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The best films of February: Top 10 most anticipated


Despite the fact that the old New Year is still ahead of us, we are in a hurry to acquaint our viewers with the best films of February so that our users and subscribers can plan their cultural holidays in advance. And there will be a lot of good films next month.

After all, in order to eliminate competitors and let Bondarchuk's "Invasion" collect the entire box office from the idle post-New Year people, the premieres of such blockbusters as "Gentlemen" with McConaughey, "The Amazing Journey of Dr. Dolittle" with the youngest Downey, etc. were transferred to a later date, that is, in February, which has created a kind of "blockbuster crush" in this shortest month.

And the first on the list of the most anticipated films of February is rightly the new film by Guy Ritchie ...

1. Gentlemen (USA)

February 13

Finally, Guy Ritchie returned to his usual style and shot a solid adventure-thriller crime picture in the spirit of the initial films of his career. Not to say that the film came out as funny as "Two Barrels for Money," and ideal from all points of view, like "Big Jackpot", but his current masterpiece still claims to be a solid third place.

The stars collected here played just amazing. Yes, and from the side of the script - you can’t undermine. This is what a quality and interesting intriguing story means. But let's stop with emotions and start with a description.

Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey) is known in the highest gangster circles in Great Britain not as an excellent student at Oxford University, but as a man who managed to put on stream such an extensive business as the production (cultivation) and distribution of marijuana.

Ask, what's wrong with that? I secretly planted a hundred bushes, grew, dried, and sold. Yes, really, nothing complicated. But how to hide from cameras the current police drones, private quadcopters, and just the eyes of onlookers of the plantation, which produce 50 tons of grass a year?

Mickey found a way out. We will not spread about it, we will only say that the scheme is very non-standard and worthy of an Oxford graduate. But the tale here is not about how Mickey developed his business. The tale will be about how he wanted to sell it and retire. He found the most, in his opinion, a suitable buyer - a large drug dealer - cannabis Matthew, who, by the way, did not charge too high a price for his enterprise.

But bloody moneybags would never have become moneybags if they hadn't tried to drop even a perfectly acceptable price even lower. The same thing happened here. In order for Mickey's enterprise to fall in value, Matthew decided to spoil him a little. Of course, a secret from Mickey himself.

In vain, he probably did it. It will be interesting.

2. Birds of Prey: The Fantastic Story of Harley Quinn (USA)

February 6

No, this is not a continuation of the "Joker" that smashed the head off the hero Robert da Niro. This is the sequel to DC's Suicide Squad. Here Harley has already broken up with the local Joker and copes with her problems herself. Although, even earlier, judging by the comics, she coped with everything quite herself alone.

In the real film of February, this self-sufficient anti-superheroine tugs at Black Mask himself, who is one of Comrade Batman's best and worst enemies. It sounds clumsy, but it is what it is. The details of the film are kept secret, but it is already clear that Harley will not be alone on the battlefield. Just like Roman Sayonis, she will recruit her team of superheroines - bad guys, only, unlike the opponent's group, which is entirely composed of women. Still, who will punish bad men no matter how women?

It's not clear how Batman and others manage to cope with both? Are they bi?

Let's not focus on how, but petty Cassandra Kane gets a diamond, which, as it turns out later, belongs to the tycoon Roman Sayonis, that is, this very "Black Mask". Not all bigwigs are superheroes, like Bruce Wayne, who stand up for justice. This "cosmetics manufacturer", for example, decided to take a crooked path.

Where on the way he and his gang met Harley, the Huntress, Rene Montoya and Black Canary, standing shoulder to shoulder to protect poor Cassandra, who initially had nothing to poke her nose where she shouldn't.

3. Sonic in Cinema (Canada, Japan, USA)

February 20

For many years, consider that from a very young age, we watched the adventures of Sonic the hedgehog only in computer games. Third-rate cartoons about him do not count. And now, in the age of computers, when Lucas was finally able to complete the initial episodes of the Star Wars saga, and the Walt Disney studio launched a total reincarnation of its cartoon blockbusters into films, Sega, in collaboration with Paramount Pictures and other interested parties and companies, also decided to release its main computer character on the screens of cinemas.

Yes, in this February film the main character will be exactly Segov's Sonic. But if anyone knew how much the filmmakers had to work on creating the cinematic image of the main character. After all, when the fans did not enter the original image, and they muttered obscenities on Twitter, the special effects masters had to create a new character style and redo the whole picture from the beginning ...

In general, in the film everything will be like in the game. Only if Sonic eternally rescues poor birds there, then all mortal humanity plays the role of birds, which the same doctor / professor Robotnik, who appeared here performed by Jim Carrey himself, decided to abuse.

So, we are waiting for the next adventures of the next alien on the Earth of the next parallel universe. Let's see how the brave and super-fast Flash Sonic will cope with the task in this universeDC Superman!

4. Doctor Dolittle's Amazing Journey (USA)

February 20

Doctor Dullitl is devoted toa separate material, which specifies the main differences between Western Aibolit and domestic ones. This February film is based on the original source, that is, according to the first works of Hugh Lofting, to which the adventures of Dr. Dullittle performed by Eddie Murphy have nothing to do.

Except that he can communicate with any animals that inhabit Mother Earth along with humanity.

Dr.Dullitt performed by Robert Downey Jr. there is a more difficult task ahead than just cutting out the appendicitis of the tiger (or what was the character of Eddie Murphy removing him?). He, like the domestic Aibolit, will have to go to distant wild countries and find there a fabulous island on which, perhaps, there is a medicine that can cure the sick young queen, apparently, of Britain.

But in order to embark on this journey, he first needs to cope with his depression, in which he has been for seven years since his wife died. For seven long years he lives in complete isolation from people outside the walls of his castle. And it's nice to know that the debt to the homeland for Dr. Dullitt turned out to be much stronger than all sorts of nervous disorders and phobias.

If only the overly sociable animals, which will be above the roof on the campaign, would not drive our hero into another phobia, as a result of which he would have already withdrawn himself from them.

5. Bloodshot (USA)

February 20

Next in our top of the best films of February is a picture with the participation of the famous and most important (along with Paul Walker - his kingdom of heaven) "fast and furious" of all times and peoples Vin Diesel. And he will play another fantastic killing machine - cyber Bloodshot.

Looking at the success of films based on Marvel Comics and DC Comics, Sony Pictures wondered why not make money from a comic book company that has not yet managed to be taken over by the ubiquitous Walt Disney Company? And, choosing from a wide range of those, Valiant Comics decided to shoot as many as five films with the participation of its central characters. And the first choice fell, of course, on the unconditional star of Valiant Comics - Bloodshot.

Everyone who has ever watched the films of the series "Robocop", "Universal Soldier" or the same relatively recent "Upgrade" is already fully familiar with what the Valiant Bloodshot is. This is a marine who sacrificed his life for the sake of his country, for which the country, having resurrected him, made him a killing machine - a cyborg warrior who remembers nothing about his past life and can only think about the range of tasks assigned to him.

But, as we all know from the same "Robocops" and "Universal Soldiers", the memory of such "improved" Marines "always returns. And when she returns to them, all the tasks assigned to him are immediately relegated to the background, since revenge always comes first. In this case, like the aforementioned "Upgrade", it is revenge for the murder of his wife.

If successful at the box office, a sequel awaits us - another film about the adventures of Bloodshot, a couple of films about the Valiant Harbinger and the final crossover in which both characters will converge. But this is only in the case of commercial success, which now turns away from everyone for one reason or another.

Sony was lucky with Venom, though. This is largely due to Tom Hardy. Well, let's see how this time she will be able to promote the project at the expense of Vin Diesel.

6. Kalashnikov (USA)

February 20

The next picture of our top 10 best films in February is biographical. And she tells the story of the difficult life path of our domestic inventor of small arms - Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov.

It is not clear on which life span the writers' attention will be most focused, but it is clear that we will be shown the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, when Sergeant Kalashnikov was still seriously wounded in the battle of Bryansk, where he served as a tank commander. Later years will also show us. But, most likely, the period from 1942 to 1948 will be most informatively illuminated, that is, those six years that it took him to develop the famous AK-47.

Another thing is more interesting. Do our screenwriters think up a lot and cram gags into the film? We will look forward to the premiere, which, by the way, may well be postponed. This happens all the time here.

7. The True Story of the Kelly Gang (Australia, UK, France)

February 27

No matter how many Hollywood and other Western screenwriters filmed true stories about the gangs that once operated in the Wild West, but stories from this did not become more true. And now, once again, they are going to provide us with "the whole truth" now about the gang formed by Ned Kelly in the late 70s of the XIX century.

The only difference is that this February movie isn't about American adventures. Here the action will take place in the Wild West of colonial Australia, in which, like in North America, lawlessness and impunity flourished for the time being.

Ned Kelly and his gang became famous for the fact that, robbing banks, they burned all the mortgages of ordinary townspeople, thereby freeing them from debts to these same banks, for which the honest people simply idolized these robbers. Also, "Kelly and Partners" distinguished themselves by the fact that they made their raids in bullet-proof armor, which, in the end, firstly, did not save them from the gallows, and secondly, did not make them respectable citizens. They killed police officers who were ordinary people in ordinary jobs, just like other bad guys. So, no matter how much they are loved and revered by those around them, alas, they did not become “not murderers” from this.

What truth will be given to us by screenwriters Sean Grant and Peter Carey, we will see very soon. In the West, the film premiered in September 2019 and has aIMDb rating of 6.6. Not bad at all. You can take a look.

8. Scandal (USA, Canada)

February 13

Anyone who decides to go to this February film with such greatest movie stars as Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie is strongly advised to watch the seven-part mini-series called "The Loudest Voice in the Room" before that. So that there is something to compare with.

After all, it's not a secret for anyone that many women (and men, as is the case with Spacey), on the MeToo wave, simply decide to either earn extra money or regain the attention they have lost. Now it has become very fashionable to be a victim of sexual harassment. But in reality, not everyone turns out to be as victims as they would like.

The film also tells its own version of the "true story" about the "harassment" by the former media mogul and the head of the Fox News channel Roger Ayles. Having become the helm of the most watched and rated news channel since its inception, he was fired from it in 2016 with a payment of 40 million compensation in the wake of the ever-growing MeToo movement and, in particular, due to the flaring scandal about his sexual harassment to the side host Gretchen Carlson.

Trust me, both versions will be interesting. But which of them is 100% true, no one will ever know about it, except for the participants in the world famous "sexual intercourse".

9. Dark Waters (USA)

February 6

Teflon is very good until you get to know its technical and other characteristics better. Not only does it itself, when overheated, turn into the most that neither is poison, but in its production substances are used that can even cause cancer and other diseases, akin to chemical weapons of mass destruction.

The most interesting thing is that DuPont, which produces Teflon paint, which serves as a raw material for the production of non-stick cookware, in every possible way hushed up the harm of production from employees and residents whose homes and farms were located in close proximity to factories and rivers, into which toxic waste was discharged .

And only at the end of the last century, people began to sound the alarm. One of the local residents, whose farm is adjacent to the territory of one of the factories of the DuPont corporation, declares to the attorney's office working for the same DuPont and coaxes one of its employees - attorney Robert Bilotta - to initiate a lawsuit against the company for which he himself works. It sounds like an idiotic, but it really was. And this trial lasted for 19 years. You can find out about the results of it by watching this interesting film.

This is the very case when Mark Ruffalo can be seen not in the Marvel universe, but in a completely ordinary setting of our world and find that he is not a giant at all, but a 173-centimeter short man of pleasant appearance, very good at playing not only the belligerent Hulks, but also the "dramatic" lawyers.

10. Call of the Wild (USA)

February 20

Already from the title it is clear that the next film in February is based on the novel of the same name by the famous American writer Jack London. Few did not read in childhood about the adventures and ordeals that fell to the lot of a dog named Beck. But those who are familiar with the book will be interested in remembering the past and once again plunge into the world of the Wild West, in the romantic and dangerous times of the famous gold rush.

And not least due to the fact that the main human role - the role of Beck's owner - John Thornton - was played by the famous Han Solo and Indiana Jones of all Hollywood - Harrison Ford.

Back is a mixed breed dog. He is half St. Bernard and half Scottish Shepherd, so his proportions are impressive, and his wool cover gives him the opportunity to live happily in the polar frosts. But Beck was born and spent his childhood not in the Yukon at all, but in hot California. It will be delivered to the cold Yukon by thieves who have stolen the dog from its former owners.

After a series of accidents and harsh troubles, the dog ends up at the local gold digger and hermit John Thornton, with whom it will experience a lot of basic and mind-blowing adventures here.

From our point of view, the dog's mimicry is overly humanized, which is why the cinematic Back looks amusing in some places, caricature in some places, and in some places completely unworthy of a feature film. But if you consider that the picture belongs to the 6+ category, you can make a discount. The film is definitely worthy of a single viewing.

Captain Sabretooth and Magic Diamond (Norway)

February 13

Finally, as usual, we will highlight a couple of the best cartoons of February. Blockbusters are akin to "Frozen" among them, of course, there are no, but some kids might even like it. And we will start with the adventures of ordinary children who have managed to steal the coveted diamond of wish fulfillment from under the nose of the evil and formidable pirate pirate - Captain Sabretooth.

It's clear that now Sabretooth won't leave our kids alone. But the kids, as it turns out, are not bastard. The poor pirate captain will have to run after them. And it's not a fact that he will catch up with them. And even if it does catch up, it is not yet a fact that it will bring any positive results.

Troll: Tail Story (Norway, Canada)

February 6

Like the previous cartoon blockbuster, this masterpiece of animation art also belongs to the handiwork of Norwegian "artists". And he will tell you about the world of trolls hidden from human eyes.

In this universe, the trolls on Earth have a whole state. They live in it merrily and happily, frolic, arrange races. But just in one of these races, the irreparable happened. Thunder, the main troll of the local Trolland, fell into a trap set up by intruders and turned into a stone statue.

Arranged everything, of course, as in the story with the "Lion King", the local scoundrel and unrelated - brother Thunder, who desired to become the head of all trolls. But, as in the case of The Lion King, Thunder ended up with a son, Trim, who did not accept the situation.

But if, in the case of the "Lion King", the little son just needed to grow up and, upon returning, stand at the head of the resistance and overthrow the usurper, then the local offspring will have to go to the people themselves, no matter what. What for?

We'll find out by going to the cinema with your child!


This concludes our top best films of February. We say goodbye to you until next month, in which we will skim the cream of the cinema from March. There will be premieres of blockbusters like My Spy with Batista, a new and improved Disney movie Mulan, and a fresh take on Wells' Invisible Man. But the highlight of the March program will be the premiere of the sequel to "Quiet Place".

But more on that later. In the meantime, we wish you all a pleasant New Year's mood and more cool films and TV series!

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