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Marvel's Avengers character design looks mediocre


Marvel's Avengers was one of the most anticipated announcements at E3 2019, but while some were enjoying the cool trailer, I was instead fixated on weird character designs. Something is wrong with our beloved superhero team, they look like fakes or parodies of themselves.

This is what Polygon author Patricia Fenrandes thinks about. Since we were recently shown the cool gameplay of Marvel's Avengers [based on which we even have a preview on our website], we can criticize the game a little. The fact is that not only the author of the material from Polygon is indignant about this, but many gamers too. They hoped that Square Enix would change something, but alas.

The character designs in Marvel's Avengers are based on their imagery from the cinematic universe, making comparisons with the original a natural thing. Some costumes look larger than necessary for no apparent reason, and they all suffer from pale colors that make the characters gray and monotonous against the general background. Men look the way you'd expect to see men in the game, only in this case they lack any of the notable features that the original Avengers have. At the Black Widow, we see too thick hair, which distracts all attention.


I don't like absolutely everything in the trailer. Basically. However, we have to admit that the image of Tony Stark after the breakup of the Avengers looks pretty attractive. His moderately thick hair and beard make him softer and more attractive. But this does not negate the fact that, in general, the image is devoid of the charm to which we are accustomed. This is clearly seen in the moment when, in the trailer, before separating, Tony and Thor hover in the air to exchange a joke. But it looks gray and not even funny. In the film, on the contrary, it is from such trifles that the chemistry between the characters, which works there, consists. I have the impression that this is just a pale imitation.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think you need to use MCU characters when their story is almost over. And after 11 films, I understand that I have a clear emotional attachment to their images from the films, but also I understand that games cannot live in the shadow of another media product. To be successful, Marvel's Avengers must create their own identity, and we've already seen games striking a similar balance between identity and the canons that the movies / comics have laid down. And the best example: Marvel's Spider Man by Insomniac Games.


To see the difference, you can compare any shot from the Marvel's Avengers trailer to the Spidey costume from Marvel's Spider Man. It is sleek, uses color well, white has been added to the classic red and blue, which organically fits into the overall design. Alas, it's hard to deny the fact that the costume hides the face of Peter Parker, who also looks a little mediocre. However, we don't see him that often.

Marvel's Avengers cannot afford to hide the faces of their heroes. Except for Stark. It is even funnier that of all the heroes he is the closest to the cinematic image, although he lacks charisma.


I'm honestly already used to seeing different designs of Marvel characters in different roles in cartoon comics, significantly different from the images from the big screen. In one case, the Hulk is a woman, and in another Thor is not even a human. I'm not a fan of a single look for character designs, but it's damn important to me that it is individual and consistent with the legacy that once originated in the pages of the comics.

A different look

It should be said that the position of our site does not coincide with Polygon, and we will try to take a softer attitude to the problem.

Of course, the character designs are faded and it feels like their faces are blurry. The feeling that Square Enix was simply afraid to make radical decisions, experiment so as not to offend anyone, and tried to make some kind of universal option. And they can be understood, because by releasing a similar game [and for me and many other fans of the Marvel Universe, Marvel's Avengers looks like the project that we have been waiting for], they step on very thin ice, as they deal with a huge fan base, which it is easy to offend or, if you do not bring the Pasta Monster, to incite the project's bike.


You do as in the film - you are not original and parasitize on the KVM. Made fundamental differences - a huge number of people will not like it, because "nikikvfilma". Vicious circle. Crystal Dynamics has solved this problem with realism. After all, the main characters of the game really look like ordinary people. Take off their suits and I'll say that I could see them on the subway. In the end, Marvel managed to do this in films, but as Patricia Fenrandes has already said, they failed to make them memorable.

But here, rather, it is not worth judging the game only for this reason. The developer has already announced that different costemization options will be available to us, so you can dress your avenger the way you want. On the other hand, we finally got a game with an emphasis on action! After all, judging by the trailer, what the game does well is with the abilities of the characters and as for me this is a hundred times better than the design. They conveyed how the characters act, making the gameplay feel at their fingertips, and this is probably the main thing to praise Crystal Dynamics for.


Again, let's remember Marvel's Spider Man. We love this game because it feels like a Spider-Man game. If Parker's suit had been less successful in design, would you have less fun flying the web? No, you would get used to his leotards, since you have the feeling that you are playing Spider-Man as normal as you always wanted. And I'm sure this is exactly the feeling that this game from Square Enix will give us. Yes, it may not be very pleasant at times to contemplate the heroes, but we can only conclude whether they have enough charisma with a lack of individuality in appearance by playing this project.

And let's face it, there have always been problems with recreating the original superhero looks, at least in Marvel games.

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Author: Jake Pinkman