature and the panic of the unknown.

The leader of the group, Luke (Rafe Spall) is trying to stay calm so the journey doesn't get out of hand, but the forest seems to have very different plans. Perhaps before watching the film, viewers should refresh their knowledge of Scandinavian mythology. The Ritual examines in detail the interpersonal dynamics of the group, interrupting it with outbursts of shock and horror emanating from the other world. You may even consider revising your plans for the coming weekend.

Quiet place

Cast:John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Joop

Director:John Krasinski

Why watch? Perhaps some viewers familiar with the work of John Krasinski will be somewhat skeptical about his new film, because there was nothing special in the director's previous works. However, A Quiet Place is a mini-masterpiece in the spirit of Spielberg. The action takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where arachnid monsters who hate sound take control of the planet. The husband (Krasinski) and his wife (Blunt), who have so far managed to survive, lead an extremely cautious lifestyle, communicating only in whispers or practically in silence. Thus, they also protect two children, but the monsters seem to have completely different plans.

The political component of the film is not that important, it can be interpreted as an allegory to the hysterical world of the Trump era, and as far as the topic of parenting is concerned, a much greater connection with what is happening with the film is caught here.

In the second part of this article, you will read about the ten best films of 2018.

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